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  1. exmarksman9870

    MAE T series 30 compact bushles 5/8 thread...

    Looking for the above in matt black cash waiting..cheers
  2. One and only price drop..... £125 for moderator..... BARGAIN. cover now sold....
  3. Cracking set up.....whats your best price for the cover -
  4. Wildcat pred 8 30cal....Very good condition about 100 shots only....Can sell with the praesidia mirage cover....£150 without cover.....£175 with cover......RFD or face to face... scot borders north northumberland
  5. exmarksman9870

    Rcbs or redding .243 neck and seating dies

    Looking for the above..cheers
  6. exmarksman9870

    mdt lss xl black rh rem700 sa

    still looking...any one know of any knew i stock in the uk?
  7. if you dont shift it i will take the chassis but dont need the other bits -...cash waiting
  8. exmarksman9870

    mdt lss xl black rh rem700 sa

  9. exmarksman9870

    tripod..night stalker etc with ball head

  10. exmarksman9870

    tripod..night stalker etc with ball head

    looking for a tripod with a good ball head to hold a heavy ish long..will be using an arca swiss rail mount..
  11. Anyone supply these specific tripods in the uk ...also looking for a good qd set up for mdt lss xl gen 2 chassis to fit to it..not wanting hog saddle
  12. what nv -..i use this scope...its a cracking optic

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