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  1. A New AI Maverick41 Backpack set 50 inch Long Rifle Folding Stock Drag Bag System with 40L Backpack and Hip Belt £220.00 posted
  2. A new Teir One 34mm Unimount with a 6mm/20.6 MOA cant. £210.00 posted SOLD
  3. Price Drop to £175.00
  4. I'm at Bisley, quite often, every other month. I could take it from you and drop drop it back? Mark FMJ Firearms.
  5. Accu-Tac LR-10 Bipod, used twice, 3 months old, mint condition. Retail £259.95 £175.00
  6. walkabout

    MARCH 34mm tactical

    Hi, I have a March 5-50x56 Tactical scope. Its 1/8 clicks MOA. Non Illuminated. MTR-3 Reticle. I have the sunshade and manual, but no box. I have had it from new about 3 years ago. Its been on my long range rifle which I have just changed to MIL, its in great condition, Slight ring marks on one small section. I would like £1700.00 UK Pounds including shipping. Cheers Mark
  7. We have just finished the first loads through this FMJ Firearms custom build we finished last week.This is a switch barrel build, using shouldered Bartlein Barrels with flats milled near the muzzle for torquing.In .284 Win & 6 x 47 Lapua, with a 300 Norma Barrel looming. Bighorn TL3 Long ActionBartlein Barrels XLR Industries Evolution Chassis March 5-40x52 Scope Tier One scope mount Tier One Moderator Cerakoted in a 3 colour camo. First groups were very encouraging. Another near identical build is in progress.
  8. walkabout

    Straight .284 Bullets

    Thanks Laurie I think I will try the all three types. I have just checked and I have a 8:25 twist so hopefully the 183's will work? However I do like the sound of the 175's being easy to setup. I don't want to drive the load too hard...been there and done that on the 7mm SAUM! So I will go steady and see what the rifle does and the results on the target show. I may stick to RS70, or do you think RS60 might be a better bet? Cheers Mark
  9. walkabout

    Straight .284 Bullets

    Just about to start some load development on a new Straight .284. It will be for 600-1200 yrds steels & paper. I have a long action, Bartlien 8.25 twist, 28". I'm going to use RS70 or RS60. I have used 180 Berger Hybrids in a SAUM, they were good but they are getting expensive. I was thinking of using either Sierra 175, 180 smk's. Which would be better? I have seen the new 183 smk's, any advantage? Any real life experience with these bullets? Cheers Mark
  10. A used Kestrel Wind Vane for the 4500 series. Excellent condition SOLD
  11. walkabout

    Military surplus ammo. Post-war.

    Hi They are all still available. Im in Devon Cheers Mark
  12. These are used and about 2 years old Branded Deben but made by MSA Cloth padded headband Normal wear markings, fully working Manual £60.00 posted
  13. SOLD Used Jewel HVR Trigger Comes with the 2 extra different weight springs Fully working £120.00 posted
  14. SOLD Kestrel 4500 AB About 4 years old Fully working in good condition. £200.00 posted

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