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  1. F-class or TR aiming mark? Re-Pete
  2. Re-Pete

    Burris Pos-Align offset inserts 30mm

    I recently bought some Burris rings with these included from Opticswarehouse.......worth giving them a shout. Re-Pete
  3. Re-Pete

    RPA "Gold" trigger wanted

    I'm looking for one of these to fit a CG-RPA 2000........(it's the same one that fits the RPA Quadlock) PM, please. Re-Pete
  4. Re-Pete

    what speed to expect

    RS52 is the powder for 155grain bullets in 308.......46.5 grains gives an accurate 3000fps MV in mine. (30" 11 twist Bartlein) Re-Pete
  5. Re-Pete

    Gun powder news ?

    Most of the dealers will sell 10kg tubs at a considerable saving................I can't find the reference for how much can be carried by car, and the reg linked above says up to 10kgs under 7(2)(a)(i) plus another 5kgs under 7(2)(a)(ii), whatever that means. Like everything else firearm related, it's as clear as mud. Re-Pete
  6. Bisley have a steel bison (or similar ruminant) at around 7-800yds..............what's the attraction of steel as opposed to paper, the clang? Re-Pete
  7. Sorry Chanonry, I should have put "ie" in front of the word "illegally" at the end of my post..........it's an abbreviation of the Latin phrase "id est" which roughly translates as "that is" or "in other words"...... Re-Pete
  8. The same way a non-FAC holder can get a handgun, primers, and anything else needed to make a loud bang and send a lump of lead on it's way.....................illegally. Pete
  9. Re-Pete

    New Tikka rimfire

    Now now girls................ Re-Pete
  10. I put a 6.5x47 together using a Tikka M595 off Guntrader for £295, a GRS Hybrid stock ready inletted for £625, and a Lothar 30" 8 twist barrel blank, £300, plus £300 for chambering and proof. Excellent 1000yd rifle using 123 grain or 136 grain Scenars. Bear in mind that the 6.5 Swede is an old hunting calibre, and not widely used by the target shooting fraternity. Re-Pete
  11. Re-Pete

    Opinions on Sightron scopes?

    Well I've got 5 of them, 4 8-32's and 1 6-24........................... As for which model/reticle, check out their catalogue and pick one to suit your needs. They all offer excellent value for money, and are sharp and contrasty. Re-Pete
  12. Re-Pete

    Foxes. What do you do with them?

    😁 Re-Pete
  13. Re-Pete

    Foxes. What do you do with them?

    So, doing "nothing illegal" makes it all right, then? Dumping dead foxes or anything else in the countryside comes into the same category as fly-tipping............ Re-Pete
  14. Sounds like he/she REALLY knows the rifle, and how to read the wind. It backs up my comments on another thread where everyone was getting a bit anal about MV, ES, and SD.................at the end of the day, it's group size that matters, and your ability to put the centre of the group in the right place. Pete
  15. What Baldie said.............with a decent barrel etc., the 223 is very capable, but only if you feed it properly. Pete

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