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  1. Brillo

    Help if possible guy's.

    I’ve got the manual. What do you need?
  2. Brillo

    Barrel conditioning

    Hi Bob, I’ll see you on the Sunday as I’m in the GB team in one form or another. See you there. Mark
  3. Just a couple of points on VarmLRs recent post. RS52 as opposed to RS50 is the powder with the higher energy burn and hence produces higher velocities. RS50 will give you slightly lower velocities but you can compensate for the difference with maybe 1 MOA extra on the elevation at 1000 yards. i mentioned this earlier; the new version of the Sierra Palma #2156 is a completely different bullet to the original. It is not any where near as jump sensitive as the old version and it is very consistent in weight and dimensions. The old one was so bad in this respect you had to sort them if you wanted even half decent groups. The other plus point is that the new ones come factory pointed. If your chamber allows for the 2155 the #2156 will be fine too. Most MR shooters are now moving away from the poor BC Sierra 190 to the new 200 grain bullet. The BC is a lively 0.8 but they prefer a 9 twist barrel.
  4. Brillo

    Barrel conditioning

    Congratulations on your purchase Bob. So you went for a brand new Mik Mak build rather than the one we discussed at Kingsbury. You had a good choice either way. Run the new barrel in. You’ll have peace of mind if nothing else. It’s probably the most talked about subject in shooting and no one has proved it’s detrimental either way. I don’t know anyone in the FTR world who doesn’t run a new barrel in, so that says something. After all, it’s only 32 rounds and doesn’t take long. Furrybean (Dan) and Catch are right IMHO. Use the load you intend using going forward and get some idea of how that new rifle is going to shoot. N150 and the 155 HBC bullet is a good choice. You will love the Joypod when it arrives. You’ll see more if those than any other at any F Class comp. You can use a temporary rest of some sorts until it arrives but trying to shoot without one in the F Class world is not a sensible option. The weight of the rifle tells you this. I’m not at Kingsbury on the 9th but will be at the shoot after that. If your joypod hasn’t arrived by then I’ll bring my Dolphin bipod for you to use for the day.
  5. If you’re looking at 155 bullets, try the new Sierra Palma 155 grain #2156. It is so much better than the earlier model, which had size problems. The early 2156 was also jump sensitive but this new one, for some reason I haven’t fathomed out, is very easy to tune.
  6. Brillo

    Quickload help needed for 7mm rsuam

    I’ll run it later Neil.
  7. Brillo

    Summer 2018

    Was shooting at Kingsbury today and I’m still melting. Never seen mirage like it except during the first detail of the Holburt Comp during the Imperial.
  8. Brillo

    GB FCLASS Web site

    I’m getting an error report. i seem to remember that they were doing an upgrade. Stuart Anselm posted in the GBFCA Facebook group on Tuesday that there’s a problem with the security certificate and that he would re-post on Facebook when it’s resolved.
  9. Brillo

    Tier One 34 mm High Rings

    No longer needed.
  10. Brillo

    Tier One 34 mm High Rings

    I’m in no rush Dan. BTW. well done at Diggle.
  11. Brillo

    Tier One 34 mm High Rings

    As per the title, I’m looking for a pair of Tier One 34mm Rings ( high)
  12. Message system says you can’t receive messages
  13. Brillo

    N 150 versus N 550

    Laurie, Interestingly, I’ve just done some load development with my Berger 200.20X bullets using both N150 and N550. Needless to say the N550 produced much higher velocities for similar chamber pressures. Group sizes were promising with N550, slightly more so than N150. The only reason I didn’t continue with N550 is because of the concern about excessive chamber throat burning as I’m led to believe it’s similar to RS60 in this respect. However, from what you articulated about Steve Donaldson’s loads my concerns might be unfounded.
  14. Doesn’t the last sentence of Appendix 17 convey exactly what I said? And I’m not wrong about them being banned in F Class.

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