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  1. VORTEX RECON R/T 15 X 50 MONOCULAR New, Only been taken out the box to look through. This has a Ranging Reticle in MIL. Retail between £595.00 - £560.00 For Sale £500.00 delivered UK.
  2. Hi Tony Yes still available. Bank Transfer Ideal. Cheers Mark
  3. Hi tony123 Yes its still available, and as the ad says its "New". Cheers Mark
  4. SOLD _ Used SIG Kilo 2400 ABS This is the latest model with the Full Applied Ballistics Engine built in. The KILO 2400 ABS is an advanced rangefinder that ranges up to 2 miles featuring an embedded Applied Ballistics calculator, onboard environmental sensors and Bluetooth for synchronizing custom profiles with a free, downloadable ballistic app for your iOS or Android smartphone. When configured it gives a complete shooting solution. Includes a tripod adapter, smartphone jack Windmeter, ballistic nylon Molle kit bag and nylon carry pouch, lanyard, 2 spare batteries. Full package. Used only 4 times. Excellent condition Retail £1400.00- £1500 Reduced to £950.00 POSTED SOLD
  5. walkabout

    Wanted magnetospeed v3 chronograph

    I have a Pig Saddle for sale. In Very Good/Excellent condition. £100.00 posted
  6. walkabout

    Bighorn in Creedmoor

    Yes they can, we have just built two on Bighorn TL3 Long Actions. One is a 6x47 & .284 the other a 6.5x47 & .284. You use shouldered barrels, you dont even need to send the rifle away for a new barrel. We can change barrels in the field with an Action Wrench and Torque Wrench. Mark
  7. A New AI Maverick41 Backpack set 50 inch Long Rifle Folding Stock Drag Bag System with 40L Backpack and Hip Belt £190.00 posted SOLD
  8. A new Teir One 34mm Unimount with a 6mm/20.6 MOA cant. £210.00 posted SOLD
  9. I'm at Bisley, quite often, every other month. I could take it from you and drop drop it back? Mark FMJ Firearms.
  10. Accu-Tac LR-10 Bipod, used twice, 3 months old, mint condition. Retail £259.95 £175.00 SOLD
  11. walkabout

    MARCH 34mm tactical

    Hi, I have a March 5-50x56 Tactical scope. Its 1/8 clicks MOA. Non Illuminated. MTR-3 Reticle. I have the sunshade and manual, but no box. I have had it from new about 3 years ago. Its been on my long range rifle which I have just changed to MIL, its in great condition, Slight ring marks on one small section. I would like £1700.00 UK Pounds including shipping. Cheers Mark
  12. We have just finished the first loads through this FMJ Firearms custom build we finished last week.This is a switch barrel build, using shouldered Bartlein Barrels with flats milled near the muzzle for torquing.In .284 Win & 6 x 47 Lapua, with a 300 Norma Barrel looming. Bighorn TL3 Long ActionBartlein Barrels XLR Industries Evolution Chassis March 5-40x52 Scope Tier One scope mount Tier One Moderator Cerakoted in a 3 colour camo. First groups were very encouraging. Another near identical build is in progress.

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