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  1. Chuck it back and get an IOR............ Re-Pete
  2. So is the reticule divided in mils or moa? And what about the turrets, mils or moa? Mine is moa turrets and reticule. Pete ps just studied the pics............I really want a moa reticule and moa turrets. Thanks for the pics, anyway.
  3. A valid point, but I'd always give the cheapest option a go somewhere down the line. And I certainly wouldn't avoid a brand because somebody else bought a dud or it wasn't "fashionable". As an example, a couple of years ago, we needed a biggish estate to carry, among other things, two lots of shooting stuff and the associated paraphernalia. So we bought a Skoda................I've lost count of the number of times I've seen people fall about at the thought of anyone buying one of these "shite Eastern European heaps", but the car is simply, as it's name implies, Superb.............so far. Pete
  4. That's what this image was described as.................I'm really looking for one of these with an SH4-58 reticule. Re-Pete
  5. Elwood said: "Brand loyalty, you have probably hit the nail on the head." Largely true, but while I don't like mediocrity in anything, and have always saved to buy what I consider "good stuff", price does come into it, as does availability. And "brand" doesn't necessarily mean that it was lovingly hand made by the descendants of the original company, it can also mean it was mass produced in the far east, "badged" and a huge mark-up applied. Pete
  6. I can certainly vouch for Bergara barrels.................if the actions are as good, they're a no-brainer at the price. Re-Pete
  7. Re-Pete

    Optimal velocity

    As far as barrel wear is concerned, I have a 6BR with a 30" 8 twist Lothar-Walther barrel that's been round the galaxy a couple of times. It was very well used when I bought it a few years ago, and has had at least 3000 rounds through it since, using a stiff (for 6BR) load of RS52, with 105 Scenars emerging at 2950 fps. It will still shoot 1/2 MOA if there's no wind and I can hold it still enough. Over that time, there has been a bit of throat erosion, say 0.5-0.75mm, but nothing unexpected, no excessive fire cracking. Barrels, like clutches, are consumables, after all................... My 308 has had a couple of thousand rounds through it using RS52, and the bore still looks like it did the day Mik Mak re-barrelled it. Re-Pete
  8. Is this the reticule? Re-Pete
  9. Re-Pete

    Optimal velocity

    I use 46.3gns of RS52, which gives 3060 fps with 155 Lapua Scenars. Barrel is 30" 1:11 twist. I have pushed these to 3140 fps using RS 52, but 3060 gives me the best group. According to Litz, an MV of 3060 fps drops to 1338 at 1000 yds with the 155 Lapua, so it's still a tad over mach 1. Pete
  10. I asked the question because I have a straight taper s/s blank (6mm bore), and to fit it on the rifle I want to use, it will need to be shaved down to a Palma profile, which means taking quite a bit off. I think I'll give it a go........it's not much use in the cupboard, and it's been there long enough for me to have forgotten how much it cost...............🙂 Re-Pete
  11. Wouldn't heat treatment after re-profiling relieve any stresses that had built up? Re-Pete
  12. One of my mates has a 1500 that's just been re-barrelled in 6.5x47, and it shoots really well...........as does my M595 🙂 Re-Pete
  13. Which brings me on to another question............profiling barrels. Is there any evidence that fluting a barrel will adversely affect the way it shoots? What about re-profiling from, say, straight taper to medium varmint or palma profile? Is that likely to alter the shooting characteristics of the original? Re-Pete
  14. I appreciate that whereas we were very happy with the attached card, a lot of competitive shooters most certainly wouldn't be......................but then we only shoot for fun, to see how good we can get with what we have, and without spending a kings ransom................. And we don't subscribe to any quasi-religious cleaning rituals or barrel breaking in procedures. Just a wipe through with iso-propanol, followed by an an oily patch after each session, and an ammoniacal copper remover when the Hawkeye tells us it's needed. The only thing a clean patch tells you for certain, is that the patch is clean............... Re-Pete
  15. Yep, that's about the size of it, although I'm using Bergara now. Cheap as chips............we've just had one put on our Savage 12 F/TR in 65.x47. (28" 8 twist straight taper). VERY accurate, a couple of <1.0 MOA groups at 600yds with 136 grain Scenars last week, shot off a bipod and butt bag. Re-Pete
  16. I have a Bartlein cut rifled barrel, and a Lothar button rifled barrel.................the Bartlein doesn't collect copper, the Lothar does, by the bucketful............ Both will shoot 1/2 MOA groups. Re-Pete
  17. Re-Pete

    Scope rings screw NM torque

    IOR specify 1-2 Nm in the instructions for my 6-24 x 50.................... Re-Pete
  18. Do you have access to a borescope? I've seen a new 223 Savage barrel that was deeply pitted in the last 12 inches before the muzzle. There were gaps in the lands and a very poor crown................ this didn't shoot. Re-Pete
  19. Re-Pete

    FCSA Update

    Sorry Bradders, our paths crossed in cyberspace........ Pete
  20. Re-Pete

    FCSA Update

    As far as the MARS is concerned, it looks to me as though some bright spark set out specifically to exploit the regulations by designing something that would have all the attributes of a semi, without actually being one. This type of reaction to a regulation can be counter-productive when the gov. holds all the cards, especially when said firearm is capable of rapid fire but demonstrates poor accuracy........ Someone, probably wearing a charcoal grey suit, in some office somewhere is bound to ask the question "Why on earth would a target shooter want one of these?" I don't know the answer, either................... The 50bmg is a different kettle of fish altogether. It has long range precision target shooting potential, and a very dedicated, if small, band of enthusiasts who can be recognised by the huge dent in either the left or right shoulder...... Pete
  21. Re-Pete

    6,5mm Creedmore or 6,5x47L for F Open?

    A comment on "barrel burning" powders..............I have a Musgrave 6BR which had an unknown round count before I bought it, and has had 2000 rounds through it since. The first 1000 or so were a stiff load of RS60, (or Elcho 17 as it was then) MV 3020fps with 105 grain Scenar's , and latterly, I've used RS52 also with 105 Scenar "L"'s at an MV of 2900fps. I've shot this at 1000yds with some surprisingly good results. The barrel is a Lothar 30" 8 twist, and chatter marks from the button rifling machine are still just visible. Some crazy paving is also visible in the throat area................. Since I've had it, the freebore has increased noticeably but not excessively, around 20-25 thou. and It will still shoot 1/2 MOA at 300yds on a good day. My 6.5x47, (also a Lothar barrel,) has done 2150 rounds of 136 Scenar L's at 2900fps (RS60), and shows less than 20 thou increase in freebore since it was built. Having said all that, I consider a barrel to be a consumable, a bit like a car clutch lining.......................but I fully understand other points of view. Just don't get me started on "breaking in" new barrels................!!!!!!!!!! Re-Pete
  22. What Nick53 said.....as well as the 8-32, I have 6-24 x 50 Sightrons, and recently bought an IOR 6-24 x 50. The Sightrons are excellent, but the IOR is an order of magnitude better, with fat turrets to die for, sharp and contrasty glass. Re-Pete
  23. Re-Pete

    6,5mm Creedmore or 6,5x47L for F Open?

    " The 47 will just about get to 1000 yards " ??? We've shot these at 1200yds with surprisingly good results. At MV of 2900fps, the 136 grain Scenar L bullets at 1000 yds are still comfortably supersonic (1423 fps, Litz Point Mass). Re-Pete
  24. Re-Pete

    IOR 6-24 x 50 scope wanted

    Thanks, but it's not the current version. Re-Pete
  25. Re-Pete

    IOR 6-24 x 50 scope wanted

    Must be the current version, not fussed about ring marks/signs of use etc. but must have pristine glass and preferably, the 35mm rings it was supplied with. Re-Pete

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