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  1. BobSki

    GB FCLASS Web site

    Ah, thanks Brillo
  2. BobSki

    GB FCLASS Web site

    Are any of you having trouble getting onto the GB F-Class Web site? I have been unable to get my Web browser (Windows and iPad) to bring it up. All the best Bob
  3. BobSki

    case neck run-out

    Hi Webby, yes, I suppose that is the only real way to see where it's coming from. Next time I shoot/reload, I'll check it before going anywhere near my press with the shot cases.
  4. BobSki

    case neck run-out

    Hi all, I have a mini lathe which I have started to use for some of the case prep process. Since using the lathe, I have noticed that quite a few (but not all) of my cases show a noticeable run-out at the neck. I am currently using a (quite old) RCBS 5 press which I obtained second-hand coupled with Redding dies (deluxe set for my 308 and competition set for my .260 Rem) Do you guys have any suggestions why my cases would show neck run-out and in which part of the reloading process this might be induced? Also, given the details of my kit, would I remove this issue by upgrading my press to a Forster or other top-end press? Kind Regards Bob
  5. GunnerOne, PM replied to. I have promised to hold the scope for someone until he gets back from his holiday, so currently the scope is provisionally sold pending payment. If in the event the deal is not completed, YOU will have the next option to purchase should you still need one. I'll let you know one way or the other when the current interested party returns from his hols.
  6. Where do you obtain a SEB Joypod from?
  7. Cheshirelad has gone quiet again with no deal concluded so this is still available folks. It is now also advertised elsewhere.
  8. Well, I've heard nothing at all from Cheshirelad since his first enquiry, so still available folks.
  9. Enquiry via PM - Mike, Collection is possible. Cash on collection or bank transfer are fine. PM replied to. All the best Bob
  10. I have for sale my S&B 5-25 x 56 PM II scope with a P4 Fine FFP reticle. Reticle and turrets in Mil Rad It is in superb condition and. Has been well looked after which I hope you can see in the photo's accessed via the link below. I have dropped the asking price to a mere £1750 plus postage at cost (tracked and insured up to £2000) These scopes sell for £2495, so this is a great saving for ascope that really is in as new condition. It includes everything you would receive with a new one even the box. Photo's HERE
  11. NEW PRICE offered. £1760 PLUS POSTAGE at cost. Or collect in person.
  12. BobSki

    Reload Swiss RS62 Where to buy???

    Sorry duplicated the post
  13. BobSki

    Reload Swiss RS62 Where to buy???

    Many thanks for your replies gentlemen, they are very much appreciated. Laurie, thanks for the heads-up on using RS62 in a .308. I'll give that idea a miss then :-) I might try the RS62 in my .260 Rem, I'll have to think about that. From what you and Extrema have said, it's probably not the best suited to the task. I have been using Viht N150 & N540 for my .308 and N160 for my .260, perhaps I should stay with those. Cheers guys and many thanks Bob
  14. If I go down to £1800 you would have to come and collect it and the money would have to be either Bank Transfer with cleared funds before it left my grubby hands or cash on collection. If collecting it, I am at Daventry, Leicester & District small-bore club Groby, And Bisley between 11th and 20th August

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