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  1. Thanks, that's a very kind offer, but it's a little short for me. Best regards JCS
  2. The Sinclair Case Neck Sorting Tool is designed for the reloader to quickly sort brass by neck wall thickness. A 6.5 mm pilot is included. £70 posted ono. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/y9kryxkduslvjjt/AADdvjw1Xifd1gRv8-C3Z8BGa?dl=0 Thanks JCS
  3. John That looks excellent. Thanks JCS
  4. Thanks for your helpful comments. Best regards JCS
  5. I currently have two studs on the fore end of my rifle, however I'd like to move to a short Picatinny rail and still be able to attach a sling to a stud on the rail. Current sling and Harris bipod Current fore end Borden 308 What's the best option for a short Picatinny rail and a stud? I'd get the rail fixed permanently to the stock. I use Quick Detach swivels for the sling. Thanks John
  6. SOLD. MPA Lite stock for Remington Short Action or equivalents. See photos for details of bag rider and vertical thumb up hand-grip. This is a right-hand stock. There’s one cosmetic mark on the inside of the chassis that’s not visible when an action is installed. One of the photos shows the mark. Action bolts included. Photos of MPA Lite chassis £850 ono posted. Thanks JCS
  7. jcampbellsmith

    Stainless media drying

    No, I leave the steel media in the tumbler drum covered in water. Regards JCS
  8. Length of pull? Thanks JCS
  9. Yes, it is indeed, I've just finished posting the ad. Thanks JCS
  10. Sold to the man below. Thanks A Tier One 180mm aluminium tactical bipod for sale. https://www.dropbox.com/s/3jd92fxwjoefzhr/Tier One Tactical Bipod.jpg?dl=0 In the Tier One cordura case with spike feet. It’s for the sling swivel stud adaptor and has picatinny adaptor. The ski feet are slightly scratched as per the photo. Has claw and rubber feet too. 4 different pairs of feet. £230 posted ono. Thanks JCS
  11. I've dealt with Rick too. I was using the bipod I got from him this morning. Best regards JCS
  12. Which version are you selling? http://www.victrixarmaments.com/minerva-tactical-2/?lang=en Thanks JCS
  13. jcampbellsmith

    What is Your favourite die set for 6.5 CM and why?

    I have got some dies recently from these folk - https://www.whiddengunworks.com/custom-reloading-dies/ Very helpful folk to deal with. Regards JCS
  14. SOLD - I have owned this BENCH-SOURCE Vertek annealer from new and it's been lightly used. Both Tempilaq paints and thinner included. Two nearly full gas bottles are included if the kit is collected from me. https://www.dropbox.com/s/zoag2d7itajrqlf/Bench-source Vertek annealer.jpg?dl=0 http://www.bench-source.com/id81.html £390 ono posted, excluding gas bottles. £390 ono collected, including 2 gas bottles. Thanks JCS Sold. Thanks

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