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  1. We've got two pairs of these much anticipated Vortex Fury HD 10x42 Laser Rangefinding Binoculars arriving later this week. £1169 inc shipping. Order here before they're gone!
  2. Having tried the 0.312" 180grn in my 303, I'd be interested in 500 each of the following if you are placing orders:-

    RN 0.264" 140gr HS 6.5mm

    HP 0.308" 125gr HS


  3. We've got one only, with the in demand ECR-1 reticle. Regular price is £1667, but use coupon code GOLDEN in the checkout, receive a discount and a FREE Solo 8x25 Monocular. Order here
  4. Having tried the 0.312" 180grn in my 303, I'd be interested in 500 each of the following if you are placing orders:-

    RN 0.264" 140gr HS 6.5mm

    HP 0.308" 125gr HS


    1. brown dog

      brown dog

      Mav. Was this a PM? Bradders has just pointed out to me that it's showing in the new activity timeline.  I'm trying to work out whether this is a PM system glitch, or whether you were messaging by some other means.


    2. Mav61


      meant to be a pm!

  5. Yep, we'll add some tot he next order.
  6. They all arrived today, so fill ya boots.
  7. H&N Sport HS (High Speed) round nose bullets in 165g .308 and 180g .312 are inbound and due to land with us in the next day or three. The .308's work really well in the 300 Blackout / Whisper if you're looking for an affordable bullet! Order now for collection at The Trafalgar or to have them shipped out next week. Full H&N range here
  8. Here's a one off for your Tikka T3 Short Action. MDT LSS Chassis - £340 MDT Skeleton Carbine Buttstock £210 Hogue Grip £25 MDT AICS Magazine (.223 or .308) £35 Usually £610, now £550 inc. Shipping.
  9. I've got an MAE on mine and it's very good. We've also started using the Wildcat range (not on 300 AAC yet though) and they're pretty damn good too!
  10. If you've got a Southern Gun Lever Release in .45ACP, a Taurus or De Lisle then you might want to take advantage of some deals we've got on right now. 100 x Remington .45ACP Brass - £25 100 x LOS .45ACP 230g RN Bullets- £14 500 x H&N Sport .45ACP 230gn RN - £67.50 Discounts when you buy multiples too
  11. Black Rifle "Grand Opening"

    This kicks off tomorrow morning @ 09:00 - We've got loads of deals planned including the following: Remington Premier Match .223 62g .45ACP Brass + Bullet combo GSG 1911 Magazines GSG 1911 Grips and Barrel shroud combo Vortex Strike Eagle & 2" Cantilever mount combo Sellier & Bellot HV .22LR ISSC MK22 + Konus Scope bundle GSG 1911, Red dot sight, mount, mags, shroud and grip bundle Hatsan Raider S1 Box fed + Slug bundle Oh and lots more to boot!
  12. The ultimate target set?

    We're working on this right now with the manufacturer to see what UK pricing will be. In the US they're running @ around $1000 per target for the Tapnetic (the ones we have) but a more affordable model is in the pipeline which will come at a more retail friendly price. We should have them for demo in the next 3-5 weeks.
  13. Black Rifle "Grand Opening"

    Just a quick heads up that we're having our official kick off / opening this Saturday the 16th September from 09:00 till 15:00. If you're local to Milton Keynes drop by for some special offers and giveaways. If you've wanted to view the Vortex ranges of scopes, or check out the MDT Chassis line up this will be a great chance! You can find us at: Unit 26, Cuckoo Hill Farm, Castlethorpe Road, Hanslope MK19 7HQ We're about 15 minutes off of either J14 or J15 of the M1.
  14. The ultimate target set?

    New on the market in the last couple of weeks. There are a couple of teething problems but I'm very impressed by the overall implementation. Yep, the LEDs can be replaced if you're a crpa shot :-) A second simpler model is due to ship in the next month or so with self healing, non breakable LED modules. These will be at a lower price point too.

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