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  1. quality mincer

    You might struggle You might struggle with your budget
  2. Winter varminting gloves recommend ?

    I got a few pairs from aldi, finger less fleece with a flap that folds over the fingers to make them into mittens. Worn them on the quad and never had cold hands
  3. MDT lss or similar

    A guy on here made his own chassis and put airsoft AI skins on it so worth a search on here. As for your original question, not sure I'd spend £400 to go on a plinker. As you don't mind "buggering about", I'd be looking for something cheaper for something else and altering to fit, other alternative is to fit an aftermarket laminate, and you don't have to live with polished wood, strip it, build up and mould the pistol grip with devcon, fit an adjustable cheekpiece and paint it
  4. Walter Mitty Foxing.

    Or make one yourself
  5. I have a kestrel 2000, but the LCD is only showing the bottom half of the digits. Has anyone replaced a screen on one, currently waiting to hear back from kestrel themselves and the UK distributor to see if its do-able
  6. I think he sells them on ebay as well
  7. Question to all ex forces snipers out there (if any).

    I think the population of Newcastle is safe for the Christmas display, I don't think any Cadet armouries will have AI's in the rack. Unless he was given a taster while visiting the ranges , but I'm with you and call BS
  8. Silverstone Shooting Centre

    You have to wonder if the bleating as you put it contributed to the change though?
  9. How can you sit and plait them, sorry I have nothing to add to the original post
  10. 595 magazine

    3 shots are plastic, 5 shot are steel with plastic base
  11. Sako to Tikka barrel swap.

    Head space
  12. CSR equipment

    Thank you
  13. CSR equipment

    Not wanting to hijack, but I think the people answering this thread will be the ones in the know. What type of comp (if any) can be shot using a sporting scoped bolt action with 2x 5shot mags. I've looked at falling plate, not in any club and all my CF rifles (.22/250, 6.5x55, .308) are for vermin/deer but have open condition and zero/practice
  14. RFD transfer rules

    I doubt any will change their fees, after all they still have to accept it from the courier and secure it, not sending an email won't free up much of their time

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