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  1. Major Disorder

    M&P15-22 magazines wanted

    We've got 10 round (short and long) versions in stock and more 25 round versions in black and FDE due in a couple of weeks
  2. Major Disorder

    Monkey Clamps

    All the details are online @ https://www.blackrifle.co.uk/The-Monkey-Clamp-Tripod-Mount-p/mclamp.htm And, yes the Monkey Clamp will fit on your Trigger Sticks.
  3. New in today. Magpul's latest bipod (MAG933) in M-Lok format. Black only at the moment £139
  4. It's been a long time coming but we launched our latest product for the M&P15-22 at the Practical Shooting Show a week or two back. This is a dedicated hand guard for the Smith. No adapter nuts, no modification to the upper receiver required. Just a spanner and a vice and you're good to go. We include all specialist tools, including barrel vice jaws and a dedicated barrel nut wrench. Available in two different lengths, 280 (£210) & 360mm (£215) with black end caps. Available here.
  5. There is only one! We ordered 10 of these back in February and we've received just one! Not sure if there are any others in the UK but this Black one is up for grabs. £1200 inc. shipping. Order online here
  6. Major Disorder

    The Practical Shooting Show

    Black Rifle will be there with a couple of new product launches and some great deals! Bit of a trek, but we're hoping this dedicated practical show will have great support.
  7. Major Disorder

    Vortex scope caps

    Here you go. http://www.blackrifle.co.uk/Vortex-Defender-Flip-Cap-p/v-defender.htm
  8. We've got a couple of these popular chassis for the short action Browning X-Bolt (one black & one FDE). This kit is everything you need to get up and running. The kit includes: MDT HS3 Chassis Hogue Non-beavertail Grip MDT Polymer Magazine (.223 or .308) Magpul CTR Buttstock Collapsible Buffer Tube Castle Nut MDT Enhanced Lock Plate All this for £525, a saving of £119 on the normal parts prices.
  9. Major Disorder

    Cz455 & 10/22 triggers

    We've got JARD 10/22 triggers for the 10/22 and have used the Rimfire Magic Spring kits on the 455
  10. With this MDT LSS chassis for the Mossberg MVP, upgrade your rifle in less than 10 minutes. Just remove your action bolts, drop into this fully assembled chassis system, bolt in with the supplied bolts and you’re good to go. MDT LSS Chassis Mossberg MVP .223 Magpul PMAG 10 Hogue Grip MDT Folding Stock Adapter Collapsible Buffer Tube Castle Nut Magpul CTR Butt stock RRP £575.50 DEAL PRICE £475 ONE ONLY
  11. Due to popular demand even more new H&N calibres now in stock. We've got a huge selection of these copper plated bullets from Germany. .223 55g RN .223 45g RN Hornet 6.5mm 140g RN 7mm 160g RN .308 110g RN M1 Carbine .308 165g RN + TC 8mm 190g RN 8.15mm 148g RN 8.15mm 170g RN .303 180g RN .357 148g WC .357 158g TC + HP .45 Colt 250g TC .45-70 300g TC + HP .45-70 400g TC
  12. We've got a special offer on Magpul Hunter 700 Chassis and Magazine Wells. When you purchase both at the same time we'll give you a £50 Black Rifle voucher to spend on whatever you like!
  13. Major Disorder

    Open Saturday 22/6 08:00 - 12:00

    We don't usually do Saturdays, but we will be open tomorrow! Feel free to drop in for a brew and a free chamber flag! Of course if you'd like to peruse the extensive range of MDT chassis, Magpul kit or any of the other 300+ accessories we have you're more than welcome :-)
  14. In time for The Phoenix next week we have a great selection of the popular H&N Sport Plated Bullets. These are good for about 1600fps. .223 45g RN .223 55g RN .284 / 7mm 160g RN .308 110g RN (30 Carbine) .308 165g RN .303 180g RN .323 / 8mm 190g RN .452 250g FP (.45 Colt) .458 300g TC/HP .458 400g TC

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