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  1. Bomag

    Accuracy Int AT - advice required

    I have an AT with 26" barrel in .308 and use it with an AI brake and a PES mod, the brake is only used for McQueens as the mod comes loose during a rapid fire. As much as I don't like being on the firing point when brakes are being used, its tolerable when you have one lane between shooters, which is the case at Bisley. POI didn't change when swapping between brake and mod, making it nice and easy to swop between the two.
  2. Equifix shootingbags, I use the Dutch bag and its great, £12.95 inc p&p makes it a bargain too.
  3. We shoot there once a month, distances from 25 to 1000yds. Cheap club too at £45/year, range fees are usually less than £20/day depending on numbers.
  4. Bomag

    Civ SR 5th April

    I'd like to thank everyone who made me feel so welcome when I got pressured into shooting by Gavin. A great afternoon, real fun course of fire, just a pity I couldn't hit anything on the standing shots!! Thanks to Mark for selling me the ammunition I needed for the afternoon, and to Gavin for letting me use his rifle. Now need to free a slot up and get an AR
  5. Bomag

    52gr amax 223 on vermin

    I use 52gr Amax in my cz 527, I wanted a range and vermin bullet and these are spot-on. Ive never had anything move once hit, and they gout to 600yds on the range, wind can be a problem at that distance but Im more than happy with them. I use them over 25gr of Benchmark iirc
  6. Not a problem mate, if not this month then the next one. I will speak to Gav to find out how long the new rifle is going to be.
  7. Interested in the drag bag, but I need to check that it will take the 243 mate. Are you down the range at Easter?
  8. You need to keep 4 years between your dogs to enable you to keep working them and not ending up dogless for a season. Ive got my name down for a pup for this very reason, my Cocker is 8 now and my Patterdale is 6. Cracking photo, chocolate or black are the best colours imo
  9. The target supplied by the range office is for 7.62 (it has lines for distances) and should get you on target for the distances you set your zero as.
  10. http://i201.photobucket.com/albums/aa284/bomag_photos/20131024_113155_zps07d1dde4.jpg http://i201.photobucket.com/albums/aa284/bomag_photos/20131024_113104_zps85ddd02a.jpg Scope (leupold VX-111 6.5-20x50 LR) and thrideye tactical 20moa rail and rings are NOT included in the price.
  11. Armalon Remmington 700 PSS 7.62 PR less than 600 rounds 3x 20 round M14 magazines Optimised trigger by Armalon Ball boltknob by Armalon Extended magazine release This rifle was bough as a complete PR package new from Armalon, Im the second owner. Shoots 1/2 MOA with Bisley Ammunition £900 Can be picked up from Bisley if needed.
  12. Bomag

    AOLQ Refused

    I asked Powys for AOLQ when I moved here and they refused, but they gave me deer and fox on my 243 without DSC1, so thought I wouldn't push it till my renewal date.
  13. Bomag

    Might have to sell up....

    Looks very similar to the Dave Tubb tube gun a friend uses, if it performs anything like that rifle it will be an amazing piece of kit.
  14. Bomag

    Where to buy 115gr dtacs?

    If 6mm (243) I would be interested in a group buy if price is right.

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