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  1. Advice on best solution and method for cleaning a Jewell trigger please. I’ve been told lighter fluid is good but that some brands can damage the mechanism.
  2. Hi.

    How about £450 and I’ll take it?




  3. Brillo

    Bolt lube

    It’s called TW25 extreme performance grease. It’s without doubt the best you’ll ever get.
  4. Brillo

    Wanted rear bag

    If Dan (Furrybean) doesn’t take it I’ll have please.
  5. Brillo

    New barrel breaking in

    That is just about the truest and most pragmatic comment about barrel break-in I’ve read. Give that man a gold star for injecting reality into the subject.
  6. Brillo

    Centre lathe recommendations

    My father-in-law has a Colchester Trophy with all the bits and bobs. He’s just turned 90 years of age and I’ve finally convinced him that it’s time for tge lathe to go to a new home. He’s been a machinist all his life and carried on with private work after he retired but the lathe doesn’t get the use that justifies its existence. If you’re interested please PM me. Father-in-law lives in Gloucester so not far from you to take a look at the lathe.
  7. Brillo

    Terminal velocity

    I’ve shot the SMK 190s out if my (now sold) Sako TRG22. They reached 1000 yards ok but the accuracy wasn’t there. I put that down to tge 26”barrel limitations. It’s a great bullet to tune. As VarmLR says they are very jump and transonic tolerant but they have the BC of a nail. Because of this I didn’t know any F TR or F Open guys who use them. Some of us are having success with the newer 195 TMK but even that doesn’t have a good BC compared to most 200 grain bullets. Having said that, the 190 SMK is still popular with some Match Rifle ( MR ) shooters but they push them hard. They need at least a 1:11 twist barrel though.
  8. Brillo

    NRA RCO Handloading Rule

    I fully agree with Dave T and Artiglio. I can’t see how this can be verified other than the “three rounds” bit. But how can certification be verified? It was suggested by the guy who told me about this new rule that signing Quickload data would satisfy the requirement but that’s difficult to verify l
  9. I was recently informed of the new rule in the 2019 NRA RCO manual on page 1 of the Introduction which is copied directly as follows: 5. Shooters who hand load their own ammunition must provide certification that their ammunition was prepared in strict accordance with accredited published loading manuals and must ensure that the Muzzle Energy (ME) value is within the permitted limits. They must be prepared to provide samples of their ammunition for chronographic analysis. Any thoughts or comments please. How is this workable and how are we hand loaders expected to comply with this rule?
  10. Brillo

    Rear bag bases - still permitted?

    Hi Craig, I know about the discussion on the GBFCA Facebook group. I started it it based on your OP. Glad the discussion helped.😀 Mark
  11. Brillo

    Rear bag bases - still permitted?

    Where did you hear or read the rumour? ICFRA rule F2.9 states that plates under rear bags are permitted but that they must be flat and without levelling screws.
  12. Brillo

    Moly Coated Bullets (Why)

    Thanks Dave. I’ll message you.
  13. Brillo

    Moly Coated Bullets (Why)

    I forgot to ask, from where do I purchase boron?
  14. Brillo

    Moly Coated Bullets (Why)

    Very interesting comments on Boron treatment and I confess that I’d never heard of it until I asked the question about moly coating. So, how is is boron applied to the barrel and bullets, and does a barrel require frequent treatment or is it a one-off?
  15. I have a few queries about moly coated bullets. What are the advantages and disadvantages? Does their use increase or decrease barrel life of not make any difference? I’m told they increase bullet velocity but then also told they require more propellant because they cause reduced pressure due to the extra slip. This sounds contradictory. I’m told that once you start using them that you can’t use non moly coated bullets in the same barrel. Wouldn’t normal cleaning remove any coating from the barrel?

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