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  1. NICK


    Apologies if you have seen this. http://www.barnesbullets.com/files/2014/11/25-06Remington.pdf I would be interested how you get on with this Bullet. Nick.
  2. NICK

    Spectre .308

    That is a really stunning piece Baldie. Nick.
  3. I enjoyed your photos and explanation. Thank you. Nick.
  4. NICK

    50 today

    I am 52 and in good shape. Round is a good shape Nick.
  5. NICK

    UKV offline

    I am on BT and my screen just said 'Account suspended'. I did wonder what I had done wrong and thought I had been banned . Nick.
  6. Thank you for the kind words. Drove down the A58 through Mytholmroyd, Hebden Bridge and Todmorden and the damage is extensive. Heavy Rain as I type this. Nick.
  7. NICK

    BH Targets

    Are we going 'playing'? Nick.
  8. It is a very pretty rifle hence my questions regarding the stock. I have a Borden Action and I would like it in one like it. Nick.
  9. Ronin. May I ask you if you can get a decent cheek weld and still be 'on' the scope with this stock? I find the comb on many stocks to be too low. I had read the HTG is too low without going adjustable. Many thanks. Nick.
  10. Cheers for that Ronin . Nick.
  11. Have we decided which Mcmillan stock it actually is? I ask as I like the look of it. Thanks. Nick.
  12. Considering that the HTG will take up to an 8 contour Barrel the Sporter Barrel does not look out of place in it. What Shilen contour would the LW approximate to? Maybe a 4 or 5? A very fine looking Rifle. Nick.
  13. NICK

    montana extreme bore solvent

    Hi Dave. I got my Montana X-treme from Midway UK. They have now stopped trading in UK so we are stuffed. I have asked a mate if he has a spare bottle he can let you have. He is an RFD that had a bit in stock so was going to check. Customer service at Montana X-treme are excellent. It was a guy called Doug that pushed Midway to bring it to UK. I have no idea about Hazmat to be honest but it seems that a Payment of $500 somehow turns a Hazardous Material into one that can now be Shipped. Nick.
  14. NICK

    montana extreme bore solvent

    Hi. Midway UK imported it up until they ceased operations in uk. Montana Extreme replaced the original glass containers to metal ones that I presume allowed them to be imported. Maybe Brownells will eventually offer it. I use their bore solvent and I have found non better. Stinks to high heaven. The Red and sticky copper remover is in my limited experience stronger than sweets but I take on board baldie's comments about sweets as he will have cleaned more barrels than me. Which one are you looking for? Nick.
  15. NICK

    308 Rem 700 Stalker

    Hi Ronin. May I ask your opinion of the Polygonal Rifling please? How does it compare to standard Rifling? Accuracy? Ease of Cleaning? Longevity? Things like that. Thanks. Nick.

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