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  1. Strange did he say why?
  2. Makes some nice stuff did me one for night vision on Remmington
  3. Sure John Carr would lee
  4. Rammer223

    New fox basher

    Fairly sure you’ll need 10mm and extended
  5. Rammer223

    New fox basher

    Looks real nice , torn between exactly same stock or MDT oryx keep us posted how you find it with the drone on top, as I plan similar set up when I have cash together for the stock , do the standard tikka magazine and bottom metal drop straight in ? regards lee
  6. Rammer223

    A bad nights Foxing

    Sound advice Fox dropper had a miss couple of weeks ago myself couldn’t believe it , normally easy enough shot but when reviewing footage pulled to the right, at the time had to be the drone fault,once I’d got over it grabbed the rifle ,50 rounds and had some trigger time,back on form now , I only go out maybe once a week foxing sometimes don’t even see any so if you think about it ,couple shots a month isn’t that many over the year ,sometimes you just have to take a step back all the best lee
  7. Rammer223

    CZ452 - Picattiny Rail

    One on stalking directory lee
  8. Anyone using one of these WeatherFlow Weather Meter Smartphone Bluetooth Wind Meter - cheaper than kestrel seems to do what you would want, used with StrelokPro,only thing can’t seem to find is a vain to sit it in thoughts appreciated as always regards lee
  9. All stunning but especially like the Remington, nice work as always
  10. Thanks for the info vortex makes a little more sense now the facts are filtering through lee
  11. Do you think in a few years pecker head will have to change the title of spring watch to magpie and carrion watch t***
  12. Rammer223

    Strelok pro scope height

    Thanks lee
  13. Rammer223

    Strelok pro scope height

    When inputting scope height should you measure from centre bore to centre scope tube regards lee
  14. Used couple times browning inv plus light modified choke think paid £60 odd pound for browning maxus now gone £40 delivered Thanks lee Can email pics if required it’s the one nice red band on the end
  15. Rammer223

    RIngs and bases

    Not looking good, leupold rings and bases any good, or better options? Regards lee

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