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  1. Ill take it bud. PM me for payment details pls.
  2. Redding competition shell holders

    Perfect. Thanks again.
  3. 6 BR

    What Big Al said. I've had brilliant results with BR4's & i dont plan to change.
  4. Redding competition shell holders

    Thanks again guys. Very much appreciated. Yea Ill have a play with adjusting the die again although I cant seem to get my head round the fact that if steel is touching steel (i.e. the 10 thou shell holder & the bottom of the die) then that's the "longest" i am going to get my brass. As for Annealing, yea i'm going to seriously have to look about an annealer. Do most people anneal before sizing the brass or do your sizing & then anneal?
  5. Redding competition shell holders

    Thanks for that onehole.
  6. Hi guys. Some advice needed please. In the past 5 years or so I've been jumping from neck sizing to FL sizing to neck to FL with various calibers and rifles. With this rifle I've been happily neck sizing my 6BR brass with a Wilson die & an Arbor press up to now but yes after about 3 firings i'm getting stiff bolt close on some brass. Who am I to argue with Erik Cortina so I'm up for bumping the shoulders back a few thou now with a Wilson FL bushing die & a set of Redding competition shell holders. My understanding was that I start with the 10 thou shell holder then progress through the 8 thou and the 6 thou till I get the one that's "just right" for my chamber - am I correct? My 4X fired brass is measuring 1.161 to 1.163 to the shoulder & Virgin Lapua brass measures around 1.157. It transpired that as soon I set up the die & using the 10 thou shell holder my newly resized brass is measuring 1.157. Off course closing the bolt feels sweet but is that too much of a shoulder set back? Am I creating a headspace issue? Thanks in advance.
  7. Excellent condition CZ455 heavy barrel with 5 round & 10 round mags. Also included in sale are - Yo Dave trigger kit fitted. SAK Moderator MTC Viper 4-16X50 scope and sportsmatch mounts. Flambeau hard rifle case. £450 including RFD to RFD transfer.
  8. Rifle now sold to Norfolk Shooter. A gentleman to do business with. Thanks. FL.
  9. To the top again pls. Redding match dies now included in price. Thanks. FL
  10. Lapua brass & RFD to RFD transfer now included in the price folks.
  11. As above SG. If rifle sale doesn't happen, ill consider it. Cheers.
  12. 1967spud World Headquarters is go go go

    All the best with the new premises Mark.
  13. Hey bri. Postage RFD to RFD on the mainland would be sub £50 Id say. Yea Id include postage mate.

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