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  1. I dont think thats the same advert BD,that does read as though its a one off scope with a fault been sold cheap.Perhaps someone from opticswarehouse might chime in to clear this up?
  2. Cheers Paulc.Im fairly certain they were advertising scopes by IOR that had dust specs visible at a lower price that their "civilian quality"counterparts.Have looked on the interweb to find the advert again but nothings coming up on the old googlefoo.
  3. I could swear i read an advert for a military grade scope,one that had more dust particles or something compared to its civilian spec counterpart.Sure it was IOR too.But then again my vitamin d levels have been very low.🤕
  4. If i'm not mistaken dont some manufacturers sell "military grade" scopes to the public which are same spec as normal quality scopes but with a chance of more internal contamination?Im sure ive seen IOR advertise along these lines.However i am 46 so i may have imagined this.Funny things happen north of 45. Paul
  5. drum

    7 mm rem mag brass

    Thanks for the offer but i ended up getting new brass. Paul
  6. drum

    7 mm rem mag brass

    Looking for once fired 7mm rem mag brass.100 in quantity of the same headstamp if anyone has any surplus to requirement. Cheers Paul.
  7. Haglofs rugged 11 mountain trousers if youre doing much walking.
  8. drum

    quality mincer

    Ended up ordering the innox no.8 stainless.Thanks for everyones advice. Paul.
  9. drum

    quality mincer

    I'm looking to buy a mincer, can anyone point me in the right direction? Make, model etc. I've got between 2 and 3 hundred quid to spend. Any help would be welcomed.
  10. drum

    7 mm rem mag brass

    Still looking for some of this if anyone has some Paul
  11. drum

    Recommend a: Digital Powder Dispenser

    I still have the original lyman dps.Must be 10 years old and still going strong.I wouldnt trust it to dispense every load spot on though so if i want to dispense 45 grains i will punch in 44.8 and trickle up the rest.Works for me.
  12. drum

    New .243 load help

    Not the same powder i know but i use the 85 grain sierra out of a 20 inch barrel too but i use rl19 .I get 3233 fps out of this combo.Great accuracy too.i struggled to break 3000 fps with n140.
  13. drum

    Glass wearers

    I have just been for an eye test and have been told i need glasses to read with,which i was expecting .My distance vision is very good still.Thankfully.Now my question is will this have an affect on my abillity to get a good focus on the reticle against the target? Ive been finding it harder recently to get the parralax pin sharp on any of my scopes. Paul
  14. drum

    Glass wearers

    I dont know about getting glasses.i'm kind of enjoying my new found reason for missing to be honest.
  15. drum

    Glass wearers

    Thanks for the replies guys.Id rather shoot without glasses but it looks more likely that i will need to try a pair in the near future.
  16. drum

    Glass wearers

    Yep.looking like it.
  17. drum

    Glass wearers

    Ive spent time fiddleing with the eye piece and parralax and still find it hard to get a clear ,in focus,reticle against the target.This is on four different scopes.I think i need to accept that glasses are probably worth a try.
  18. drum

    Glass wearers

    I will mention it to him.The problem i seem to be having is getting everything in focus really.Either all my scopes are all of a sudden faulty or my eyes are.
  19. I'm thinking of swapping the above ior scope for something lighter,less mag as most of my shooting now dosnt demand anything as big with as much mag.Looking at a vx3 with vh ret,or the zeiss hd5 with the 800 ret perhaps,thats the kind of thing i have in mind.owned this for around 6 years ,still have the box but cannot find the paper work.I would say its fair condition,glass is clean but there are some scuffs on the exterior due to normal use.I live in wensleydale and would prefer to meet up if a deal was struck.Pm me if anyone is interested. Paul.
  20. Never got round to putting up for sale.I still have it.
  21. drum

    Tikka 260 T3x odd groupings

    I have a conquest hd5 which i was very unhappy with,couldnt get a clear sight picture for love nor money.Thought id bought a bad one.Reading up on the issue,as you do,i read on a nz forum where someone had the same problem which was found to be vertical split rings.I took of the warne rings and tried some old sportsmatch rings.Problem solved.Sight picture was perfect.Warne rings torquing the scope tube perhaps?
  22. drum

    zeroing problem

    If it is a photon then this is pretty common.Shims or adjustable mounts are the easiest ways.However i have a cz527 which was always hard to zero,usually the windage was maxed out to get a zero.i Had that rifle re barreled a few years back and the problem was sorted.Possibly the barrel wasnt cut true?Though it shot well enough.
  23. drum

    300 WSM

    Stalking rifle or more for static work?
  24. drum

    223 roe bullet

    Its a 1 in 9 walther but 1 in 12 would be fine.

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