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  1. Thanks for the info vortex makes a little more sense now the facts are filtering through lee
  2. Do you think in a few years pecker head will have to change the title of spring watch to magpie and carrion watch t***
  3. Rammer223

    Strelok pro scope height

    Thanks lee
  4. Rammer223

    Strelok pro scope height

    When inputting scope height should you measure from centre bore to centre scope tube regards lee
  5. Used couple times browning inv plus light modified choke think paid £60 odd pound for browning maxus now gone £40 delivered Thanks lee Can email pics if required it’s the one nice red band on the end
  6. Rammer223

    RIngs and bases

    Not looking good, leupold rings and bases any good, or better options? Regards lee
  7. Rammer223

    RIngs and bases

    Can’t see millet do Tikka T3 base ? Lee
  8. Rammer223

    40gr 223

    If I could get somewhere near that would be happy enough after looking around on the web not sure could get enough N133 in the case for 40s more expense!!! , trouble with vit is size of tubs takes me years to get through the stuff with the amount I do lee
  9. Rammer223

    40gr 223

    Anyone running these through 20” barrel what sort velocity can be expected, what powder works I have plenty N133 which I have good results using with the 53gr vmax through 26” barrel regards lee
  10. Rammer223

    RIngs and bases

    Does anyone know if millet rings can be used with Leupold bases ,I have millet base and rings already which I use on Remington with my nightforce scope, but I am in the process of buying a tikka t3 to be dedicated night vision set up (drone pro) but before I fit drone I would like to find a load that suits, using my nightforce scope without spending a small fortune on rings , so thinking just get the Leupold two peace tikka mounts from pictures look very similar in how they lock in and windage adjustments, hope that makes sense thanks in advance lee
  11. Got mate uses one with ward 800 with no issues lee
  12. Rammer223

    High seat freeze

    Never thought of it like that lol ? i have semi decent top layers on reflection good base layer might be the way to go, only sat on plastic garden chair in tree house/box regards lee
  13. Rammer223

    High seat freeze

    Cheers maximus lee
  14. Rammer223

    High seat freeze

    Seems to be merino and merino ? Some cheap ish some expensive? Outdoors places vast array ,stick the words hunting base layers price rockets ? Are you using a particular brand etc regards lee
  15. Out other night after fox sat in high seat overlooking bait station, was so cold at one point actually thought I was going to die ? after having quick look fancy bib type thermal suit,cover kidneys must be quiet ,warm ,breathable, could use for odd Wildfowl session recommendations please thanks in advance lee

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