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  1. paddy


    im looking for a trigger for a new build i like 2 stage triggers what do yous recommend it will be a rem 700 clone action
  2. if you tap on one on the list it comes up with g1 g7 or ab custom curve if you tap the g1 or g7 it comes up
  3. ep8rpcm gives g7 .306 g1 598 its the highest one
  4. im getting somewhere now whats the g1 bc on your box
  5. ya ive just got the same as you
  6. i there a code on the bullet box? ill see what my own says to just incase
  7. have you up dated your kestrel lately . the ballistics on the kestrel are what they tested and found them to be so you will fined them a bit different from what the box says
  8. paddy

    what action

    im after a repeater ronin
  9. paddy

    what action

    ya no probs dave im just wondering what we can get here
  10. paddy


    the brass seems to be hard to get too so 300 norma is the way im going after talking to you on the phone
  11. paddy

    what action

    im looking to build a 300 norma rifle for shooting out to 2000 yards what actions can we get here and where to get them and whats the prices of them
  12. it was a great event and my first prs match now im hooked
  13. paddy


    anyone got one ? talk to me goose im looking at it and 300 norma mag . i cant see brass for sale over here at all for the 300prc

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