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  1. foxyloxy

    Anschutz 1803 front Sight block

    No worries bud. Many thanks for trying.
  2. foxyloxy

    Anschutz 1803 front Sight block

    Ahh your a star mate. There are 3 holes for mounting the front sight Ronin, the 2 outside ones are 0.87" centre to centre. Thanks in advance.
  3. foxyloxy

    Anschutz 1803 front Sight block

    HI guys. Im struggling to get a front sight riser block for my 1813. Anschutz mark it as part no 5550-1. Does anyone know where I might look? I've had no luck on EBay. Thanks in advance.
  4. foxyloxy

    Dodgy peepers.

    I'm 48 yrs young bud.
  5. foxyloxy

    Dodgy peepers.

    Thanks for taking the time to reply guys. Time for a Specsavers appointment methinks.
  6. foxyloxy

    Dodgy peepers.

    Hi guys. Lately I've developed a really annoying habit / condition. Shooting at the bench I'm controlling my breathing and starting the trigger squeeze and the sight picture just goes to buggery. Its as if the target seem to drift in and out of focus every few seconds. Its really frustrating. Has anyone else experienced this? I tried a home blood pressure test kit when I got home and it came up as normal. Also I'm experiencing "floaters". Any ideas? Specsavers? Thanks in advance.
  7. foxyloxy

    Satterlee load development method

    Excellent scores there MJR, well done. May I ask which load you opted for and what testing procedure you followed after the initial OCW test? Also at what distance. Thanks.
  8. foxyloxy

    Beam scales

    That's excellent guys. Many thanks for your input. Think I'll stick with what I have. Cheers again.
  9. foxyloxy

    Beam scales

    Ranging from £80 to £145 is there any difference in them? Any one got a finer / longer pointer than the others? RCBS, Redding, Hornady, Lyman etc. I currently use a set of 502 scales and a target master trickler. Just stick with what I have?
  10. I'll take this bud. Please pm me for payment details.
  11. foxyloxy

    Seb Joypod

    Still? Usually i'm one step behind the pack. Thanks for that GP, Ill give Brian a call.
  12. foxyloxy

    Seb Joypod

    As above, I'm looking for a Seb Joypod. Everybody else must have moved onto the next best thing by now lol.
  13. foxyloxy

    6mmbr which primer

    CCI BR4 primers & Varget works well for me. 2850FPS in a 30" 1 in 8 barrel.
  14. foxyloxy

    Tempilaq or no?

    Thanks again for your help folks.
  15. foxyloxy

    My DIY annealing machine!

    Just want to give a big thanks to Lubo. Cracking bit of kit for the money and a gentleman to do business with.

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