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  1. Robertson Composite TAC stock for Tikka T3. Black/tan/green camo pattern. Drop in and shoot. Perfect condition just not getting much use lately. Can send pics by email or mobile. £500 postage included.
  2. What’s the story here??? I take it then that as you never replied to my pm I’m not the buyer.
  3. I’ll take this please. PM on the way.
  4. lefthooker

    Sako to Tikka barrel swap.

    Thanks for setting me straight 👍
  5. lefthooker

    Sako to Tikka barrel swap.

    Hi all. Hopefully someone knows, Is it possible to "unscrew" a barrel from a Sako 75 and fit directly to a Tikka T3 without major machining? James.
  6. lefthooker

    204 ruger

    I have a Sako 75 varmint laminate stainless with a 22" Krieger 1 in 12 twist light varmint fluted barrel. Shoots 32, 39 & 40gr factory ammo at her leisure. I've chronoed Hornady 40gr @ 3700fps. The stock has an adjustable cheek riser fitted. It's topped off with a z6 2.5-15x44 sat in stainless Optilock rings and bases. Can email pics if needed.
  7. Price drop on the klassik £820.
  8. Top quality picatinny rings. Medium height, 13mm base height. Rail section is removable. £130 posted.
  9. lefthooker

    .204 Ruger. Through the Ages

    Sounds very nice, I don't think you'll be disappointed. Don't spare the pics when you get her
  10. Both scopes still available.

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