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  1. jcampbellsmith

    Whidden Micrometer Seater

    These folk are very helpful https://www.whiddengunworks.com/ drop them an e-mail if you think parts are missing. Regards JCS
  2. jcampbellsmith

    6.5 Creedmoor - real world velocities

    Andy I look forward to seeing that. Thanks JCS
  3. jcampbellsmith

    6.5 Creedmoor - real world velocities

    Some very good points here. PRL seems to be focusing on leading edge competitions and that's fine for folk that can compete at the leading edge, but for folk like me, still a long way back down the learning curve, there doesn't seem to be any less challenging PRL events to get folk started on PRL. Regards JCS
  4. I have some M-LOK Exterior Fore end Weights (Pair) for sale. £50 ono per pair posted. Thanks JCS
  5. jcampbellsmith

    Fire Arms licence question

    Does your ticket say .22-250 Remington at present? Regards JCS
  6. jcampbellsmith

    Neck size, or full length: has the jury decided?

    Neck sizing breaks rule 1 of reloading - follow the same process every time. Regards JCS
  7. jcampbellsmith

    COAL and Jump to lands

    Don't worry about the jump. Just go and shoot it. Regards JCS
  8. jcampbellsmith

    How much off mechanical zero is acceptable.

    Try a set of these - https://www.opticswarehouse.co.uk/product/burris-xtr-signature-rings-1-inch-30mm-34mm/ Regards JCS
  9. jcampbellsmith

    How much off mechanical zero is acceptable.

    Using Burris Signature offset rings, I struggle to get closer than 5 MOA, or 1.5 mils between the scope being centred and the rifle being zeroed. Regards JCS
  10. jcampbellsmith

    Wanted - Sinclair neck turning body (NT-4000)

  11. jcampbellsmith

    Ackley Brass please

    I have some 243 Ackley brass somewhere. I will look it out if it's of use. Regards JCS

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