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  1. I'm confused.....Tuck, are you selling it on? If so, will an M595 go into it? Re-Pete
  2. Re-Pete

    Miraging and bullets point of impact

    I often get rubbish results at 1000yds on a hot windy day on Stickledown electronics. The electronic target lanes are affected by the tree-line to the right which causes turbulence even in very light winds. We had one shoot where we were moved over from the middle of the range to the right-hand side half way through the morning, and the scores went right down the pan.............. Well, that's my excuse, anyway.... Re-Pete
  3. Re-Pete

    Summer 2018

    Was this down to the mirage, or heat-struck marker, d'you reckon? Re-Pete
  4. I'll have them if they're still available, please........ Pete
  5. Can I ask why an individual with, say, full NRA membership with it's included liability insurance and a valid HME competence cert., has to join your club to shoot at 2 miles? Re-Pete
  6. Re-Pete

    Dodgy peepers.

    Floaters are bits of dead tissue sloshing about in the fluid between the lens and the retina..............they tend to get more frequent as you get older. If they get in the way, try rolling your eyes a few times........works for me. Pete
  7. I offered them a Savage 12 F/TR factory stock for a pattern, but they turned it down............... Pete
  8. Re-Pete

    Help! Savage Accutrigger part .

    Attachment: Savage part.jpg [ 111.26 KiB | Viewed 28 times ] This is a long shot...........but does anyone know where I can find one of these Accutrigger safety sear blocking thingy's? I'd settle for a complete Accutrigger if anyone has upgraded. The importer is about as much use as a nine bob note.................I've had a complete trigger on order through my local gunshop for months. Pete
  9. End of barrel, 6.5 calibre, black anodised, M18 x 1 thread. Very good condition, strips for cleaning, incorporates a brake, boxed with wrenches. Less than 100 rounds through it on my 6.5 x 47. £120 Could arrange to deliver if you're anywhere within 3 miles either side of the M3 between Southampton and Bisley, or can be collected Bisley or Southampton. (IMHO all a bit farcical having to go through an RFD for these.) Pete
  10. Try Matt at HPS-TR, they keep a load of RPA stuff, triggers etc. Re-Pete
  11. This is the one I want: Pete
  12. Re-Pete

    Starting out

    200 rounds a year?? We get through more than that in a month........!! If I didn't reload, I wouldn't be shooting centrefire. Re-Pete
  13. Re-Pete

    Lapua case

    A mate had this happen a year or so ago.....................he sent the dud cases back to Lapua, (6.5x47's, 11 dud out of a 100), but they wouldn't replace them. fall over I've been using Lapua brass for a few years now, and I've had the odd one fall over. Re-Pete
  14. I used RS 52 and RS60 with 123gn Scenars in my 6.4x47 (8 twist 30" Lothar). MV's around 3000fps. I'm presently using 136gn Scenar "L"'s at MV's around 2900. The 136's are very accurate with both RS52 and RS 60, but I think 60 has the edge. What do you mean " as this cartridge does start to go straight to pierced primers "? Have you got a loose firing pin? I ran the 123 Scenars up to 3100fps using RS52 and KVB-223M primers without any failures. (This was for a 1200yd day at Bisley............not used at any other time). Re-Pete
  15. Re-Pete

    FTR Newbie

    My partner started off with a Savage mod 12 F/TR 308, and she loves it..................barrels are easy to swap, so she went from 308 to 6BR, and now it's a 6.5x47. Re-Pete

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