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  1. 6mmbr which primer

    CCI BR4 primers & Varget works well for me. 2850FPS in a 30" 1 in 8 barrel.
  2. Tempilaq or no?

    Thanks again for your help folks.
  3. My DIY annealing machine!

    Just want to give a big thanks to Lubo. Cracking bit of kit for the money and a gentleman to do business with.
  4. Front Rest / Joypod for sale

    Did you ever part with the Joypod Jay?
  5. Solid tempilaq

    Thanks forv the replies guys.
  6. Solid tempilaq

    Morning guys. Setting up my new annealing machine from Raptor Calls on here. Must say it looks a real nice machine. One issue though. One of my bottles of tempilaq must have set on a shelf too long and has solidified. Is there anything I can add to it to liquify it again? Is it an emulsion by any chance? Happy Christmas all and thanks in advance.
  7. Tempilaq or no?

    Many thanks for your help guys.
  8. Tempilaq or no?

    Hi folks. I'm after ordering my first annealer from Raptor Calls on here. My query is this. Do i use tempilaq as a proper temperature indicator? After scouring the web I'm getting conflicting information (strangely enough). Do i go for stopping the heat just as the flame turns orange, do I go for 650 tempilaq below the shoulder or do I rain the lights off and stop the heat as the case mouth starts to glow? Thanks in advance.
  9. Ill take it bud. PM me for payment details pls.
  10. Redding competition shell holders

    Perfect. Thanks again.
  11. 6 BR

    What Big Al said. I've had brilliant results with BR4's & i dont plan to change.
  12. Redding competition shell holders

    Thanks again guys. Very much appreciated. Yea Ill have a play with adjusting the die again although I cant seem to get my head round the fact that if steel is touching steel (i.e. the 10 thou shell holder & the bottom of the die) then that's the "longest" i am going to get my brass. As for Annealing, yea i'm going to seriously have to look about an annealer. Do most people anneal before sizing the brass or do your sizing & then anneal?
  13. Redding competition shell holders

    Thanks for that onehole.
  14. Hi guys. Some advice needed please. In the past 5 years or so I've been jumping from neck sizing to FL sizing to neck to FL with various calibers and rifles. With this rifle I've been happily neck sizing my 6BR brass with a Wilson die & an Arbor press up to now but yes after about 3 firings i'm getting stiff bolt close on some brass. Who am I to argue with Erik Cortina so I'm up for bumping the shoulders back a few thou now with a Wilson FL bushing die & a set of Redding competition shell holders. My understanding was that I start with the 10 thou shell holder then progress through the 8 thou and the 6 thou till I get the one that's "just right" for my chamber - am I correct? My 4X fired brass is measuring 1.161 to 1.163 to the shoulder & Virgin Lapua brass measures around 1.157. It transpired that as soon I set up the die & using the 10 thou shell holder my newly resized brass is measuring 1.157. Off course closing the bolt feels sweet but is that too much of a shoulder set back? Am I creating a headspace issue? Thanks in advance.

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