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    Fishing, shooting, photography, grandchildren and recovering from my 70th birthday bash.
  1. RS60 is an excellent powder for the .284, which will give you MVs about 2950 fps out of a 32” barrel. BUT, it will erode the throat very quickly. My old barrel was being eroded by 0.005” every 100 rounds. I’m not going to use RS60 in my new barrel.
  2. FTR or similar type bipod

    Good to meet you too Varm. It’s always nice to put a face to a UKV name.
  3. reload costs

    PM me your email and I’ll send you copy.
  4. FTR or similar type bipod

    I’ve pm’d you for your email address.
  5. FTR or similar type bipod

    I've got a Sinclair which is stud mounting that I might be prepared to part with. I'll post a photo later.
  6. Forum Question - How do I amend . . .

    I thought you just clicked the edit button on the post and this give the option to change everything. It did with me when I edited my post about dogs at the British Shooting Show. After a couple of responses I realised I'd spelt 'dogs' as 'dags' so went in and changed it.
  7. Front Rest / Joypod for sale

    You can have mine for £3000 Bob 😇
  8. There are muzzle brakes and there are awful muzzle brakes. I used to shoot my old TRG with a brake (at Severnside) and at one time the guy next to me, who is a good friend, stopped shooting because of the “bark”. I had no idea how bad it was until then. I shot with another friend, when he ran in his AI .338, and the bark from that brake was downright painful. The same friend shoots an AX 308 and that is tame by comparison.
  9. British Shooting Show - No Dogs

    You would be surprised. At the 2016 show I I saw several people with multiple dogs on leads. One guy had 5, yes 5, chocolate labs on tow.
  10. I was browsing the British Shooting Show online booking system recently and just spotted that no dogs are allowed in the show this year. I must admit, despite being a dog lover and being owned by an Airedale Terrier, I've always found dogs at the show a bit of a pain especially when some bring a mob of them. However, I do hope that this is well signposted well in advance of the show entrance as it will be annoying for anyone who takes their dog with them and pays on entry only to find they cannot take them in.
  11. Hi Paul,

    What 6BR do you have for sale? I have a slot for one.



  12. Truing Beam Scales

    Scott Parker in the US is the only one I know who does it. The downside is shipping costs. You can contact him on this email address singlekernelscales@yahoo.com. He’s also on Facebook as Single Kernel Scales.
  13. reload costs

    I keep a spreadsheet of my reloading. Primarily it’s how I keep track of the number of rounds fired in each rifle and how I control and evaluate my load development. I also have a little formula for each calibre that automatically calculates the cost of each round and the total ongoing cost. The latter cell is well out of screen view because it is frightening. If my good wife ever saw that cell she would have a fit. One thing is certain, with costs rising like they have, plinking is no more.
  14. I use a home made bench when I’m doing load development or breaking in a barrel at Severnside only because it’s easier. However, the wind always blows on the estuary and on gusty days it’s difficult to maintain stability. The advantage of shooting prone is the ground doesn’t move. Like the OP I used to find shooting prone very painful until I had to see a physiotherapist because of a repetitive strain injury. The exercises he gave me inadvertently cured the muscle pains resulting from prone shooting.
  15. I give my cases to my mate Justin, so it’s annealing made easy.

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