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  1. Are the kahles still available . Any chance of a pic if so . Or can u advise colour ? Ta
  2. Sorry got a left spare but not right bud . Wish ya well . They are worth the wait if ya can . Waited 15 months for mine am glad I did, cheers IAN p
  3. if the mat is still available , would you be willing to post it for that cost ? thank you
  4. Good news Matt glad you back with a sensible calibre :-) and shooting the correct orientation . Pics is fine , cabinets full now shall not be tempted . Thanks re second dibs . Let me know if razor still wants and I’ll sort payment if not , cheers
  5. I hope this isn’t a race cus I’m sure I’d loose !!!! trust you keeping well chap
  6. This still available ? F so could I have first refusal pls ? Thanks IAN
  7. Are the 6.5 amax still available , sir ?
  8. Is ruler still available , sir ?
  9. Any chance of one for the 7x64 please ?
  10. No worries chap , just on way back from Poole just thought would save you faffing with post . Apols Leeds at Tomo . I'll do. Money tonight then we can see what's easy for you , cheers chap . And happy birthday to the wife :-)
  11. Just off birdlip and heading home / north , any chance collect ?

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