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  1. VORTEX STRIKEFIRE II Red Dot System Comes in box with attachments including flip up lens caps and cantilever mount, can also be mounted using a standard 30mm scope ring (which is the way I have had it mounted on my Browning Maral .308) 4 MOA red/green dot; Low1/3 co-witness height ideal for AR platforms, positioning the optic bore centre 40 mm above the base surface. 5.6” long; weight 7.2oz; Lens diameter 30mm. Battery CR2 (supplied). VORTEX no quibble guarantee applies. (see their website). http://www.vortexoptics.com/category/strikefire_II_red_dot I have used this on a few driven boar trips and the only reason for change is that I have bought the new VORTEX Crossfire red dot system. Advertised elsewhere. Price £105.00 includes posting & packing to UK.
  2. Complete with Ø Magazine (4 shot) Ø Pro success ambidextrous stock with sling points and tripod mount. Ø Moderator – DPT 30 cal (almost new) Ø 1-4 x 24 Konuspro-M30 red dot scope Ø Blaser QR scope mount with both 30 mm and 26mm rings Ø Blaser 2 barrel case (Airline approved). Decided to reduce my cabinet contents and this is rarely used as I have a 25-06 and 7mmRM in R93 configuration. This is a ready to go wild boar set up that could easily be used for deer stalking as well (as I have done). Price £2,100.00 complete ONO
  3. tonyc

    Re new posts

    Suddenly mine is the same and I haven't touched anything !
  4. I have a Contessa quick release picatinny rail together with a mounting rail to fit a Browning Maral or BAR, bought and tried only but too high when my red dot sight with a cantilever mount is used. Purchased from Alan Rhone recently. I am looking for £215 delivered.
  5. Can I take this please, will pm details, PayPal or bank transfer? Tony
  6. Is this with the cantilever mount or the low mount. Tony
  7. Mauser bolt action rifle, muzzle threaded 14 to 1; built by Norman Clarke - includes rings and mounts but not scope scope. Ideal stalking rifle that groups at half inch in the right hands. Trying to free space in cabinet. Looking for £275 (+ RFD fees if needed) , FtF preferred with opportunity to try out if needed.
  8. RUGER 10/22 .22 semi auto with moderator; bipod; 3 magazines. Nikko sterling Mountmaster 3-9x50 IR scope and mounts. Not getting used at all now so need to make cabinet room. About 300 rounds available free if FTF. SOLD
  9. CZ 452-2E ZKM AMERICAN .17 HMR, SAK Moderator; 5 round and 10 round magazines, bipod, Nikko sterling Mountmaster 3-9x50 IR scope and mounts. Owned since new, (never counted rounds) but not getting used at all now so need to make cabinet room. About 250 rounds available free if FTF. £350. For sale elsewhere.
  10. tonyc

    WTB: Tika action .223

    Looking to start a project based on a Tika action, anyone got one lying around they no longer require. Tony
  11. Pulsar Quantum HD38S Thermal Imaging Scope, complete in box, with carrying bag, instructions, spare battery container, battery charger and communications/ video cable with jack plug. SOLD thanks for the interest Payment method by agreement Offered for sale elsewhere Warranty valid until April 2017
  12. tonyc

    Bosnia - If you can spare a quick 9 mins

    Anyone who has been on the hunting trips to Croatia will see the aftermath in the villages, there are still many derelict houses showing bullet marks around the windows in both what were christian and muslim areas, we were told that the UN had mandated that no-one should take over the land or properties in case the people came back! Near one of the shooting grounds we saw signposts into the woods where the mass graves were discovered. Quite an unnerving experience and most of our group were affected by what they saw.
  13. tonyc

    thames valley firearm dept

    I think a letter to TVP standards department and the Police Commissioner/ Chief Constable pointing out that you should not be so inconvenienced or having to pay out RFD costs because of their inability to resource a service correctly. I would also demand a Section 7 permit be issued in sufficient time so that you do not incur extra costs. In the private world where customer service is paramount an effort is made to ensure the service is maintained, why can the police not do this..... poor management, incompetence, general attitude. I transferred from TVP to the north 8 years ago and we are still waiting for them to transfer my file, luckily the current North Yorkshire force went ahead without waiting stating the TVP are notorious for their inefficiency - so nothing has changed, you might expect that over several years they would start to get it right.
  14. I've got both Hardy in 25-06 and DPT in 7mmRM, both supress sound well but its difficult to say which is better because of the differing rifle characteristics. Both are well built and the DPT has a lifetime guarantee. However the DPT is lighter and I am more comfortable with it, may try it on 25-06 and see if it works. Tony

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