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  1. 100 brand new in the unopened box £85 posted
  2. Hi yes I still have it.
  3. 2 x blaser R8 saddle mount and 30mm rings as new condition. £250 each +postage please pm any interest pictures can be emailed. Advertised elsewhere.
  4. Ro6.5

    Peli case

    I have a couple of second hand cases a peli 1750 and a skb hard case no foams. £110 + posting Pm me if your interested
  5. It’s yours Marty. I’ll pm you tonight. barrel sold subject to payment.
  6. Mae/pea 6mm compact 14x1 over barrel mod. Fired 200 rounded, good condition. £120+ rfd or collection Ase utra cabs 224 mod 14x1. good condition, cerakoted black by baldy Dave. £140+ rfd or collection please pm any interest and pictures can be emailed. Thanks Ro6.5
  7. Ro6.5

    Grovtec flush cup bases

    Wanted grovtec NON rotating flush cup bases.
  8. Hi do these fully rotate in the cups? If they are limited rotation I will take them please.
  9. Ro6.5

    6.5 cm reloading equipment

    Hi fancy trying a 6.5 creedmoor and wondered if anyone had any second hand equipment? Dies and brass. Also what loads do people recommend for long rang and deer work? thanks
  10. I am fancying a carbon barrel on my stiller preditor stalking rifle. Are there any pros or cons with either hardy or proof? Has anyone had any issues with either of the manufacturers? What’s your recommendations? Does anyone know of a 6.5 1-8 twist 26” heavy profile blank in stock to buy? (Preferably blank only) Thanks
  11. Ro6.5

    Jewel trigger spares

    No sorry I just spoke to him at Jackson’s.

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