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  1. snakeman

    Browning x bolt.

    Brief synopsis Trigger most definitely does not do what is says on the tin - IMHO, it is way too heavy for my taste Dura-touch stock (if that's the config you're contemplating?) ...is very nice indeed, although CZ also produce the soft touch stock in similar price bracket and IMHO is a far superior rifle. Although, if you're of the mindset on the range 'don't care how it shoots, as long as it's aesthetically pleasing', it may suit . However, if you hunt the probability of scaggs/scratches increases, and therefore won't suit (if you like the rifle to still look nice) Best feature of all is without doubt position of safety - perfectly placed and something most, if not all, manufacturers should consider Are they accurate? - reload (roll a good cigarette and you'll get a good smoke) Of more important concern is you're "still looking for a new rifle for over a year"? ..I hear golf is quite a popular 👍 ATB
  2. snakeman


    4-poster bed that'll fit in the tent, ...then, with accelerated urgency, find the exit of that hellhole of a campground as soon I wake up 👉
  3. snakeman

    Tikka tourque setting

    Bob, check this vid https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WZH_7GzMFSk ATB
  4. snakeman

    Sierra 155gr TMK for mid/long range?

    Exemplary information - cheers Laurie ATB
  5. snakeman

    Sierra 155gr TMK for mid/long range?

    Do a search on this site Michal...You will find more posts than you can read in one night relating to the 175g SMK.... From personal experience, both the bullets you mention are indeed pretty much "perfect" for mid-range (800yds) out of a 1/11" twist. Persevere and work up a load carefully, and you won't really need anything else - trouble with us lot is we like to tinker and experiment to find the 'Holy-Grail' Only thing I'd wise you up on is the shank on the 155TMK is long to ogive - I find awareness of ogive depth is imperative on this bullet, particularly if you're going to be seating to the standard .308cal of 2.800 (as an e.g for you....my COAL of the 155TMK is: 2.995)....BUT, others will indeed vary Your own reloading rules apply ATB
  6. I reached the time when a 2lb trigger became way too heavy for me on the range when trying to hold for ¾" target spots at 100yds and 200yds and 2" spots at 300yds and 400yds..... However, 2.5lb suits me nicely in the field when hunting, but that's a whole different application. In itself the trigger as a component, and the manner in which the trigger functions, will not determine a rifle's accuracy - that, will be determined by a whole bunch of other things, none moreso than the person taking aim. You either like the set-trigger, or you don't... Personally, I wouldn't be without it these days for target practice and I find it an essential asset to my (target) shooting. For me, it makes economical sense too; a trigger that's able to be set at between 7/9oz already installed on the rifle, rather than forking out stupid money for a 'designer' trigger, and then additional outlay for a competent Smith to install it that in all probability will not further enhance what a 7/9oz can offer me. Use the set option if you wish, or use the standard option if you prefer it that way too. But ultimately, what's not to enjoy about having the option of using it set and/or standard, and enjoying the best of both worlds? ATB
  7. Yeah, thought so....interesting too ATB
  8. Your problem has been discussed on here before. Do a search for the thread. IIRC it was a long and detailed thread and an excellent thread at that....... (onehole, was you active in that thread?).... With respect Michal, a centrefire rifle is a whole new ballgame compared to a .22lr. Testing by dry firing or not, best clamp your rifle and secure scope to correct torque to check. If there is a fault with the scope or, if you think the trigger is at fault. I would be inclined to think it will not be because of when you have the trigger in the set option, as it will act in exactly the same way as when using it in its standard option, in relation to scope interference. ATB
  9. Phone your dept. Give your name or ticket number and give the name of the land or farm to which you are invited. I would have no doubt that any of the personnel, apart perhaps from the 'receptionist,' would be able to advise you whether the land is cleared. Come to think of it though, even then, if she's as knowledgeable as the woman on the reception at my Doctor's surgery, she'd be able to tell you too! .. 👍
  10. Just because it has a set-trigger does not in any way make the rifle shoot tighter groups - it will come down to you, the shooter, to adjust and control your shooting; control your breathing, position and, as importantly, your trigger pull ..etc etc......(I'm assuming you're already aware of that though) I can only try to describe the 'movement'??.. of the set-trigger on my T3X It slips in to the set position with unmistakable tangibility - you hear the soft sound of the 'click', and feel it, with no 'jerk' or sound of the trigger spring. It is sweet, almost gentle and it feels like I'm caressing it to the set position.... (expand on your definition of 'jerk'??) ... Upon firing, there is no 'jerk' whatsoever, with no sideways movement or slackness, and when it breaks it's like tapping very fine glass, every time... And, you will achieve exactly the same results when you're not using the set option, as you will when you are using it - it's 8oz of beauty, enjoy it If you're in doubt take to a qualified Smith .....(or stop imagining things ATB
  11. snakeman

    Speccing CZ527 for Target shooting

    Yes, ...great optics and build, tracking, parallax, is spot-on (on mine)...and one of the best VFM scopes out there.... and if you can get one second-hand, even better. .....Got three Meopta's (1 Meostar & 2 Meopro's) and wouldn't part with any - suppose the Meopta glass appeals to my eye more than, or as good as anything, top, top-end))......However I would find the BDC reticle is a little too thick for 300yds but, that is also dependant on your target size Lens is exactly the same in both the Meostar & Meopro as confirmed by Meopta themselves. Difference in model price is down to attention of quality control and of internal mechanisms Never had a problem with any of them ATB
  12. snakeman

    lenth or powder

    Powder charge first....(initially yes, in 0.5 increments) .......Then, fine tune the load by reducing the increments to 0.2g or 0.3g...... Once the load has been determined, and depending on what design/bullet you use, you'll more than likely won't bother to faff around measuring +/- to or from the lands ATB
  13. snakeman

    EU Beginner load development - 6.5creedmoor

    + 1.. all of the above... sage advice
  14. snakeman

    New .243 load help

    Same bullet as OP Replace your powder if you're hunting deer because N140 is unlikely to give you the 1,700 pounds energy as the legal prerequisite out of your 20" barrel. Ramshot Hunter will, just about, with 43.6g....recoil is a tad spicy though.... by a long way the most suitable powder for my barrel I've used to date. Your own reloading rules apply ATB
  15. snakeman

    Accurizing Tikka T3x Varmint

    I wouldn't complain about those as your first group If you're not reloading, invest in some 'Federal GMM' - best factory ammo that I found bar none..... BUT..... If you are reloading, do like the rest of us did and develop a load 👍 ATB

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