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  1. Brillo

    General purpose target rifle.

    Be mindful of the fact that if you decide to venture into F TR, as you intimated, you are limited to .223 and .308. Not many shoot the former these days, so you need a good 308 rig.
  2. Contact HPS-TR at Newent, Gloucestershire ( they are currently at Bisley for the Imperial Meeting). They make a Delrin block to fit an Anschutz rail. Also look on the Shooting Shed website. Dave B makes a beautiful stainless steel one. I have one. If I can quickly locate it I’ll post a photo for you.
  3. I’ll take the lot for £44 per tub.
  4. Brillo

    Full Length Bushing Die 6.5x47L

    I’m looking for a 6.5x47L full length bushing die preferably a Redding.
  5. Brillo

    NRA RCO Handloading Rule

    Just playing devils advocate, is the NRA LabRadar calibrated?
  6. Brillo

    Quickload update

    The RS powders are no different from the download available on the RS website.
  7. Brillo

    F Open Stock for Barnard P

    HPS-TR have very nice System Gemini stock just come in. It’s a beauty.
  8. FWIW, I am the lucky owner of both, until my 47 sells on here. A few replies have already correctly stated how accurate the 6.5x47 is and I FAC confirm that. I’ve found it almost insanely accurate. In my experience it’s best with 120/123 grain bullets and IMHO these aren’t really suitable for 1000 yards. Where the Creedmoor scores (no pun intended) is the ease with which it shoots at longer ranges. I have a Creedmoor smithed by Baldy and it just walks 900 and 1000 yards. I’ve not tried it against 7mm canons but that’s not what it was made for.
  9. Michal, I suggest giving HPS-TR a call. Matt regularly ships to mainland Europe.
  10. Brillo

    Specifying my first custom FTR rifle

    Another key point about the stock is to go for standard F TR forend. A friend reminded me about this. Many of us have found that the long forend is prone to torquing and the shorter one avoids this.

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