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  1. I'm interested, just a little too far to travel unfortunately
  2. Where abouts in Durham please? I'll be up and down the A1 while moving this week, but will be in a luton van so don't want to venture too far off route
  3. Akeld

    Rifle calibre change

    Try Les Bacon, I understand he's now working through Gardeners guns. I know he can and has done it, but not sure if he would take it on now
  4. If you want a really versatile sling, try the SA80 one. Its designed to be side mounted so works best if your rifle accommodates this. You can use it back pack still, or what I find really useful is having it diagonal across my front, then with the unlocking of a QR buckle it can be shouldered but is still attached to your body, quite handy and reassuring when climbing and shooting from high seats
  5. What I've done in the past on a defender, was make a frame from 10mm bar and hooked it over the door, I also removed the wing mirror and bolted through some flat bar and bent that over and extended over the mirror( worked on the mechano build of a landy, might not be so good on a coloured coded toyota). On a Jimny I had a shelf which again hooked over the door to allow the use of a bag, another thing I done was unbolt the wing mirror and replace with a modified wing mirror bracket with the mirror replaced with an articulated gun mount. You could of course just suspend the rifle from the door frame with a bungy
  6. Akeld

    Outdoor clothing repairs

    Try the manufacturer first, but a local seamstress will probably be cheaper and quicker
  7. To be honest, the quality is very good, I still use it as a normal sling, its just the cross strap never felt right to me and the rifle did slop a bit. The niggeloh on the other hand is rock solid , to unsling I just slip one arm through a strap and unsling as normal. Or you can undo the QR buckle but I've never found the need
  8. I also tried the Z-aim, and I'm probably one of the few people who didn't like it, might have been because my rifle is quite heavy but it certainly didn't feel secure for my use
  9. I have one, very comfortable and easy to get the rifle off with practice, my stock has side mounted flush cups so my rifle is vertical while being carried, they spread the weight very well
  10. Akeld

    Rem 700 SA Stock RH

    That'll do me fine, PM payment details and cost please, thanks for the offer outlanda, but too nice for what I need
  11. Akeld

    Rem 700 SA Stock RH

    Hi All, after the above please, nothing special required as its for a project, anyone got a rough one they've replaced and propped in a garage corner?
  12. No, I'm also lacking in "awesome", have never "owned" or "served" anyone and have yet to open a can of "whoopass"😉, when I was a soldier I was sent on operations, but never once were "the dogs of hell" unleashed, nor did I "crack some skulls". Two countries separated by a common tongue 🤣
  13. Why not call it "Bison"?
  14. Akeld

    Tikka M695 to T3

    T3 isn't as deep and has an angled base as opposed to the flat base of the 695, also the recoil lug is completely different. I asked if it could be done the other way, a T3 inlet to an M595, no one was keen to take the job on although that was an aluminium stock
  15. Price if its worth it will depend on the condition, try a site like gun trader to get an idea of prices Webley - Venom Sidewinder .22 PCP with gauge underneath including:Infared Lens cap - Lens cap covers the lens, the fact its infra red is irrelevant or its something elseNozzle - not sure what this isPellets - brand might help and are they suitable or the rifle, ie do they group well and keep within the legal limit Scope 3-9x40EG - this is a cheap chinese scope but ok for air riflesNew rifle case - depends on makeAlso comes with full rechargeable night shooting kit in a case - depends on make but probably a torch As for the range you mention, if the rifle is in good nick and accurate its more realistically a 40 yard shooter

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