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  1. snakeman

    lenth or powder

    Powder charge first....(initially yes, in 0.5 increments) .......Then, fine tune the load by reducing the increments to 0.2g or 0.3g...... Once the load has been determined, and depending on what design/bullet you use, you'll more than likely won't bother to faff around measuring +/- to or from the lands ATB
  2. snakeman

    EU Beginner load development - 6.5creedmoor

    + 1.. all of the above... sage advice
  3. snakeman

    New .243 load help

    Same bullet as OP Replace your powder if you're hunting deer because N140 is unlikely to give you the 1,700 pounds energy as the legal prerequisite out of your 20" barrel. Ramshot Hunter will, just about, with 43.6g....recoil is a tad spicy though.... by a long way the most suitable powder for my barrel I've used to date. Your own reloading rules apply ATB
  4. snakeman

    Accurizing Tikka T3x Varmint

    I wouldn't complain about those as your first group If you're not reloading, invest in some 'Federal GMM' - best factory ammo that I found bar none..... BUT..... If you are reloading, do like the rest of us did and develop a load 👍 ATB
  5. snakeman

    243 powder

    Colin I too really struggled with the .243 to attain consistent groups. Although I was not being overly conscious on every individual powder and bullet I tried, or nor was I meticulous in my load development as when developing loads for other calibres, I simply didn't want to overheat the barrel or give it unnecessary wear. If I'm honest I put it down to the T3 lite being too light, for it to achieve what I wanted out of it. I blamed powder, bullet, rifle, primer, wind, people firing next to me with muzzle-breaks, and everything else in-between, except myself .. In the end I managed to get it to shoot hole-on-hole with Hunter, but it wasn't without frustrations - I found the .243 the most finicky cartridge I've developed a load for, period. Good luck and take time with the barrel
  6. snakeman

    243 powder

    Laurie Your conclusions will be very interesting indeed ATB
  7. snakeman

    243 powder

    ted I've put through just over 500rds of 70g SBK atop 46.5g of Ramshot Hunter - no decrease in accuracy (yet)... Although this too is a double-bass powder, and is not barrel friendly.....but then again, the .243 is not what I use to plink with to be concerned about barrel-life - it's used solely for hunting I use Hunter also with 85g Gamekings with excellent results. I'd go as far to say I'm more than pleased with the results and wouldn't change this powder for anything else, as it's the only powder that gave me consistent and stable accuracy out of a T3 lite. BUT, as I said, rifle is used solely for fox control....I wouldn't even consider using .243 cartridge as a range rifle, but each to their own ATB
  8. snakeman

    Forster dies bullet seating stem flaring?

    Jonathan Unscrew the die and reseat the spring onto the stem as perfectly centered as you can. (if it doesn't work first time, repeat the process... and again as necessary) No need to be worried about things 'flying away' as you unscrew it. Then test by slipping a bullet through the stem. If there is no obstruction to the bullet falling through, all is good It is a simple mechanism and the more the die is used ('beds-in') and 'finds it's own position', it will seat perfectly and the 'thunk' of the spring-coil will be gone ATB
  9. snakeman

    Tears in Case necks

    If you're happy to continue trimming that way maybe it will help you to buy the Lee cutter ball-grip; maybe it'll help you achieve a consistent technique? However, you will notice a marked improvement in your trimming with the 'in-line' design and to do away with case-length gauge trimmer. How have you determined the cutter is not degrading? I'd be interested to know how you've arrived at this conclusion - what tool did you use to measure the sharpness of the cutter?... .....Just because some cases trim ok does not mean the cutter is not degrading. Everything has a lifespan and a far better cutter is the carbide cutter, which the Lee case-length gauge trimmer you're using, is not. Buy a proper trimmer and be done with problem ATB
  10. snakeman

    Tears in Case necks

    Just an anecdote:... I recall using the tool you're using Long Gun and I 'trimmed' 200 Lapua .308 cases. I was left with holes in my palms looking as if I'd just been taken down off a cross! Change the trimmer to a design as onehole shows ATB
  11. snakeman

    Tears in Case necks

    Then the cutter is blunt... or your technique needs improving ATB
  12. snakeman

    Tears in Case necks

    With respect Long Gun .... phaedra1106uk asked a more than valid question: .. What are you 'trimming' with? (not deburring)... Don't want to sound as if I'm teaching granny to suck eggs here BUT....Deburing and trimming are two totally different procedures...You do not trim with a deburring tool. If you are, change your method, and the tool, and buy a decent 'case-trimmer' ATB
  13. snakeman

    new .223 time

    Many thanks, Laurie 👍
  14. snakeman

    new .223 time

    In your 1:9" how does the 69g TMK compare to the standard 69g SMK?.....for stability/accuracy Does anyone have the length measurement for 69g TMK? Cheers
  15. snakeman

    Sako vs Tikka

    Sam Be it the Sako or the Tikka, whether you're using a mod or not, on either of these rifles I will be very surprised if a mod improves the inherent accuracy of the actual rifle. There are far too many other factors to consider. The rifles in themselves have the potential to deliver exceptional accuracy, which in turn will be far more consistent than the nut behind the butt. The 'improved' accuracy more than likely emerges through reduced recoil the mod affords, and not because of being in itself a supplemental add-on, or have differing/superior manufacturing design that dictate the accuracy of the rifle. At that end, it's about developing the skills that assists in reducing recoil rather than the claimed supplemental add-on (mod) that 'improves' accuracy....Again, just another marketing ploy by the manufactures to spend your cash.... If you think about it, we would all be rushing to the gunshop asking the retailer: ..."I have a.223 and could I have the most accurate moderator for it, please"? .......which unfortunately does not exist But indeed I agree 100% certain circumstances, and quarry, dictate the use of a mod. ATB whichever you choose

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