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  1. Re-Pete

    6mm BR build

    Mine's an old Musgrave single shot action with a 30" Lothar barrel that I fitted and bedded into an Anschutz proper walnut stock. A very accurate rifle with 105 Scenars and RS52 powder. MV around 2900fps. Pete
  2. Re-Pete

    Seating depth for .223 80gr Sierra MK?

    Well you might have missed my drift.......................for a given calibre and bullet weight, the higher the speed, the greater the pressure, up to the point where the speed stops increasing and it all goes bang. Obviously, the whole point of the game is consistency and accuracy. Pete
  3. Re-Pete


    😂😂😂 Pete
  4. Re-Pete

    Seating depth for .223 80gr Sierra MK?

    You really need to check the speed........just fire 2 or 3 rounds with the Magnetospeed on to see what they're doing. You can take it off to shoot for groups once you have an MV for each load Pete
  5. We found that any sideways pressure on the red blade will cause this. The blade appears to be there as a secondary "safety feature" in a cheap single stage trigger that makes it feel a bit like a two-stage. It will work as a single stage without the red blade, but the design is such that I certainly wouldn't recommend it. When it works, it works OK, but with the occasional jam..................we have ours set at around 450 grams. Any lighter, and the jam rate increases exponentially. The whole trigger only costs £35, which says it all, really................... Pete
  6. Unopened box of 100 Lapua 6BR cases. £65 posted Pete
  7. Re-Pete

    6.5 creedmoor and RS62 temperatures

    Compared to RS52, RS60 will definitely fry your barrel. I have a 308 with a Bartlein that's only had RS52/155's at 3000fps through it, and after 1500 rounds, it still looks as good as new. The 6.5 with a Lothar and 600 hot rounds of RS60/123 Scenars is another story................not a pretty sight, but still shoots well. RS52 is a double base powder, but it's a bit more barrel-friendly than RS60, for sure. Pete
  8. Re-Pete

    Seating depth for .223 80gr Sierra MK?

    I jump mine .020" with 80 grain SMK's, and can get 1 MOA at 600yds on a good calm day. Pete
  9. The footprint looks a bit small.................a stiff breeze would have that over in no time. Re-Pete
  10. Re-Pete

    Tikka M695 to T3

    Where are you? I'd recommend Crispin Engineering if you're south of the M4. Pete
  11. Re-Pete

    Trigger Maintenance

    Get an aerosol can of brake cleaner, remove trigger assy, wash through repeatedly until squeaky clean, allow to dry completely, then give a squirt of a dry lube such as : https://www.amazon.co.uk/44172-WD40-Professional-Lubricant-400ml/dp/B006A8JEUS allow to dry and re-assemble. Pete
  12. Re-Pete

    Steel Core Designs

    Found this on Twitter (scroll down a bit) https://twitter.com/Rifle_Maker Looks like the Steelcore offerings.............but then all tacticools look the same to me...............this guy does do some fantastic work, though. His System Gemini's are renowned Pete
  13. Re-Pete

    Steel Core Designs

    "Tested by Walts for Walts"...............Bradders, I love that !!😎 Pete
  14. Re-Pete

    Steel Core Designs

    Well if they are a reincarnation or a subsidary of RPA, they already have the tooling and a factory. Have a look at the Gunmart review: https://www.steelcoredesigns.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/06/338-CYCLONE-REVIEW-LR.pdf "Tested by Walts for Walts"...............Popsbengo, I love that !!😎 Pete

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