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  1. Powder for 243 107gr SMK

    From the archive - .243 Sako 75 with 1:8 Border Barrels Archer barrel.107 gr SMK 43.6 gr N165 jammed 5 thou Sako brass105 gr AMax 43.8 gr N165 10 thou off .339 MOA Sako brass105 gr Amax 39.5 gr N560 10 thou off Sako brass.105 gr Amax 42.2 gr N560 10 thou off Sako brass. Regards JCS
  2. reload costs

    Surely your time is more valuable than the components? Merry Christmas JCS
  3. Strelok pro guide?

    Try http://www.borisov.mobi/strelokpro/android/ if you are stuck, e-mail Igor with your query. I personally keep detailed notes on how I've set the app up in a Word doc. Regards JCS
  4. Full Length 308 Sizing Die (Sorted)

    Me neither. https://lewilson.com/dies/wilson-full-length-sizing-die-bushing-type/ Regards JCS
  5. 260 rem 123gn ELD-Match & N560 1:8 twist

    I've found 123gr A-Max and 44.85gr N160 works well in a couple of my 260 Rems. Regards JCS
  6. Half Track Landrover

    I occasionally drive by here and see this tracked Landrover parked up. http://www.lixtoll.com/versatracks/ Regards JCS
  7. Shortening my 7mm saum barrel

    How do you know the barrel profile is your issue? Regards JCS
  8. Data book

    I agree with this. I have a log of reloading data - handwritten. I also have a separate Word doc that deals with me trying to get my mind around the ballistics apps that I use and the mistakes I've made. Regards JCS
  9. annealing process

    I de-prime, then anneal every time, then clean with steel pins, then resize etc.... The essence of reloading is to do the same thing every time. Regards JCS
  10. Barrel contour - Sassen barrels - pictures ?

    Try this link for barrel profiles http://www.truefliteriflebarrels.co.nz/Rifle-Barrels/Barrel-contours.asp Regards JCS
  11. Shot gun followed by rifle shooting

    I struggle nowadays to shoot with a shotgun, despite having shot with some success as a teenager. I don't practice enough with either shotgun or a rifle. To be good at both, you need to practice at both. Regards JCS
  12. 6mm calibre choice

    6XC brass and ammunition are available, although a little pricey. https://www.norma.cc/us/Products/Hunting/?SelectedCaliber=6XC&SelectedBulletType=all&SelectedWildType=all&productBtn=Search I like it a lot, although I suspect if my rifle was chambered in 243 Win and 1:8 twist that the performance would be very similar. I would suggest that the 6XC was the 243 Win done right. Regards JCS
  13. Sold to the man above. Collection or delivery to be arranged. Thanks JCS
  14. For sale - A Swedish Barrel Knife as illustrated. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/fu55xilxh67apzi/AAAOlgx4KtmWS_Kp51ZMFzzYa?dl=0 £70 ono posted. Thanks JCS
  15. For sale – a Gray & Company 3 draw scope https://www.dropbox.com/sh/rrh3yihtq7mt4ty/AAClXdTuzBYZTwopB0LtGv-Ia?dl=0 This scope has just been serviced. My father never took it to the hill. He kept it in his car and he would spy with it and then tell me where to go stalking. There is a small mark on one of the tubes as indicated in the photos. Optically, it is spot on. £900 ono. Thanks JCS

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