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  1. Same problem with my iPhone app. Even with the Labrador and phone sat right next to each other, the Bluetooth connection kept dropping.
  2. Well, that was a long day ?
  3. no worries thanks for replying and good luck with the sale.
  4. Would you be interested in a Vortex Diamondbacks straight scope ver close to as new condition?
  5. BobSki

    Brass shrinkage!

    Yes they do still chamber nicely Al. I’ll do as you suggest. Thanks guys.
  6. BobSki

    Brass shrinkage!

    OK, so I have just measured all 100 cases. Case Lengths vary between 2.0005” and 2.0065” so a 0.006” variation in case length. Shoulder Bump (using Shooting shed gauges) shows the great majority are now 1.6240” but they do vary between 1.6235 to 1.6265 so a variation of 0.003” Should I full length re size them all and trim to a more uniform length, or accept the variations and check them all again after a second firing? OR should I trim them all to match the shortest at 2.0005” which may well be below the SAAMI minimum case length? And leave the shoulders alone?
  7. BobSki

    Brass shrinkage!

    Yeah, I expected them to “blow out” to fit the chamber but not get “sucked in” LOL. They fit in the chamber with no problems, very easy bolt closure on them (cases no bullets) I wasn’t going to full size them but I guess I’ll have to. First though, I’ll measure the shoulders and see how they compare to original.
  8. BobSki

    Brass shrinkage!

  9. BobSki

    Brass shrinkage!

    Neither have I
  10. BobSki

    Brass shrinkage!

    LOL yes and it’s a small world. I am called Bob and I was born in ‘57
  11. BobSki

    Brass shrinkage!

    OK, I didn’t expect that.!? I bought 100 brand new Lapua brass for .308 Winchester. Before anything I weighed and measured them all. They were all around 2.008” and within 1 grain in weight. I fired them all in my new Dolphin F-Class rifle. I used 185gr bullets of 2 types. 50 were Berger Juggernaughts and another 50 were Lapua scenars. I used 40.5 grains of N150 and Murom primers. Today I deprimed them all and washed them in my ultrasonic cleaner, then measured a handful of them. They had SHRUNK! Some were 2.0015” some were 2.002” and some were 2.003” How on earth could they shrink on being fire-formed to my new chamber?
  12. BobSki

    Whidden Gunworks click adjustable FLS dies

    oh bugger, I thought you were going to say somewhere local to the UK LOL
  13. BobSki

    Whidden Gunworks click adjustable FLS dies

    Dave where did you get yours from please?
  14. BobSki

    How do You prep Your brass? UKV survey.

    1. Ultrasound clean (gets crud out of neck and case 2. When dry de prime 3. F/L resize 4. check length (trim to 51.0mm / 2.008”) if required 5. If trimmed, chamfer and deburr 6. Ultrasound clean (more crap out of case also cleans primer pocket and gets lube off) 7. Finish clean primer pocket with K&M cutter NOTE TO SELF - must try to afford annealing machine ? This would then be done between step 2 & 3 above

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