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  1. i like the 223 . i hand load there very acurite
  2. paddy

    My DIY annealing machine!

    how much for one shipped to northern ireland
  3. paddy

    New Tactical Tikka

    i dont remember ive watched that many videos lol
  4. paddy

    .338 Deviant...

    best looking paint job ive seen not over the top just rite
  5. paddy

    New Tactical Tikka

    i watched a video on youtube they said they are trg mags
  6. paddy

    Show your Accuracy International

    you happy with the tikka?
  7. paddy

    New Tactical Tikka

    i had one in my hands yesterday in 308 liked it alot so have it ordered in 223
  8. paddy

    New Tactical Tikka

    anyone got one in 223 yet?
  9. ive the 1600 not used it to much yet but seems good
  10. does the link on them work like bluetooth
  11. paddy

    Best fox calibre?!

    i use the 223 its hard to beat
  12. paddy


    who sells the dta rifle here in the uk? anyone on here have one? i seen brown dogs review its very good just wondering what everyones thots on them. i was thinking about the new AI AT but like the dat to but didnt know you could get them here
  13. paddy


    i have the 1517 hb with normal stock 16inch barrel and mod shoots very well
  14. paddy

    6.5x47 Lapua Build.

    very nice looking rifle
  15. paddy

    308 brass

    looks a good deal
  16. paddy

    New rifle for UKV member

    lovely looking rifle
  17. paddy

    17HMR accuracy

    i will say it was a lucky shot as it was a guess . it was a one shot deal . i know a few fellas who have shot things further than that on a few occassions with the 17hmr . ive only shot my 223 to 400 lol
  18. what price would a 4500 nv with hours ballistic software be?
  19. paddy

    Gap Grind 2013

    boy that looks like fun
  20. paddy

    17HMR accuracy

    i just shot a crow at 375 yards with my 1517hb anschutz longest shot so far with it im happy with that. still like my 223 more tho
  21. paddy

    scope needed for a AI mkIII .260 rem

    i have the vortex viper pst and think its hard to beat for the money

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