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  1. Brillo

    Neck bush size when using a Mandrel Expander

    I’ve used a .336 since the year dot. A 334 is too much so I’d suggest a .337 is too little.
  2. Brillo

    A few Sierra match kings 180 grain HPBT to try

    If I could temporarily highjack Bob’s post. What is the G7 BC of the 175 Lapua Scenar? Sorry, finally found it, it’s 0.247.
  3. Brillo

    A few Sierra match kings 180 grain HPBT to try

    I fully agree with you Ian, but there isn’t really an equally good alternative to the 185 Juggernaut, 200 hybrid or 200.20X (yet).
  4. Brillo

    A few Sierra match kings 180 grain HPBT to try

    Why Sierra’s Bob, when you currently use Berger’s?
  5. Brillo


    Still waiting for reply from my pm.
  6. Brillo


    Price please.
  7. Brillo


    Have you tried Marchscopes.co.uk?
  8. Brillo

    Filming at Bisley

    And last year the green opposite the Surrey was used for The Current War.
  9. Brillo

    COAL and Jump to lands

    Some bullets like a 5 thou jump, others 15 thou etc. Some even perform better jammed into the lands. If google Bryan Litz’s article on determinate best bullet jump for VLD bullets you will read that he advocates shooting two 3-shot group at jammed, just off the lands, 40, 80 and 120 thou jumps. There is no reason why you can’t try this with standard shaped bullets, so the only way you’ll find out if 100 thou is good or bad is to try it. You didn’t say what weight your bullets are?
  10. Brillo

    damn fireworks

  11. Brillo

    damn fireworks

    That argument doesn’t hold water. Firearms are controlled and there owners licensed, and they (we) can’t shoot them anywhere we feel like it, let lone in our own gardens. But anyone can buy fireworks at any time they are available for sale and let them off anywhere regardless of consideration for anyone else.
  12. Brillo

    damn fireworks

    And me
  13. Brillo

    Ultrasonic cleaners

    Rinse in soapy water and rub a towel over them and leave in the airing cupboard over night. I used to leave them on a radiator but wifely wasn’t happy.
  14. Brillo

    Ultrasonic cleaners

    I found seaclean about as good as a fart in a sieve. Try a tablespoonful of citric acid and the same if dishwasher liquid. Ten times better.
  15. Brillo

    Markers Bisley

    Yes, how do I contact you if I need you?

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