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    Fishing, shooting, photography, grandchildren and recovering from my 70th birthday bash.
  1. Club load using senars and n165

    Laurie, I'm told the 183 SMK requires an 8T barrel. Did you find this to be true?
  2. berger 155.5

    Yup, they vary batch to batch. I had several batches that measured approximately the same but the last batch I bought were 0.030" longer. The latter shot better too.
  3. Rs52 with 6.5x47

    Yes, it works well in the 6.5x47. RS50 is even better.
  4. Question to all ex forces snipers out there (if any).

    My brother was a cook. Will that do? He referred to his branch as Andy Cap’s Commandos.
  5. primer for RS 50 IN .308

    You don’t say which bullet you’re using or what the COAL length is. In my 32” barrel I use the SMK #2156 seated at 2.910” and Berger 155.5 seated at 2.930”. For both of these I get excellent results with 47.5 grains of RS50 (and even more). I also use the Australian HBC seated at 2.860” and use 47.0 grains of RS50. I suggest you’re loading a bit on the low side and that’s shut your MVs have levelled off.
  6. Varget

    I’ve got a tub of Varget with only 100 grains out of it. I never thought it would gain more interest than my ISAs😄
  7. 6.5 Creedmoor MV

    I cured the obdurating problem by increasing the charge by .5 grains.
  8. 6.5 Creedmoor MV

    IMR 4350 is similar to H4350 and load 42.1 grains with 142 grain SMKs and get 2850 fps from a 28” barrel with no pressure signs. I had a similar problem years ago when developing a load with H4895 and got pressure signs at a relatively low load. It turned out that the cases weren’t obdurating and this produced the same effect on the case head as over pressure signs. You don’t mention which pressure signs you see but I would suggest that 2520 fps is low from a Creedmoor with a 25” barrel and Quickload suggests that you’d still be safe at 42 grains with the SST bullet.
  9. Hi,

    Do you shoot at Severnside?




  10. 'Works in everything' N140 load for 6.5x47?

    Hi Catch, With RS50 I used 123 grain SMKs and 123 Lapua Scenars. With the F1 Chrony I measured MVs in the mid 2900s from a 32” Lilia 8 twist barrel. I started at the gold standard of 37.5 grains and worked up. Through real world trials I arrived at an algorithm that allows me to translate Reloder 15 data to RS50. HTH
  11. 'Works in everything' N140 load for 6.5x47?

    I find 38.6 grains of RS50 works well.
  12. Did you get the pictures 

  13. I can confirm what Dave (baldie) says because he built on for me with those components and I have had no feeding problems whatsoever.
  14. Just seen in sending pictures, let me know when you get them! 


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