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  1. BobSki

    Whidden Gunworks click adjustable FLS dies

    oh bugger, I thought you were going to say somewhere local to the UK LOL
  2. BobSki

    Whidden Gunworks click adjustable FLS dies

    Dave where did you get yours from please?
  3. BobSki

    How do You prep Your brass? UKV survey.

    1. Ultrasound clean (gets crud out of neck and case 2. When dry de prime 3. F/L resize 4. check length (trim to 51.0mm / 2.008”) if required 5. If trimmed, chamfer and deburr 6. Ultrasound clean (more crap out of case also cleans primer pocket and gets lube off) 7. Finish clean primer pocket with K&M cutter NOTE TO SELF - must try to afford annealing machine 😀 This would then be done between step 2 & 3 above
  4. BobSki

    Praise for Northants FLO team

    Had a similar experience with Northants in August just before Bisley small-bore week. On the Tuesday I phoned Northants FLO to check that they would swap an unused 44 magnum slot for another .308/762 slot under a 1 for 1 and was told yes. Explained that I didn’t want to lose my FAC as I was off to Bisley on the Friday and needed to buy 5000 rounds of .22LR. Was told to bring my FAC and variation form to the office where they would copy the FAC and return my cert. I went straight to the office on the Tuesday afternoon. Everything was done and went home to wait for Bridget to sign off on the job and print my new ticket. Thursday...just two days and I got a call to collect my new FAC. Brilliant Job. I sent Bridget (flo manager) a congratulatory email expressing my gratitude for a superb service by her and her staff.
  5. BobSki

    Barrel conditioning

    Looking forward to it buddy 😀
  6. BobSki

    Barrel conditioning

    Hi Brillo, Yes, the new Mik Mak build was more to my liking. I had to compromise on the stock though, as I love wooden stocks and would have gone for a Joe West oiled and polished but that was another £700 on top and I couldn’t afford that. I had originally ordered the Dolphin FTR stock with the LONG front end, the one with 5 slots along it However, when I collected the rifle, it was in the SHORT stock (only 3 slots). When I asked Mik why, he said the longer front ends were not stable enough. So, Ok, I settled for the short version. I’m sure it will be fine. I will be at Bisley on the 9th getting ready for the Police UK championships which will run until 15th. I hope to watch some of the team F-Class match on the Sunday Morning. I was thinking of using the HBC 155 bullet for 3,5 and 600yds and a 178gr Berger or SMK/TMK for the longer ranges. Your offer of lending me a bipod is lovely thank you and I would very much appreciate that. All the best Bob
  7. BobSki

    Barrel conditioning

    Well, could do that too, or, if I don’t sell my accuracy international AX, use the other stuff in that and get/start out with what I intend to shoot with in the F-Class rifle.
  8. BobSki

    Barrel conditioning

    Hehe, the good lord hasn’t seen me shoot 😀😀
  9. BobSki

    Barrel conditioning

    LOL Your not the first to say that Mark 😄 but the Bartlein folks do suggest it ought to be done. But, then again, I suppose they would, wouldn’t they. LOL The other problem I have is that I don’t have a bipod for it. I have a joypod on order but that’s not going to be available until October 😟 I could sort out a back bag easily enough. Bloody typical really. I ordered the Gun and Mick got it sorted in just ove a week. I put in my variation and Northants Police got it turned round in 2 days, everything was going so well, then it came to ordering the bipod for it and I have to wait 2 bloody months 😳 so getting to shoot the thing is becoming frustrating LOL
  10. BobSki

    Barrel conditioning

    Yes, could do that too, which I suppose would make more sense. I have quite a bit of Vihtavuori N150 and some HBC 155gr bullets which I will shoot for a while, then, depending on what I learn in the next few months and at the F-Class course Mick is running in Feb next year, will probably change to RS powder and something like Sierra MK or TMK bullets. Because of the impending change of powder/projectile I thought I might as well use up some of the crap bullets and powder on the running in process.
  11. BobSki

    Barrel conditioning

    Hi guys, I have a new rifle with 32” Bartlein SS barrel. I have a small amount of Vihtavuori N560 and some old prvipartizan 168 gr HPBT. I don’t intend to use either the bullets or powder for regular shooting BUT I was wondering if I could shoot them off during the shoot 1 clean 1 etc. Barrel conditioning routine. What say you?
  12. BobSki

    GB FCLASS Web site

    Ah, thanks Brillo
  13. BobSki

    GB FCLASS Web site

    Are any of you having trouble getting onto the GB F-Class Web site? I have been unable to get my Web browser (Windows and iPad) to bring it up. All the best Bob
  14. BobSki

    case neck run-out

    Hi Webby, yes, I suppose that is the only real way to see where it's coming from. Next time I shoot/reload, I'll check it before going anywhere near my press with the shot cases.

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