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  1. Triggers have gone I'm afraid.
  2. I have the following for sale as having a bit of a clear out: 284 Shehane stalking rifle built by Neil Mckillop. Tikka 695 action fully bedded into a KKC stock, bartlein 9T fluted barrel, 20 MOA rail. 300 bits of brass and whidden dies. Round count approx. 400 and a very accurate rifle with load data available for various bullets. £1,000 22BR Rifle spec as above on a 595 but barrel is shot out so essentially action with 20 MOA rail and stock and can split £700. 3 Bix n Andy triggers for Tikka T3 originally purchased to fit on my older 595/695 actions. I wasn't happy with the shimmed fit so removed them, next to no use at all. £200 each SOLD Barnard P action and trigger most recently used in my 284 Shehane F class gun that I shot at the F class world champs and was highest scoring shooter for GB in the teams match. £900 The shehane is the top rifle in the picture and the 22BR the bottom one. Cheers Rich
  3. I'll take this mate. Please pm bank details for payment and will organise tomorrow. All the best Richard
  4. Wiltshire Boy

    F class open rests

    Montey I'll take that if it's available, I need a second Mini for my lad to use. Pm me details for payment etc if that suits. Cheers Richard
  5. All received with thanks and absolutely as new as advertised.
  6. Wiltshire Boy

    SEB coaxial front rest

    I have a Neo that I'm looking to sell, by all means PM me.
  7. I’ll take this. If you PM payment details I’ll get funds sent over. cheers Rich
  8. I was lucky enough to win this off the prize table at the recent F Class world champs. It is brand new and has never been out of the box ECR-1 (MOA) reticle. £1350 Cheers Rich
  9. Wiltshire Boy

    federal match 215m primers

    I have a few thousand in stock so can help if needs be. Based near Salisbury, PM if you still need them. Cheers Rich
  10. Wiltshire Boy

    If only

    my 3 UK hunting calibres are and continue to be: 22 BR 6mm Vais 7 Shehane
  11. Wiltshire Boy

    is a 243 AI more accurate than a Standard 243

    I've owned both and there is nothing to suggest one is more 'accurate' than the other. I continue to shoot the Ackley a lot in the field and regard it very highly as a calibre. That having been said I think there is little difference in practical usage unless shooting out to quite significant range with heavy for calibre bullets. For me the increased MV with the 105 A Max over the standard 243 makes a big difference in practical terms. I think the cases last longer in the Ackley but have nothing to prove it and I am able to use N165 (which I think would be too slow burning for the standard calibre) which is very cool burning and soft on barrels. My current barrel has around 700 shots through it and still going very well. cheers Rich
  12. Wiltshire Boy

    Show us your tikka?

    Here's my 3 main hunting rifles, from front to back: 22BR on a 595 243 Ackley on a 595 7 Shehane on a 695 all with KKC stocks and swaro 6-24x50 1/6 moa turrets. Made by Neil Mckillop and they shoot extremely well. Cheers Rich
  13. Wiltshire Boy

    Sightron v Nightforce

    The Swarovski 6-24 with the 1/6th MOA clicks is the best all round scope out there in my view, they do come up from time to time and I use them exclusively on my hunting rifles Macleods of Tain often have them as do I (although I don't at the moment). A service on a second hand one by Swarovski is usually free so you can have one as good as new within 3 weeks. I have sent 7 of these back to Swarovski for service having been bought second hand in the last year for clients and myself they really take a lot of beating and at around £850 which seems the going rate they are incredibly good value. If using it for hunting then look for the duplex reticle as the crosshair is too fine in poor light. All the best Rich (I am a Swarovski dealer so will declare my bias)

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