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  1. gyr

    Best sling / bipod stud system

    I would use a combination of short picstinny rail and sling stud
  2. gyr

    6.5 Creedmoor

    Thanks for the replies¡
  3. gyr

    6.5 Creedmoor

    Anyone shooting a 24” ? It seems there would be a loss of some 50 fps compared to a 26”’, but you gain maneuverability.
  4. gyr

    AI AT barrel weight

    It seems that in order to make a substantial weight difference, you need to go with a short barrel even with carbon. a 20" in 308 is 1,22kg. Do they make 20 or 22" in 6,5 cm??
  5. gyr

    AI AT barrel weight

    Thanks. I am trying to figure out the weight saving depending on length. Also the weight difference with a carbon wrapped barrel. A proof research 24" will save around 500 grams, same as going to a 20" all steel apparently.
  6. gyr

    AI AT barrel weight

    I have weighed a 308 24” barrel , it is 2,058 kg. Does someone have the weight of a 20” ?( factory profile). thanks
  7. A Mcmillan A3 weighs around 1,300kg. Pse is lighter by approx 400g.
  8. I am looking to use N165 or one of the RS powders for 140 bullets ( Hornady´s ELD). So far I ´ve used other powders ( T8000 and MRP). I have noticed some overpressure lately with the same loads as before, and assume this could be due to the so called carbon ring. Barrel has over 1500 rds on it already. Planning to give it a good clean and maybe turn to N165 or one of the reload swiss powders. I believe the 165 should punish the barrel less, at least than the RS70. If the RS62 does not have the infused nytrog., it should also burn " cooler"? Does anyone have experience with it? Thanks
  9. gyr

    300 Win Mag Reloading

    I have my 300wm loaded to 3,618 COL with the 208 eld. This is from base of case to tip of the bullet, but I normally use a bullet comparator to measure from case base to ogive+ the comparator. That is about 0,04 in. off the lands, and shoot well.
  10. gyr

    what speed to expect

    44 g of V150 with 175 SMK , 2620 on a 24" barrel. It is a full load so proceed with caution.
  11. gyr

    New Tikka rimfire

    You need a FFP scope to train well?
  12. gyr

    New Tikka rimfire

    Hey Edi sorry I missed your post. I guess you got the photo already.
  13. gyr


    208 eld mrp 71grains shoots well to past 1000m in 300wm
  14. gyr

    300 Win Mag loading

    Laurie is 170 as easily ignited? txs
  15. gyr

    New Tikka rimfire

    So far i dont need a cheek riser, but still not using a decent scope,just an old tasco

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