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  1. T3 recoil lug

    Many thanks.I'll try the ebay guy.
  2. T3 recoil lug

    Im wanting to buy a couple of ss recoil lugs for the tikka t3.Anyone knows anyone doing them mail order? Thanks in advance.
  3. quality mincer

    Yep, should have re read that before I posted. I meant 2 to 3 hundred pounds.
  4. quality mincer

    I'm looking to buy a mincer, can anyone point me in the right direction? Make, model etc. I've got between 2 and 3 hundred quid to spend. Any help would be welcomed.
  5. Foxing with 300wsm ?

    Ran 130 hornady soft points and h4895 and 110 vmax with so70 through a Browning eclipse. Both provided spectacular results in both mid range accuracy and terminal effect. Currently shoot a t3 which dosnt like these lighter bullets at all.
  6. night vision store

    I ended up getting a refund. A pity really as I would prefer to give my money to home grown company's if I can.
  7. night vision store

    Ok. I'll keep trying to get hold of him then.
  8. night vision store

    Does anyone know if the night vision store is still in business? Put in and order for a torch nearly three weeks ago and not received anything yet. Emails are not been answered. Money was taken out of my account straight away.
  9. All sorted. The wood shrunk back on its own. Quite a common problem by all accounts.
  10. Yes, definatley swollen wood. Just hoping it dries out and frees up. Not keen on taking sand paper to the stock without speaking to the owner, any other way of shrinking the wood fast? Will standing near a heat source (radiator)dry it to fast?
  11. Cheers lads, I'll have a look tonight. It was fine until the gun got wet through. On closer inspection the top lever seems to be binding on the stock. Maybe the wood has swelled a bit in the rain?
  12. I was loading for a guy yesterday and when you closed the gun the top lever seemed to stick in the open position. I had to manually push the top lever back into the central position after I closed the gun. Not an ideal situation in a grouse butt. Any ideas what might be causing this? Drum
  13. Are the 68 grain bergers PN 24411? Paul.
  14. CZ452 trigger kit

    A very generous offer for someone. These kits really transform the factory triggers.
  15. 30Cal Amax

    I have 50 or so in a box. Pm me if you're interested. I'm near Hawes.

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