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  1. I have a wildcat predator 12.I dont have an evo but know plenty of people who have.The p12 is far too big and cumbersome in my opinion.Its my least favourite mod tbh.If you insist on a wildcat get the evo.
  2. My last two pairs of Lundhag Jubilee both seperated the upper leather from the lower rubber after 18 months use.I wore lundhags for nearly 20 years.I wear lowas now.They work for me.
  3. Thanks for that.It maybe confirms its not just my unit which is a pain to read then?
  4. Can anyone tell me if there is a way to increase the backlight strength on the Bushnell rangefinder so its readable in the dark?Not sure if its possible but if anyone is in the know id appreciate any pointers. Thanks. Paul.
  5. drum


    I use sellier bellot primers in 243 ppu brass with no issues.My problem is that the cases are always very tight to close the bolt on.
  6. drum

    Faulty Reloads

    Just a quick update on this,it turns out that the S and B magnum primers are a little underpowered to ignite 70 grains of powder consistantly.After loading more rounds in the wsm with these primers i started to get an odd slight delay in ignition.This was not present in any rounds loaded with new cci mag primers.
  7. drum

    Double rifle sling

    The z-aim slings work well.
  8. drum

    Faulty Reloads

    Tried the primer/powder combo in a 300 wsm and they were fine.Im going with internal contamination of the brass.Either condensation or lube (i use lanolin and alcohol mixed at 14 to 1 sprayed onto the cases.Some may have found its way into the cases though its never happened before in fairness.
  9. drum

    Faulty Reloads

    Ive used the same components for a while except for the bullet type.Cases have not been cleaned on this fireing but have been prepped by trimming ,primer pocket cleaming and chamfering inside and out .Done nothing different to what i always do really.
  10. drum

    Faulty Reloads

    Possibility that damp cases could be the problem.Powder is fine in another caliber as are the primers.No way of proving internal moisture is the problem but having ruled out component fault its really the only thing left to blame maybe?
  11. drum

    Faulty Reloads

    Loaded some brass with primers and fired them.Sounded like a 22lr been fired.Looking more like a powder issue which is a bummer given the price of it.Primer contamination with lube is a possibility but unlikely as ive done nothing different this time than ive done for 20 years reloading,without any previous problems.
  12. drum

    Faulty Reloads

    The primers are showing signs of a normal strike.Ive used the same primers from the same lott in another rifle without any problems.The powder was given to me by a known and trusted source albeit in an open container.I must say im not sure whether there was a crack as i pulled the trigger as i was using hearing protection.
  13. drum

    Faulty Reloads

    After loading some 7mm rem mag ammunition i attempted to shoot to establish a poi.Pulled the trigger and click.Nothing happened.Never had it happen before but thought maybe a fluke bad primer.Second bullet was a click followed by a bang.Obviously i thought something more here than a fluke bad primer.Checked the barrel for obstructions and fired a third.Click but no bang.After an hour or so i pulled the bullets on the two rounds that had failed to ignite and the powder had partially ignited in that some kernels had stuck together and turned yellow.The powder is n160 ,the primers are S and B magnum.Whats more likely the problem ,bad primers or bad powder? Cheers for any clues. Paul

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