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  1. Mik Mak


    Yes I concur PTG are taking forever?? I have just had delivery of reamers ordered 12 months ago, and then I have had to chase endlessly for them?? what do you do when you are tolled up exclusively for the PTG reamers, bite the bullet and buy another £1000 worth of pilots for another companies reamers??? It will be the death of us?? Mik
  2. Mik Mak

    0.224" Berger 90gn 'Target BT Long Range' Bullets

    Hi Laurie I have about 8000 224 90 gr VLD Target here part No 22423 Cheers Mik
  3. Mik Mak

    Simmonds 1.5 - 4 x 20

    Thanks Dave Get back to you after we have moved, as I have the perfect field for my cross bow then I find it very challenging to fire accurately and quiet relaxing? :-) Cheers Mik
  4. Mik Mak

    Simmonds 1.5 - 4 x 20

    Thanks Dave, Very interesting, I bought a 200lb one from RUAG a couple of years ago, I was amazed at the power, my first attempt at making a target stop, was bales of straw!!! straight though and arrows destroyed on the brick wall behind?? I am very much an amateur with my crossbow, but I do get a lot of fun and satisfaction from it, never shot it past 50 yds, but I think my cheap arrows give me some flyers :-) Cheers Mik
  5. Mik Mak

    Simmonds 1.5 - 4 x 20

    Target Cross bow ? what Calibre :-) Seriously though, I bought a crossbow a few years ago, great Fun what did you buy, how accurate, purely from a interest (nosey) side How far do get it to shoot accurately Cheers mik
  6. Mik Mak

    Who for cnc barrel profiling

    Yes the Harrison is a CNC Lathe with a long Bed and Hydraulic travelling steady, Its been bought to replace the XYZ and its main job will be reprofiling and barrel polishing But its being installed in the new workshops, no point in moving it twice be up an running by 5 Oct Mik
  7. Mik Mak

    Who for cnc barrel profiling

    Its my profiler that is knackerd!!! Got quoted £6K to replace the Hardware for the programming??? as XYZ dont do the old version anymore?? Never mind have a new machine on order, be with us in about 4 weeks??? Bought a harrison Alpha 400 plus, so be back and running soon Cheers Mik
  8. I have fitted several of these, they are CNC cut rifled and shoot fabulously :-) Choice of US Special Forces and have a lot of success in US They will be avail in UK early 2017 off the shelf :-) ??? Mik
  9. No probs, do you a deal with the fitted barrel :-) Cheers Mik
  10. we do an RPA Quadlock wrench, which will fit a Paramount Cheers Mik
  11. Mik Mak

    New 7mm 195gr Berger's

    No Probs Mik
  12. Mik Mak

    New 7mm 195gr Berger's

    Hi Jonathan Have loads on the shelf, I am away to Bisley from today till Monday, but you can call and we can get something organised Cheers Mik
  13. Morning let me know who and where to send a chq or BACS please Cheers Mik
  14. Just what I need :-) is it still avail? Cheers Mik
  15. Mik Mak

    Teaser F Class Build

    I do my best to help :-) Be nice to see you back my friend, always enjoy having a mild banter with you See you soon Mik

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