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  1. 6mmbr which primer

    I use Murom KVB-223M's..............RS52 powder, and Scenar 105 L's in a 30" 8 twist barrel. MV around 2850, and on a good day will do 1/2 MOA. RePete
  2. Hand priming tools

    I use the Lee Ergoprime......works well with good "feel", and is as quick as you can insert and remove the cases. But requires the "knack".............. Re-Pete
  3. rebarrel expectations

    We've just had a Savage mod 12 re-barrelled from 6BR to 6.5x47 (Crispin Engineering), with a Bergara s/steel, and after re-fitting the scope rail (20 MOA), and scope, the new 300yd zero was within 2 MOA of the previous 6BR 300yd zero. Re-Pete
  4. Inexpensive 34mm Tube Scope

    IOR 6-24 x 50 MOA/MOA from Opticswarehouse..............excellent glass and reticule, plus turrets to die for. Re-Pete
  5. reload costs

    My 6BR reloads cost 55.4p each, half day weekday lane hire with a marker (shared with 4 mates) is £16 low season, £20 high season. Diesel for return trip to Bisley (100mls) is £12. So if I shoot 50 rounds, £27, the total cost for a morning's fun averages out to £57. We shoot between 25 and 30 half days a year at Bisley, so total cost is approx £1500 a year. That's each (for two of us). Around what we used to pay 30 years ago for two scuba diving and skiing trips abroad each year.............. Re-Pete
  6. ear defenders

    https://hwass.co.uk/shop/hearing-protection/254355-3m-peltor-protac-ii-ear-muffs/ Here's a pic of mine to show the difference.....................the model III is completely different again (and considerably cheaper at £85ish.) but the seals look different to mine. I find the mkII cups very large and comfortable to wear with glasses. The main plus point is the 32dB attenuation, so a quiet thud when you pull the trigger on your 20" barrelled & braked 308, and being able to hear what the guys on the next lane are calling you when you accidentally hit a V on their target. Re-Pete
  7. Nope, I wasn't trying to be funny. Just struck me as an odd word to use for a brand new riflescope. My recently acquired IOR is simply called 6-24 x 50 MOA, and is also a cracking bit of kit.............. Re-Pete
  8. Thanks for the clarification................the Romanians probably don't have a word for reconditioned. Re-Pete
  9. What do they mean by "recon"? Damaged and repaired? Re-Pete
  10. ear defenders

    Sorry, mine are Mk2's...........looks like I posted the wrong link. Worn 'em for around 50 half day shoots now, and they still have the original batteries in. Weak points are the two little foam rubber mic covers. If you're not a bit careful, they can get split/fall off. We keep ours in a couple of Poundshop plastic boxes. Re-Pete
  11. ear defenders

    Peltor Pro Tac does it for me..............I've even started the drive home with 'em still on. http://peltorcomms.3m.com/world/Product.asp?PageNumber=933&Product_Id=31&ProductCategory_Id=38 Re-Pete
  12. SWISS RS52

    Que bala y que distancia? Yo suelo 136gr Lapua "L" con 2.63g RS60, velocidad = 896m/sec Re-Pete
  13. BiPods

    One of these: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Snipersystems-MkIX-9-16-medium-tilting-bipod-w-Podlock-leg-notch-rifle-shooting/311800076530?hash=item4898bb98f2:g:mZAAAOSwMNxXXt4a Or one of these: http://www.snipersystems.co.uk/id46.html They may be the same company...............I asked if they really were made in England a couple of years ago. Got no reply.............. Re-Pete
  14. Here's a screenshot of a Bisley electronic monitor taken a few weeks ago at 1000yds. The rifle is a 6.5x47 Tikka M595 shot off a home-made bipod and butt bag. No good for FTR, (wrong calibre, too heavy), but the scope is a 6-24 Sightron set at 14x................ Sorry, a bit got cut off..................my point is that the Sightron 6-24 would be a good scope for F/TR. It has sharp contrasty glass, and is not too heavy.
  15. quality mincer

    I bought an old Kenwood Chef for 10 quid in a junk shop 20 years ago...................still going strong, and bits still available. RePete

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