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  1. Due to popular demand even more new H&N calibres now in stock. We've got a huge selection of these copper plated bullets from Germany. .223 55g RN .223 45g RN Hornet 6.5mm 140g RN 7mm 160g RN .308 110g RN M1 Carbine .308 165g RN + TC 8mm 190g RN 8.15mm 148g RN 8.15mm 170g RN .303 180g RN .357 148g WC .357 158g TC + HP .45 Colt 250g TC .45-70 300g TC + HP .45-70 400g TC
  2. We've got a special offer on Magpul Hunter 700 Chassis and Magazine Wells. When you purchase both at the same time we'll give you a £50 Black Rifle voucher to spend on whatever you like!
  3. Major Disorder

    Open Saturday 22/6 08:00 - 12:00

    We don't usually do Saturdays, but we will be open tomorrow! Feel free to drop in for a brew and a free chamber flag! Of course if you'd like to peruse the extensive range of MDT chassis, Magpul kit or any of the other 300+ accessories we have you're more than welcome :-)
  4. In time for The Phoenix next week we have a great selection of the popular H&N Sport Plated Bullets. These are good for about 1600fps. .223 45g RN .223 55g RN .284 / 7mm 160g RN .308 110g RN (30 Carbine) .308 165g RN .303 180g RN .323 / 8mm 190g RN .452 250g FP (.45 Colt) .458 300g TC/HP .458 400g TC
  5. Major Disorder

    Marlin 1894 .44Mag Woodwork

    Looking for a straight buttstock & forend from a late .44Mag. Condition unimportant.
  6. We've got some of this coming in at a great price in time for the Phoenix next month. £125 / 100 Drop me a pm to reserve some. We'll also have 125g Hollow Point @ £120 / 100.
  7. We have a very limited number of special drop in kits. The kit includes everything you need to get you up and running: MDT LSS Chassis MDT Folding Stock Adapter Hogue Grip Carbine Buffer Tube Castle Nut Magpul MOE Buttstock 2 x AICS 10 Round .223 or .308 Polymer Magazine All this for just £500 including delivery, that's a saving of over £90 on the individual prices. This deal is limited to the following actions: Mossberg MVP .308 & .223, Tikka T3 S/A Left Hand, Savage S/A. We have very limited stock on these. Grab one here
  8. These are the last of the original MDT Folding Stock Adapters. We have them for carbine and fixed stocks at a giveaway price. If you don't need a "lock open" function then grab one of these while you can, when they're gone that's it! Available here @ £75
  9. We don't open many Saturday's but tomorrow is one of them! We have the latest Vortex Red Dots and MDT Chassis Systems to paw over and lots more to boot. First 5 through the door get a free chamber flag. MK19 7HQ.
  10. Hot off the plane and due in stock tomorrow. The Crossfire is the latest in the Vortex red dot range coming in at a bargain price of £145. Available here
  11. If you're coming up the M1 on Friday or Saturday this week on your way to the BSS you can always drop in to Black Rifle for a brew, a free chamber flag and a look at some kit. We're not exhibiting there but we'll be doing some deals on MDT chassis, Vortex optics, Magpul and ammo if you're in the market for reasonable prices :-) Friday 09:00-17:30 Saturday 08:00 - 12:00 MK19 7HQ - About 10 minutes off J14 or J15 M1.
  12. These have been a long time on testing, even longer in manufacture, but finally we have our very own Smith & Wesson M&P15-22 firing pins ready for pre-order. These will be shipping next week, so order now to get yours. £22.50 each, discounts for multiple purchases. Available here.
  13. We've got two pairs of these much anticipated Vortex Fury HD 10x42 Laser Rangefinding Binoculars arriving later this week. £1169 inc shipping. Order here before they're gone!

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