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  1. Mangus

    Anyone shooting British sniper rifles??

    Have a look on Devizes Gunsmiths page....hope you are cashed up !!!
  2. My sporter suits my needs just fine. Awesome bit of kit, I don't think there will be any velocity variance in testing without a moderator on board...
  3. Mangus

    Kahles 624i - Mil 3

    Very keen on one of these if anyone can steer me in the right direction.... Cheers
  4. Mangus

    Tikka T3 PMII Ultra Short

    Cheers Edi ! (And yes) If you see a Kahles 624I Mil 3 over your way let me know ! All the best
  5. Mangus

    Tikka T3 PMII Ultra Short

    Edi does this mean you are going to sell me your Kahles ? Ha ! - Hope all is well with you...
  6. Hi there, I tried to PM you about the TET scope rings but it states you can't receive messages ? Are the rings still available ? Cheers
  7. Looking at pictures on the internet of the Kahles Mil 4 reticle there appear to be 2 different versions. One variant is very similar to the Mil 3 reticle....the other has mildots all the way to the bottom of the vertical crosshair....with half mil increments... Which reticle is yours....? Thanks for your time - Cheers
  8. Mangus

    Kahles K624i Reticles

    If you search Kahles 624i SKMR through the scope video shooting.......then Kahles 624i Gen 2 SKMR reticle subtensions..... I really want one of these scopes ! Cheers
  9. Mangus

    Kahles K624i Reticles

    Have a look on YouTube - both reticles demonstrated....good clips
  10. Hi there, what reticle so on board ? Cheers
  11. Mangus

    Tikka paint job

    Nice work, I was under the impression you couldn't coat a T3 stock....are you able to do a flecktarn pattern ? Cheers
  12. Mangus

    Kahles tactical scope 624i

    Cheers Ewan, really think these are great....
  13. Mangus

    Kahles tactical scope 624i

    Does anyone know if they are still making this scope with the Mil 3 reticle ? I'm sure I read somewhere Kahles are now onto version 3 of this scope ?

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