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  1. simon6ppc

    Walter Mitty Foxing.

    i want to comment on this without being rude or insulting to any one,i know some of the folk commenting on this thread are brilliant long range shooters who know their gear inside and out,but also believe it or not there are one or two fox shooters of the same caliber, i to have spent 33 years shooting foxes on grouse moors and farm land,for most of that time ive used a 6ppc rifle with a 58 vmax, ive shot this rifle over 500 yards on steel in good conditions in the day,so when you have been on the same moor for 30 years and used the same rifle for 20 years a 300 plus yard shot on a fox is not easy but possible in good conditions,only last week i shot one at 342 yards and 4 more just under 300 as moor land foxes don,t hang about,the videos are on PBIR to prove it with the dead foxes,,i hope this has slightly cleared things up as i have said at the start i know there are good lads on this thread who know their stuff...,cheers...
  2. simon6ppc

    69 grain TMK vs 77 grain TMK

    i use both i my 223,,but i do prefare the 77,s overhaul even though they shoot the same on paper
  3. simon6ppc

    long range crow calibre

    the wind is an all time pain in the ass in my eyes,for crows i some times go for fast lighter bullets that explode better with less chance of ricochets,but then they blow all over the place,i have a few center fire rifles to and I think if you just shoot one and get more used to that certain bullet half helps,ive had a lot of cals in my life but I do always go back to my 6ppc and for crows use a 55 grain blitzking which I can send almost the same speed as a 22.250 with bench rest accuracy out to 400 yards and more on calm days,,
  4. simon6ppc

    Sako 85, 223 cal, 20" or 24" barrel?

    hyia pal,i shoot a 24 inch 8 twist Sako 85 and my mate has a 20 inch 8 twist sako 85..we both used 75 Amax one day with the same load and seating depth,both of us shot out to 500 yards that day with exactly the same results in all fairness,when we chron,d them after mine was doing 2750 ftps and his 2520ftps..so mine was around 200 ftps faster at 500 that day,,but some tell me if we went to say a 1000 it could have been different, I have shot mine out to 960 yards later on with good results on calm days
  5. simon6ppc

    The Red Fox.

    i cant believe i have hunted the smartest animal in the country for almost 30 years if i be honest with you all..
  6. nice shooting,i use the 69 and 77 tmk for vermin and long range to and they do explode well,the accuracy is brilliant to,,hell of a bullet
  7. simon6ppc

    Load development 105g A-Max in 243 Win

    i use 105 Amax in my 243 Ackley..as said above i use a 10 thou jump with top results,i only use 44 grains of vit 165,but mines an Ackley...
  8. simon6ppc

    light .223 bullet?

    ive used a 40 grain blitzking in my 8 twist 223 with 25 grains of vit 133 seated a mag length to 2.275 and it shoots easily under half inch,,,but a body shot will blow up,as said above head pop them.
  9. simon6ppc

    sako 75 (whats it worth?)

    ive a Sako 75 in 6ppc..,but thats a rifle i would just never sell..in mint condition it has to be worth 6 to 7 hundred notes,i could wrong though
  10. simon6ppc

    sako 75 (whats it worth?)

    ive a Sako 75 in 6ppc..,but thats a rifle i would just never sell..in mint condition it has to be worth 6 to 7 hundred notes,i could wrong though
  11. simon6ppc

    8 twist 223 75 amax

    ye cheers pal,i worked up to 24 grains from 22 increasing them 2 grains every load,ive now found 22.2 of H4895 to be the best,,but i have to say on 24 grains i had no pressure really,may be i should of gone up to 25 but i do believe that would have been hot,i have some berger 70 grain HPBT,S VLD which shoot awsum with a max load,but they are not really a hunting bullet
  12. simon6ppc

    Rifle mounted lights.

    i use a coyote light,had mine a year now,i think an awsum lamp..you can see fox easily at 350 yard at night and mounts nice and square on the rifle
  13. simon6ppc

    8 twist 223 75 amax

    in all fairness i have got them shooting well at the moment,but only with a starting load of H4895..there around 2.800 ftps ish,but my mate has the chrono at the moment so not sure..my fox bullet is a 50 grain blitz king with a max load of varget which shoots brilliant.i will try more powders very soon
  14. simon6ppc

    8 twist 223 75 amax

    thanks for the replys chaps,at the moment i have a 5 thou jump which can shoot half inch at 100 yards with 22 grains of H4895,i don,t trust this load yet as i could have got lucky that day,but will be my load for the time being,ive owned quite a few calibers now over the years ive been shooting but i have to say to get these 75 Amax to shoot in a 8 twist 223 how i want has been very hard..
  15. simon6ppc

    8 twist 223 75 amax

    thanks for the replies chaps,i will measure from the ogive when i get the parts ive ordered.ime trying varget and vit 140 today

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