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  1. Try the hunting life, more dog orientated
  2. Is that him being served a court summons for upsetting the terrorists
  3. For further information on the Armed Forces' interests in this area contact: Commandant Wyke Regis Training Area, Camp Road, Wyke Regis, Weymouth, DT4 9HH. Telephone: (01305) 831930
  4. https://www.ant-supplies.uk/scope-sight-optic-accessories/laser-torch-illuminator-mounts.html https://www.ant-supplies.uk/scope-sight-optic-accessories/scope-tube-accessory-rails.html
  5. Akeld

    Moderator covers

    Practical precision on facebook looks like decent kit
  6. Akeld

    1/2” unf Mod

    Ah right, I also have a 17Rem, Wildcat do a calibre specific mod which is good, can't tell you the model unfortunately as it came with the rifle, also look at DM80 as I think he does calibre specific as well
  7. Akeld

    1/2” unf Mod

    Buy a SAK for about £35, there are slightly better mods but you will pay three times the price
  8. Aren't they mail order only now?
  9. Akeld

    Precision Rifle League Officially Launched

    I think the real limiting factor for this is venues, and thats no fault of the organisers its just lack of them in this country. As to the rules, having your factory barrel threaded by a gunsmith puts you out of the factory class, why don't women compete alongside the men, I assume its the same CoF for both. I really hope this is a success and well done to all who've organised it
  10. Akeld

    Tikka M595 bottom metal wanted

    I think this is an M595 action with lumley bottom metal in a T3 stock and the mag is fitted without the need for milling
  11. Akeld

    Tikka M595 bottom metal wanted

    You might be about to make every 595 owners Christmas
  12. Akeld

    Tikka M595 bottom metal wanted

    CDI in the states, all involve machining the bottom of the action to allow the mag to fit, although I was told the double to single stack eagle industries mag will fit without milling
  13. Never thought along those lines, thanks

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