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  1. For sale is a new,still in its dust cover with tags on,musto highland coat in medium.This is the triple layer gore tex not the lite version.£255 inc p&p.
  2. Im sure you will be happy with the z aim.Once set up they work pretty well.If you dont get on with it id happily swap with you. ATB
  3. I would agree with whats been said about the niggleoh,works ok when side mounted but i found the rifle slopped about when mounted on the underside of the stock.Went with the z-aim.Much more secure in my experience.I have a niggleoh which i could let you have a lend of if you like.If you want to keep it i will happily sell it to you for the price of a z aim.
  4. TET 35 mm uni mount ,Wedge and built in bubble.Medium height,I bought this but had to go with 2 piece mounts so it never left the house.£120 inc p&p
  5. drum

    Bergara b14

    Im not on Facebook but ive looked on the RUAG site and it dosnt look like 7mm08 is available . Thanks for taking the time to reply guys. Drum
  6. drum

    Bergara b14

    Can anyone tell me if the b14 hunter is available in the uk in 7mm-08? It appears to be on american sites but not european sites. Thanks in advance. Drum
  7. drum

    classic air rifle /new toy

    Yep,marksman pellets from Peter Pykes sports shop in loftus,or if you felt flush a tin of eley wasps.The smell when youd open that tin of pellets was unbeatable.Happy days.
  8. drum

    classic air rifle /new toy

    That brings back so many good memories.FWB were way beyond my means but it never used to stop me drooling over pictures in argun world and the like.My first proper airgun was a bsa mercury complete with 2 piece cocking linkage which made a loud click when you cocked it.I'll always have a soft spot for that mercury.
  9. drum

    IMR 4350 alternative

    Ive had good success with lovex so70 which used to be known as aa4350 i believe,in 243,might be a little bulkier than imr 4350 though.
  10. I have a wildcat predator 12.I dont have an evo but know plenty of people who have.The p12 is far too big and cumbersome in my opinion.Its my least favourite mod tbh.If you insist on a wildcat get the evo.
  11. My last two pairs of Lundhag Jubilee both seperated the upper leather from the lower rubber after 18 months use.I wore lundhags for nearly 20 years.I wear lowas now.They work for me.

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