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  1. briar

    Fox Down at 14:22

    Hi mate, good to see you back. Andy
  2. briar

    The 7mm conundrum

    Have recently added 7x64, to existing 223, 6ppc and 260 rem, couldn't be happier. First impressions it loves 162gr amax and 168gr Bergers over 140gr partitions and their initial groups were more than acceptable. About to try 120gr vmax. Local gun shop owner apparently uses calibre and recommends 123gr RWS. Briar
  3. briar

    If only

    My choice of three, if so restricted, would be; 22lr 6ppc 7x64 Briar
  4. Hi guys, am trying to work up a load for a 7x64 with 168gr Bergers (bc of 0.604). 54.5gr of N165 produced a three shot "group" of less than 15 mm measured outside to outside with initial load development. What kind of muzzle velocity should I be expecting with the above load? Barrel length is 58cm and primers are Federal, coal to ogive 2.856" to fit the mag. From the Vihtavouri website a velocity of around 800 m/s may be expected, but when I shot over a Steinert chronograph the above load only achieved 670 to 677 m/s. I presume the disparity is me being a muppet when setting up the chrono? Thank you Briar
  5. briar

    6mmpc loads

    Have a 6ppc myself with a 1 in 12 barrel. Using vit n133 anything from 65 gr vmax to 66 and 68 gr Bergers my load is 29.5 gr. For 58gr vmax it prefers 28.8 gr n133. Don't know why. For 75 gr vmax 25.2 gr. And for 80gr bergers, 24.4gr n133 appears best for me. But 65 to 68 gr probably best results.
  6. briar


    Cheers. That's what I was originally thinking, bullet weight of 80 to 105+ gr for vermin general plinking and occasional deer to compliment what I already have, hence the original xc query.
  7. briar


    Again thank you guys for the practical advise, common sense and the technical info. My head is spinning much more slowly now, or it was till I noticed on Macleods website Blaser barrels in 6.5x47 and even 6.5x284! Didn't realise they were even available. Don't see anything on Blasers own website . Believe the x47 is in 1 in 8 twist from other forum. To 6xc or to 6.5x47? Laurie, Gbal, Bradders and all, you guys are a mine of info, thank you. I owe you a dram.
  8. briar


    That's why I'm looking for feedback. FAC renewal due in a few months and trying to reorganise/rationalise - what ever you want to call it- my gun cabinet. Would like to add another calibre to existing R8 which I really like as very pointable, relatively light and easily carried in comparison with my other rifles. Would possibly make existing 223 a dedicated NV and new calibre as an all rounder. Vermin, the occasional deer and longer range plinking. I would be more than happy with another 6mm and the xc caught my attention as I believe it's a 1 in 8 twist and uses less powder than a standard 243. Surely this makes it a more versatile option with better barrel life than say the 243 used in the same manner? Be a bit boring too if we all liked the same. Most of the info found on the web on the calibre is target orientated from across the pond - a bit difficult to relate to if your a farmer from North East Scotland and unaware of the vagaries of competitive shooting. More used to "minute of crow" and watching the neighbouring wind turbines to gauge wind.
  9. briar


    I know several guys swearing by their 6.5x47s up here for stalking/ gun club use, but I've not heard of anyone actually using 6xc other than on the accurate shooter forum and then mostly for competition. I understand why Mr Tubb developed it. It sounds to me an extremely good 6mm calibre but does not appear to have very many users over here - please correct me if I'm wrong. As an enthusiastic plinker who is keen to learn and improve, it's difficult to suss what a particular calibre would be like to use in the real world over how it compares in a reloading manual. I appreciate your replies, they have been most helpful and thank you for taking the time. Hope my firearms officer is in a good mood tomorrow!
  10. briar


    Just read your article Vince comparing the smack to your 6xc. You stated in the conclusion that you weren't totally happy with the xc as you felt there was more to come from it. Is this still the case or have you managed to eek out more and if so how did you achieve it?
  11. briar


    Thank you for the replies gents. Was on the phone to Macleods earlier about prices for barrels and a bolt head. He sounded impressed by their demo at Cawdor. Am sure he mentioned inch groups at 300m from factory loads when demonstrating optics. How does it compare to the 260 rem? Sounds like it may make it a bit redundant too! Was thinking of 105 to 108gr as wasn't sure a Blaser barrel would have fast enough twist for 115's As for barrels are they not classed as consumable items?
  12. briar


    Hi guys, Considering a spot of rearranging of my gun cabinet. Was thinking of the 6xc to add to my Blaser R8 in 223. Anyone with experience of calibre? Could argue its for vermin, hunting etc but in reality just longer range plinking than 223 in a rifle I like the handling of. Already have 223, 6ppc and 260 rem in other rifles. Would consider swapping in 223 (RPA) for variation. Thought 6xc would compliment what I had or should I consider another calibre (eg 7x64). Have heard good reports of the calibre when used at Cawdor recently. Cheers Briar
  13. briar

    Annealeeze Annealing Machine Group Buy

    You can add my name to the list too. Cheers Briar
  14. briar

    Good reloading book to read??

    +1 on Glen Zediker's book, but I wouldn't describe it as a "light read". But probably the most comprehensive. Check out Nathan Fosters book "A Practical Guide to Reloading", of ballistic studies. Another book to consider though it covers more than reloading is Tony Boyer's "The Book on Rifle Accuracy". Hope this helps, Briar
  15. briar

    thermal units

    Reassured to hear the HD38s is the beasty to go for at the moment as I've just ordered one. atb Briar

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