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  1. Re-Pete

    Sabatti tactical

    I just read this section from the Sabatti site http://www.sabatti.it/en/mmr-system-shooting-rifles/ Does anyone know if Multi Radial Rifling is a Sabatti exclusive, or is it used by any other manufacturers? I've seen an old artillery piece with a similar system, but I can't remember where............presumably, the bore is shaped a bit like a 20p in cross section. Re-Pete
  2. Re-Pete

    .308 long range rifle

    Grifff, I have one of these: http://www.helstongunsmiths.com/default.asp?ID=463 Mine is currently wearing a Sightron 8-32 scope, but I've also had some excellent results with the aperture sights plus straightjacket and sling at 1000yds. An iconic target rifle well worth considering, and there's always one or two around. Re-Pete
  3. Re-Pete

    Scope rings screw NM torque

    +1 for the Sealey.......... Re-Pete
  4. Re-Pete

    IOR problems?

    They probably asked him to return the review samples.................. Re-Pete
  5. Mine's a 6-24 x 50 with SH4 reticle. I use it at 20x for all distances to 1000yds........a cracking scope. Currently around £1350 at Opticswarehouse. Re-Pete
  6. Re-Pete

    Load for 6mmBR

    31 grains of RS52 behind 105 grain Scenar "L" does it for me................around 2900 fps. Re-Pete
  7. Clover said: "Thanks - sadly I think I'm under budget by a factor of around 2.5! " ??? My IOR was only just north of a grand................. Re-Pete
  8. Re-Pete

    Wet tumbling on a budget?

    I have the 5kg version of the tumbler mentioned by Phoenix.......mine cost £105 off ebay, and came with a bag of balls. The balls work quite well, but don't get into the primer pocket corners, so I bought half a kilo of these; https://www.1967spud.com/shop/stm-tumblers/pins/ They work out cheaper than those on ebay and reach the parts balls can't reach. The tumbler is a no-brainer at the price............had mine for a year now. Re-Pete
  9. Chuck it back and get an IOR............ Re-Pete
  10. So is the reticule divided in mils or moa? And what about the turrets, mils or moa? Mine is moa turrets and reticule. Pete ps just studied the pics............I really want a moa reticule and moa turrets. Thanks for the pics, anyway.
  11. A valid point, but I'd always give the cheapest option a go somewhere down the line. And I certainly wouldn't avoid a brand because somebody else bought a dud or it wasn't "fashionable". As an example, a couple of years ago, we needed a biggish estate to carry, among other things, two lots of shooting stuff and the associated paraphernalia. So we bought a Skoda................I've lost count of the number of times I've seen people fall about at the thought of anyone buying one of these "shite Eastern European heaps", but the car is simply, as it's name implies, Superb.............so far. Pete
  12. That's what this image was described as.................I'm really looking for one of these with an SH4-58 reticule. Re-Pete
  13. Elwood said: "Brand loyalty, you have probably hit the nail on the head." Largely true, but while I don't like mediocrity in anything, and have always saved to buy what I consider "good stuff", price does come into it, as does availability. And "brand" doesn't necessarily mean that it was lovingly hand made by the descendants of the original company, it can also mean it was mass produced in the far east, "badged" and a huge mark-up applied. Pete
  14. I can certainly vouch for Bergara barrels.................if the actions are as good, they're a no-brainer at the price. Re-Pete
  15. Re-Pete

    Optimal velocity

    As far as barrel wear is concerned, I have a 6BR with a 30" 8 twist Lothar-Walther barrel that's been round the galaxy a couple of times. It was very well used when I bought it a few years ago, and has had at least 3000 rounds through it since, using a stiff (for 6BR) load of RS52, with 105 Scenars emerging at 2950 fps. It will still shoot 1/2 MOA if there's no wind and I can hold it still enough. Over that time, there has been a bit of throat erosion, say 0.5-0.75mm, but nothing unexpected, no excessive fire cracking. Barrels, like clutches, are consumables, after all................... My 308 has had a couple of thousand rounds through it using RS52, and the bore still looks like it did the day Mik Mak re-barrelled it. Re-Pete

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