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  1. Wrong - above stock image is the 455......(barrel length is 20.5" akin to the 455.... and nowhere near 24" which is what the 527 comes in - magazine is another giveaway being significantly smaller; totally different to the 527 mag even in .17 hornet....(unless it has the 'M' conversion kit.. or 3rd mag feed which is unlikely being a stock image) https://www.czub.cz/en/produkty/malorazky.html?pazba=31
  2. British Shooting Show - No Dogs

    And took home a Hyena
  4. cz 527 COL

    In my experience with these rifles virtually no absolute COAL measurement was required. They shot just about anything they were fed with ease, within the standard .223 seating parameters I'd say you'd be better off practising with what you deem it to shoot best with, rather than unnecessarily looking for a measurement that probably won't exist I found 24.5g of N140 under a 55g SBK pretty much from the off, and never looked back... If it helps in any way, the COAL in my 527 was '2.235'. I have no idea what the B/O measurement was, or of ogive to lands measurement... blah blah... as I really didn't care to measure because I knew I would not have been able to make any further improvement than 0.5moa at 100yds with a consistent 5 shot group To me your 'measurements' seem dubious at best, so I'd check again... but then again, you know your rifle better than me ~shrugs~ ATB
  5. Muzzle breaks: .... Majority of shooters I know use one because of aesthetics - Boy racer in a sooped-up Saxo springs to mind... Antisocial awful things ....and unquestionably ruins the shooter's next to you day out... in any cartridge
  6. Asked the guy next to me once why he was using a break on his .223?.... His response - "I don't know really, but because I couldn't get the sliver one to match my barrel, I had to get the black one instead"
  7. Not an issue If you go down the ordering route you can request the 24" barrel to be factory threaded if you wish. ...All of the options will be available to you if you place an order. I'd also strongly recommend the single-set trigger, again only available as an option... Love 'em or hate 'em it's the sweetest set-trigger you'll pull and, will be huge bonus if you're shooting for groups... IMO significantly superior to my CZ 527 set-trigger As a gauge for you, from placing my order to the rifle delivered, took 7½ months ...(although I have known others to be 5 months) ATB
  8. My point exactly. In that what you didn't know didn't hurt, did it?.. (previous barrels) Another way to say it?.. 'ignorance is bliss'
  9. ???..Why this particular guy? Because of the kudos make(r)?...Why not 'the guy' working for Shillen or Truflite, or Sassen or Kreiger?...or a host of other barrel makers?...and yes, they're all very much like for like... Actually, that link is the instruction that I used when I did break-in my first new barrel. ..BUT, for the life of me, and while I believe it didn't do it any harm, in practical terms I cannot determine in any way how it improved on anything (inc easier cleaning) that the Model 70 I had could offer, which did not undergo the same rigorous break-in regime....Yes, I'm a big believer in barrel 'cleaning' for obvious reasons and always have been ..but barrel break-in?...C'mon guys, factual evidence please...Doubting Thomas here
  10. and so would I, bradders...so would I
  11. Al So could not someone do exactly the same as you after shooting let's say, 5 or 6 shots? Or pushing it, even 10 shots?..Granted it might take slightly longer to clean because of more fouling......If this is the case, then could not someone shoot 3 shots and take the rifle home and clean...then on the next outing, let's say shoot 5 shots and take home and clean..then on the next outing.........and so on.....I am sure you can see where this is going......
  12. Then I wonder if all the good gents, at all the proof houses, also follow cleaning procedures and clean those barrels after each test shot they fire? Failing to do so seems like closing barn door but horse already bolted.... for everyone deciding to commence their own break-in regime on the return of the rifle
  13. In all, and over the years, I've had a number of rifles. Four of them had been bought brand new. Like a sparkly-eyed whippersnapper on a Christmas morning, I went loaded with my gear and rifle off to the range to 'break-in' that first cherished rifle. I was meticulous, precisely following instructions off some well-informed website advising on the break-in process which would enable me to accurately hit a V-bull while shooting around a corner with one arm behind my back. If I recall correctly I put through 1 shot and clean, 2 shots and clean again, 3 shots and clean again ad-infinitum....up to 10 times. Then the exact meticulous procedure undertaken down to 5 times, cleaning after each shot fired. I also cleaned using a copper solvent a couple of times throughout both these regimes. Hey presto!..best shooting rifle on the range, perhaps? Took me a bag of patches; 1/4 bottle of boreshine; and a decidedly aching shoulder...oh, and nigh-on the whole bloody day. Back in the day, this was with a Rem 700, at the far end of the range on the first shooting bay, a decent sort of chap unloaded from his wagon a white cardboard box, opened it, and unwrapped a new T3 hunter (wood) stock with sporter-profile barrel. I watched him take out a portable cleaning station and he put in a bore-guide and ran 2 dry patches through the tube - that was it, nothing else. He then proceeded to shoot that rifle for the next couple of hours, then with a smile, put the rifle in a gunslip and off he went. I was (I think) on my eleventh relay of cleaning my barrel, still meticulous and enduring what I had read about barrel break-in procedures on this wonderful thing called the internet - each to their own I thought. As a result of what I thought was a perfect demonstration of being able to follow precise 'break-in' instructions, I did indeed have a very accurate rifle as evidenced after yet another thorough cleaning when I returned home, and then by printing a precise first shot on the very next outing at the range My second newly bought rifle (Win model 70).. wasn't so 'fortunate' to receive the afore mentioned rigid break-in treatment. I was rushing out the house and forgot the cleaning products that would help make my new model 70 shoot around corners. Me, being me, could not wait to put a shot through the barrel. I chanced the next shot without cleaning, and the next, again without cleaning, and the same again for 30 rounds. Dismayed, with that 'sinking' feeling I left the range absolutely convinced my new barrel was ruined because of my own impatience of wanting to shoot, but not being able to clean the barrel as I had done with the previous new rifle. On my next outing with that same second rifle, much to my delight there was no difference whatsoever in the accuracy; the lands in the barrel could not have melted and the grooves must have been still grooves. The throat still had its tonsils and the rifling down the tube was still spiral. I kept that rifle for over three years and it shot as good on the day I sold it, as the day it was bought new - one of those I wish I'd kept Apologies for the long-winded post, but the time it's taking you to read this, you now have some kind of understanding of I how felt when going through what I went through when laboriously undertaking such a tedious, boring, and time consuming pointless waste of precious shooting time In my practical experience, 'barrel break-in' made no difference whatsoever on the first new rifle compared to the second new rifle. The subsequent 2 rifles I had from new (which I still have) had the same treatment as the second rifle above - they shoot as good as they always have You will hear all kinds of well intentioned advice like the one on 'tooling', when the barrel was made and the tooling marks have to be 'flattened' out ...Hmmm Whatever the well-intentioned info, and I'm sure it is ...... it hasn't made a blind bit of difference to any of the new barrels I've used ATB
  14. Log in

    brown dog Can admin activate the below option in the notifications settings please?...Why has the admin blocked this? "Someone comments on something I follow" Cheers
  15. 308 175 gr bullet makes which works best

    The 175g SMK is proven bullet out to 7/800yds.... B/O measurement is: 2.120 ...This gives me a COAL of 2.865 which is 60thou off the lands. I started load development at 38.5g and worked up to 42.0g (of N150) Had no reason to load higher charge due to it being fired out to only 500yds max - reverted to 40.6g of N150 and is spot on at 2472fps This was out of 1/11" twist and 24" Tikka Your own reloading rules apply ATB

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