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  1. Hi there What Bergers are they? Hybrid? Could you pm me a pic of the box pls. Also would you split or do a 100 off. Cheers Mike
  2. Hi there Could you not have the ret changed to somethimg more to your liking by nightforce?? Might be better than chucking a grand away selling it... Worth a try??
  3. Ive got one of those ultrasonics. Theyre great for brass, but even better at cleaning moderators and other gun parts.... Just a tip for the buyer. GLWTS Mike
  4. Sportshooter


    Anyone down sarf got any Trailboss they want to part with, or know of a seller who has any? Pm me please. M
  5. Mine arrived this morning mate. Mint condition as described. Top bloke. Cheers. Mike
  6. What action is it for and how much are you after for it?
  7. Hi there Not to be pedantic but youve put £500 - final price, no offers, in your last post but the original listing now reads £500.00 ovno. Im gonna guess you mean the former, ie no offers..... Just a warning to anyone thinking of making an offer.... so they dont get their head bit off....
  8. Received today. Perfect condition. Many thanks. Mike
  9. Hi Ill take that. Pm me how you would like payment. Cheers Mike
  10. Sportshooter

    Modified Case for Hornady oal gauge

    Oops. Suggestion was 6.5x55
  11. 2nd on the creedmoor if they dont sell to swiftur.

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