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  1. Brillo


    What brand is that Nick? I have two Mountain Warehouse stores near me and none of the clothing is gortex.
  2. Try F Class and compete against the best of the best and that will keep your interest up - guaranteed
  3. Brillo

    Bullet seating, are we doing it wrong?

    At the end of the day it’s all relative. What ever method you use , it makes no real world difference if your measurement is a few thou different between methods as long as you always use the same method every time. When you find the jump that works for you, what difference does the measurement make. Once I’ve got my particular load tuned I record my a Redding Competition seating die setting and that’s it done.
  4. Brillo

    Bullet seating, are we doing it wrong?

    Take a case, that’s been fired a couple of times in that’s been fired a couple of times in that chamber, to a gunsmith or anyone with a lathe, and get it modified for the tool you use. You could send the case to HPS. They do it regularly. Because that case is fully headspaced against the shoulder all your measurements will be spot on from then on. I suggest the best and only really accurate way to measure your COAL and BTCO fir any bullet is to use the empty bolt method. Remove the firing pin, roughly seat the bullet too long and try to close the bolt. Keep doing this in 2 thou intervals until eventually the bolt handle drops without assistance. That’s your dead accurate measurement. There’s a YouTube video showing how it’s done if you care to search for it.
  5. Brillo

    General purpose target rifle.

    As I mentioned in my previous post, if you think you might venture in to F Class, FTR you need to be thinking of 308. Again, if you are going to shoot on Stickledown you need to be thinking of a 30” barrel. You mentioned a preference for a wood laminate stock. I know of something that might shake your rocks. If you’re interested PM me you email address and I’ll send you further details.
  6. Brillo

    Inside of brass neck to clean

    I’ve been using dry lube and a neck mandrel for years, although I doubt if there’s any lube left after the mandrel has been in and out of the neck.
  7. Brillo

    Inside of brass neck to clean

    Cleaning cases? What’s that?😇
  8. Brillo

    Hornady A tip bullets

    A their current market price load development would be painful 😳
  9. Brillo

    Ladder V's OCW: Which works best for you?

    I shoot several 3-round groups, going up in 0.2 grain intervals, starting with one that give pMax of 56,000 psi, up to maximum pressure predicted by Quickload. Before I hear a lot if sucking of breath and “ tut, tut you can’t trust Quickload,” let me confirm that I have successfully tweeted the parameters of all the powders I’ve used, for barrel twists from 1:8 to 1:12 based on observations and measurements over a lot of rounds shot, and I mean a lot. Using my calculations and Optimum Barrel Times I can generally get to a node quite quickly and I’ve found, again through experience, that 56,000 psi is a known good starting point. Just by way of experiment I tried ladder testing but the POIs are too close at 200 yards to give good results (200 yds is my home range max distance).
  10. You beat me by one minute 😳
  11. Brillo

    Phoenix Bipod

    As per the title, I’m looking for a Phoenix bipod, preferably with the lowering kit fitted. I’m in no doubt that this request will cause great mirth so at i will have brightened many members day.
  12. Paul, You can get a bipod for it from Sporting Services. Also, there’s a nice Fortmier bipod on here that will fit the rifle. Mark
  13. You have Pat. It says £1850 in the write up.
  14. Brillo

    Posting a barrel too Latvia..

    Take it to HPS. They will ship to an RFD in Latvia. They do that on a regular basis.

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