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  1. I've been told my prices were a little high so I've they're now reduced a bit
  2. Hi Guys, a reduction in free time means I need to clear out some bits that I'm not likely to use up any time soon. I have for sale 1 full kg of N550 and a further approx 750g 2 x 1kg tubs of Elcho 17 (RS60) 2 x 1kg tubs of EI130 (which was the early name for RS52) I honestly can't remember what I paid for any of these but it all seems to average £90/kg RRP so I'm looking for £70/kg for the sealed RS powders and as it is a few years older £60 for the sealed N550 and £30 for the partial bottle. Finally I have approx 300g of Viht N140 and 450g of Lovex DO 73.6 these both came to me from a friend who was emigrating as I don't know what state they're in they are free to anyone who wants them with preference to anyone who buys something else. Can meet at Bisley weekend of 18/19th or Saturday am this weekend. If you're looking to meet mid week drop me a message. Advertising elsewhere and open to sensible offers or possible trades. Cheers Chris
  3. I'll have the ram priming unit please
  4. I'll take these if they're still available please
  5. Hi does this come with mounts or do I need to obtain them elsewhere? Cheers Chris
  6. Hi MD, do you know if these will fit the AICS AX stock as well? If so can you put me down for 2 please? Thanks Chris
  7. Sorry to hijack your thread but where did you get the quad rail from please?
  8. 2nd Dibs on the hushpower barrel please
  9. If these will go in an ax stock I'll have them
  10. CNorris517

    AX Stock

    Hi All, does anybody know if it's possible to change the plastic furniture on an AX stock? I'd quite like to change the black I have for green but i can't see the parts on any of the public AI price lists. I did think about trying to paint using the Gunworx stuff but previous spray jobs I've done have left a lot to be desired. If AI, Victor or anyone else do replacement side scales I think i'd prefer to start there. Thanks in advance Chris
  11. CNorris517

    Rifles Only - great vid

    Looks awesome. Sadly it's another yank "World Series" no non-US citizen is going to be able to realistically compete. I wonder if there are any European equivalents?
  12. CNorris517

    223 with magnum primers

    If the amax need "using up" I'll be happy to take them off your hands :-)
  13. I'll take some 260 brass please. How much do you have?

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