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  1. Chris M

    reamer manufacturers?

    ARC Ballistics reamers are superb, I would strongly recommend them.
  2. I have for sale some 30mm scope rings, 3/8" Dovetail (Davidson rail) or 11mm Dovetail (Rimfire Grooves) Medium height 1.25" from top of rail to centre of scope. Polished 6045 Billet alloy. M3 & M4 screws. Very light only 48gramms per pair. £85 per pair posted.
  3. Price drop £175, a bargain for £360 new cost!
  4. I have a Redding Type S Match die set 38141 for sale complete with standard and VLD seating stems. Sale includes a Shooting Shed 7mm 2P Comparator. Dies are as new, having only worked 400 cases. Postage included £200
  5. Chris M

    Nightforce BR 12-42 X 56

    That's just typical of my luck!
  6. I've bought a Bore tech rod for my .22 LV bench rest rifle, excellent! Always use their aluminium proof positive jags in all my rifles.
  7. Chris M

    Nightforce BR 12-42 X 56

    I'm looking for a Nightforce BR 12-42 X 56 Scope with a NP-2DD reticule, must be in good condition.
  8. Chris M

    SWISS RS52

    Excellent results in my .223 with 80g VLD's
  9. For sale, my RCBS Charge master, very little use and in excellent condition. £260 Posted or £250 collected.

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