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  1. The health and safety aspect of brakes is worth a bit more discussion. My son is deaf, so I have a pretty good insight just how life-changing hearing loss can be. When he was diagnosed, they checked my hearing too. I was relieved to learn that after years of shooting, but being meticulous about hearing protection, I still had perfect hearing. Not so long ago, I saw a comprehensive set of professionally done noise measurements for a wide range of firearms. The ‘at ear’ measurements for those with brakes was a bit of an eye opener. Suffice to say that when using a rifle with a brake, I now wear double hearing protection (earplugs plus muffs), or use a moderator instead. Brakes are useful devices, but it is a good idea to fully protect your hearing.
  2. Velo Dog pistols were churned out in the 1000s by loads of Belgium manufacturers in the late 1800s. I’d guess that value is probably £100-200 tops. Legality wise, it’s perfectly OK to hold this as a ‘curiosity or ornament’ under Section 58(2). Calibre is probably the 5.5mm Velo Dog, which I believe was made by Fiocchi up until a few years ago. Having any ammo though would be decidedly dodgy and would put you at some risk of falling into Section 5. Unless of course you were going to hold it as a ‘heritage pistol’ under Section 7(1) or 7(3).
  3. Shuggy

    Advice on vintage watch

    A little research would show you several modern mechanical watch brands that are not in the least bit cheap and cheerful. Some have been mentioned already, e.g. Seiko, Orient, Seagull, Timefactors, Steinhart. There’s nothing wrong at all with a vintage watch, but you really have to factor in the cost of a service.
  4. Shuggy

    OCD rant!

    The ones that make me really grit my teeth on US YouTube gun channels are ‘chassiss’ and ‘ambidextreeous’.
  5. Shuggy

    Amazing group!

    That reminds me of the US golfer Jerry Barber, who was once told that he was really lucky. His response: “The harder I practice, the luckier I get.”
  6. Have a look at Longrange blog on YouTube (THLR.NO and ‘Roe’ on here). He has been shooting a Blaser in 300 NM. Lots of relevant info, starting from video 204. I reckon almost everyone on here would enjoy Thomas’ channel!
  7. By ‘practical rifle’, do you mean something like CSR? If so, you might need a greater magazine capacity. But with the Tikkas this is easily taken care of by getting a gunsmith to install an aftermarket bottom metal for AICS mags. Or there are the 10 round Tikka magazines sold by Riflemags.
  8. Here’s what AI has in their instruction manual. It doesn’t take too long. I reckon that they must know a thing or two about barrel accuracy..
  9. AI, OLC, Oceania and Lawrence Precision; all on the AI tactical brake.
  10. Shuggy


    Get yourself a beautiful alligator or ostrich strap for £200 or so!
  11. Most are sized to fit 0.22 target barrels, so about 22mm diameter by 150mm long? 200mm long might be OK size wise.
  12. You might want to try a 'bloop tube'. Your open ended SAK was the right approach, but probably too short. Most commercial bloop tubes are at least 6 inches long. For your application, I would try the longest tube that is still practical in length.
  13. Shuggy

    Semi auto wanted 12 gauge

    I have an old Remington Model 11, FAC 4+1. This is a US copy of a Browning Auto-5, made the old fashioned way, with all parts solid steel. £150 + RFD fees.
  14. Shuggy


    To misquote Col Jeff Cooper, that combination looks like a roof rack on a Ferrari! Personally I'd say that watch is crying out for a nice black leather strap, maybe a croc? If you must have a bracelet, I would dig deep and pay for a Rolex original.
  15. No experience of OnTarget, but I suspect that ''print screen', followed by pasting into PowerPoint, then right click - save as, would do the trick.

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