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  1. Akeld

    Sierra 77gr TMK .224

    Henry Krank has 100 boxes listed as in stock
  2. Akeld

    Rebarreling cost

    If you did that you end up with another factory barrel, you can get a sassen barrel with the twist rate of your choice for £650
  3. Akeld

    17 calibre powder funnel

    MTM do one but you might have to buy a complete set
  4. Akeld


    Pound land do everything else you need
  5. Akeld

    Hot homeloads

    Or buy a kinetic hammer
  6. Akeld


    ASDA and the CO-OP have pumpkins on offer
  7. I had my PES rethreaded from 1/2" to M14, might be an option
  8. Fishing umbrella and a cam net
  9. Akeld

    Yukon RT monocular

    Its possible but you will need an adaptor, if you go on facebook and look up yukon extreme conversions, william is the chap that makes the adaptors for that conversion, I'm sure he'd do a run for monoculars as well
  10. Akeld

    Advice needed. Chamber issues

    Wasn't there a recent post on a Howa having a short chamber
  11. Akeld

    Favourite Hunting Knife

    Have you considered a career in politics?
  12. Akeld

    Which electronic powder thrower/dispenser

    If you already have decent beam scales try a target master trickler
  13. Akeld

    Double rifle sling

    I didn't like the z aim either, didn't feel as secure
  14. Akeld

    Double rifle sling

    Yes, but might wobble a bit
  15. Akeld

    Double rifle sling

    Fit side mounted sling swivels and use an SA80 sling, very versatile bit of kit

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