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  1. caerhays sniper

    Rifle torch, which one?

    Sniper hog are worth a look
  2. Wouldn’t be disappointed I have had 2 from one hole in the past. Top man to deal with.
  3. caerhays sniper

    Nightforce Nxs

    It’s already sold and bit more than my budget
  4. caerhays sniper

    Nightforce Nxs

    Considering another of these for 1 of my centre fires if anyone has one sat around not in use at the moment. Cheers Jim
  5. Hi Sam I will PM you my email
  6. caerhays sniper

    Fox pro

    The estate have just ordered one of these for me. I know a friend who has also just got the “shockwave” caller and had 5 foxes this week with it.
  7. caerhays sniper

    Rem 700 s/a bottom metal

    Cheers Shaun
  8. caerhays sniper

    Rem 700 s/a bottom metal

    Would be interested in a look at these but don’t want to get in the way of MrAustins post. My mail is Jim.andrews30@yahoo.co.uk
  9. caerhays sniper

    Rem 700 s/a bottom metal

    Currently using a floor plate on my 3 700s. Would be interested in the PTG when you sell
  10. Optics warehouse have them back in stock now. Ordered mine this morning
  11. caerhays sniper

    6.5mm varmint bullet choice

    Currently using the 120 amax in my 6.5 Creedmoor but have also used the 95s Vmax, and used the 129sst in my 260 when I had it. I might go to the 129sst when my amax run out.
  12. Would also be interested was going to get the Khales but seems there is already a 2/3 month wait on orders
  13. Out of interest what Bullets and speed was you getting from it?
  14. Can you post pictures? Cheers
  15. caerhays sniper

    Hornady bulletts

    I have about 80 here in a box

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