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  1. Brillo

    How do You prep Your brass? UKV survey.

    Wire wool neck Decap and full length size. Run neck mandrel through necks. Anneal every third firing or so.
  2. Brillo

    Tight Neck Rules

    Here’s a query for the gunsmiths on here. I’m having a discussion with some shooting buddies. What are the rules regarding a tight neck chamber for F Class? Some believe they are not allowed and I disagree. Who is correct?
  3. Brillo

    AWM 300 winmag

    If Lapua dies buy it, I could be interested.
  4. Giving up shooting Jon? Haven’t seen you on the range for ages. To prospective buyers, Jon hasn’t mentioned that this rifle is one of the cancelled Jordanian orders so is much enhanced compared to the standards TRGs. One of the big differences is the trigger is superb. I had it’s sister. I know this rifle shoots bug hole groups.
  5. Brillo

    F class open rests

    It’s a Picatinney fitting.
  6. Brillo

    FTR Newbie

    And I’ll second Laurie’s comment about the Sightron scope. Amazing piece of kit for the price. It isn’t up to a March but the latter is almost £1800 dearer.
  7. Brillo

    F class open rests

    Neil, one our fellow DR members may be selling his early SEB rest. I speak to him most days. I’ll ask him on your behalf.
  8. Brillo

    FTR Newbie

    Although the Savage is an excellent rifle “out of the box “ I know four shooters who have had severe problems with the accu-trigger. I did, gave up and sold the rifle. If you know anyone who has a Savage, ask if you can have try. I’ll second the recommendation for Dolphin rifles. You will more of these at an F Class competition than any other. They are accurate and extremely good value; cheaper than a Savage, which risen in price of late. Although many F TR guys have invested in a SEB joypod, you don’t need that level of sophistication to get started. The Dolphin bipod is excellent and half the price. Whatever you do, do not rush it. A mistaken purchase is an expensive mistake.
  9. RS70 is suitable but it’s not a direct replacement. To give you an idea, H4831SC is pushing 180 grain hybrids out of my newish .284 barrel at 2800 fps but a similar load of RS70 is doing 2950 fps.
  10. Brillo

    The new muzzle brake by dolphin rifles

    You used a muzzle brake during a DR F Class comp Neil, or was it afterwards?
  11. Brillo

    60” Drag Bag Swap

  12. Brillo

    OCD rant!

    Quite often it’s the result of predictive text and not reading it through before posting. I’ve sent many a post with the for ‘fir’ instead of ‘for’.

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