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  1. Akeld

    Tikka 695 stock

    £223.99 if bought in the UK, annoying as you used to be able to get them delived to your door for £125 (depending on exchange rate), I do like Boyds but I find the pistol grips a little on the slim side
  2. Akeld

    Tikka 695 stock

    Richards microfit (I have one on my M595) and Boyds both have inlets in various styles, Boyds aren't the bargain they once were and you might have to wait for a sale to buy direct or buy through sportsman guncentre , not sure what Richards microfit policy is on sending to the UK
  3. Akeld

    Tikka 695 stock

    Any stock could be made to fit, cost might be the issue preventing it. The later Tikka's (T3) are different actions, not as deep and not totally flat, I think if you google tikka actions it will show a picture of an M595 and T3 side by side
  4. Akeld

    Sling Help

    SA80 sling, ideally have the swivels mounted on the side of the stock. The rifle will be diagonal across the front of the body, undo the fastex clip and it will release (but still be attached to the body) to allow you to shoot
  5. Akeld

    WANTED .243

    Ruger M77 MK2, nice trigger, threaded for mod, Leupold 6x42 -, located in Northumberland
  6. Akeld

    3-in-1 - all weather - jacket for LR shooting?!

    Arktis Defender, I spent a few hours lying prone in the snow at -4° and never felt cold, although for general shooting a snipers smock would be ideal and just buy a cheap waterproof to put over it when the rain comes
  7. Akeld

    Long Neoprene scope cover

    Look for neoprene water battle covers
  8. Akeld

    General Reflextion

    Can't say any of them are deserving of a vote
  9. Akeld

    17 cal bullets

    If they work, they work, if they don't I'll try something different
  10. Akeld

    17 cal bullets

    Henry Krank sell .17 17gn ballistic tips (even though they say soft point) just working a load with them in my 17rem now
  11. S4 is good but offers little protection and is difficult to souce Harkila to me have the superior harness and gives very good comfort, the bino caddy is good but the magnet will struggle with larger/RF style bino's I currently have an athalon pouch, comfy, but I added a bungee closure as again the magnet struggled Ridgeline have just brought out their version which looks good but I have no experience of it. For reference my bino's are Leica 10x42 Geovid
  12. Akeld

    Tumbler media

    I think the stuff used in reptile (whatever you call their tanks) is walnut media, so a pet shop should be a source
  13. Akeld

    Off the shelf relaoding bench..

    Google, portable reloading bench, lots of ideas to get you started
  14. Akeld

    Quad bike wanted

    Have you tried ebay?
  15. Akeld

    Wanted stock for Tikka 595

    Where are you based Malcolm? I have a choate ultimate sniper shortened and inlet for an M595

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