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  1. Matone

    Do I HMR or not.

    Find all of the negative reports at odds with my own,and others,experience with the HMR.Of six that I`ve known in use for several years ,all are highly praised by there users .They are all used as working tools ,and have accounted for thousands of head of vermin collectively ! My own example would be the last rifle that I would part with.
  2. Have above rifle for sale in excellent condition,threaded & proofed,circa 500 rounds fired. Wildcat Predator mod included ,proofed .223 & 22lr ,circa 200 rounds through it. 1" rings also. £750 ono. N E England.
  3. Matone

    hawke optics

    Have a 3-10x Mildot that I used for a good while on my Hmr without issue.Good value for what it is.
  4. They feed on young pine trees damaging them ! The FC valued trees more than wildlife .
  5. I`m lucky enough to have seen caper at a leck on Speyside.Fantastic to see them close,it`s amazing how they can fly through woodland ,given their size!
  6. Great idea ! Didn`t know such things existed,how long will they run a router for ?
  7. Matone

    Ze perfect foxing rifle

    100% safe ?
  8. The Timney conversion brings out the best in CZ`s.I tried one of the shim/spring kits 1st but the Timney is the biz.
  9. Matone

    The road to accuracy.

    Most people I listen to banging on about accuracy never seem to factor in their own ability and consistency. As others have rightly said ,it`s the nut behind the butt that is the greatest factor !
  10. Matone

    France Today

    I thought the lesson was learnt with the Iranian Embassy assault,surely Joe Public doesn`t need to be given live coverage of stuff like this.
  11. Matone

    France Today

    The next ones that need sorting are the media,they are giving away life threatening info in these incidents,such as telling the world about the `hostage` in the factory ,who was actually hiding from the other two ! Just luck for him that they didn`t hear it .
  12. Matone

    France Today

    Don`t think you can have a league for SF people,they`re all special individuals in my book !
  13. You`ll love your .204 I think ! You`ll also find things are a lot harder to hit at 400 yds than 200 ,no matter what you throw at them. Enjoy.

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