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  1. mdt lss xl

    hi troops..who stocks the mdt line ... looking for a lss xl for a rem 700 sa.. will put a magpul prs butt on it also..
  2. mdt lss xl

    looking forthe above in black rem 700 SA
  3. AW .308 folder

    yes when you search for AI in guntrader why do rem 700s with AICS pop up... what i ment was that i looked for an AI AW for ages but no luck..so i just got rem700 actions and aics...
  4. sierra tipped match kings 30 cal x36 £16 posted
  5. £20.00 posted The AICS Thumbhole Upgrade Kit now allows the shooter the option to switch between this upgraded thumbhole version or the original pistol grip. These stock side thumbhole grip upgrade kits for the 2014 AT Chassis are a great way to add versatility to your system. The AT chassis thumbhole grip allows for comfortable hand placement for that precise shot.
  6. WANTED MAG KIT FOR REM 700 S/A .223

    yes the the lugs on my stock that are for foward pressure are removed now... shoots very good with 70grn bk ....i use my .222 for nv standard t3 box mag etc
  7. WANTED MAG KIT FOR REM 700 S/A .223

    i had problems feeding my rem 700 dm in a grs beserk then i had problems with a rem 700 lvsf that is a blind mag ... converted it to a bdl floorplate then fitted to a beserk and still had problems ...i now have no beserk stocks..and the lvsf is back in its original stock after free floating the barrel I'm now about .4 moa ..
  8. atlas bipod cleat feet

    hi troops,,,,,,,, looking for the cleat feet to fit to my atlas bipod,,any one have a pair? cheers
  9. china atlas bipods

    i have an atlas they are solid would i buy again yes,, i may buy a copy just to see how it holds up,,,,
  10. rs50...175gn tmk update

    will go further up the ladder as i only loaded to 44gn..see if i can find it ...as i want it as fast as i can get it
  11. rs50...175gn tmk update

    i will have this as a 1 hole group if it kills me lol

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