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    Fishing, shooting, photography, grandchildren and recovering from my 70th birthday bash.
  1. Scenar 155 and Swiss Reload

    Hi, Vince 1961 and No I deer are both correct. I’ve found RS50 works best with the Scenar 155, but I use RS52 fir my other F TR loads.
  2. Scenar 155 and Swiss Reload

    Yes. 46.8 grains. The Lapua 155 bullet is a cracker but IMHO you need a long throat to get the best out of them.
  3. Custom 6.5x47

    Photos of my Lawton 6.5x47 sent.
  4. Rifle Cleaning

    Wipe-out with accelerator. Nothing beats it. Fir copper only the best of all is Sweets 7.62 but be mindful of the instructions.
  5. Baldie’s charge for a supplied and fitted firing pin spring is a bargain in my book.
  6. Separated case head remover

    Plus one on terry’s method. It works every time.
  7. I have a spare new SA spring. I’ll try to locate it.
  8. 180gn 7mm berger VLD freebore

    How is freebore measured?
  9. 284w dies

    A mate of mine on here, Chris M, is giving up F Class and has a set of Redding Type S .284 dies. I’m seeing him tomorrow so I’ll point him in your direction.
  10. Wanted: H4350 Powder

    Don’t tell me you have some Dave?
  11. Lapua 308 brass

    Justin Credible on here does them for me. Give him a pm.
  12. AI AT Build

    I have a Nightforce Competition on my F TR rifle and a 8-32x56 NXS on my AI AW. Both are pretty much perfect. If I was starting from scratch I’d look it the ATACR https://www.opticswarehouse.co.uk/product/nightforce-atacr-5-25x56-f1-riflescope/
  13. Seating Depth Rule of Thumb

    Bullet seating depth is discussed almost as much as barrel cleaning and, the old carrot, barrel break-in. I have to confess I don’t understand why (other than usable case capacity) bullet depth makes a difference to accuracy. I am lead to believe that it is all to do with optimal barrel time (OBT) and it’s relationship with barrel harmonics. Modelling this with OBT software and QuickLoad predictions bear this out to some degree. But, as those of us who use QuickLoad have discovered, some of the QL predictions are somewhat erroneous and can’t always be relied on. Also, like a many others, I’ve found that secant ogive bullets much more sensitive to seating depth than tangent ogive bullets. This in itself would suggest that it’s nothing to do with OBT. It would be interesting to hear a definitive answer to this.
  14. AI AT Build

    Benny, the S&B scopes are very nice, and also robust. However, the downside is their warranty, which is only 2 years. Nightforce are as good, if not better IMHO and the warranty is superb.

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