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  1. What sort of range are you looking at using it Barry? I have a .357 94AE Legacy with a 20"barrel and over the years I've had a good go at trying to improve accuracy (Without too much success I might add) I've tried light loads, stiff loads, jacketed, hard cast, soft cast. - I scrubbed the barrel, I've stripped off the fore-end and magazine tube and shot it single shot with floating barrel and to be honest I've never been happy with the results. Yes, it's a pretty little rifle and fun to shoot but it would be even more fun if I could half the size of my groups. Because of a new clubs low indoor safety limits I've been working on some light loads with Bullseye, Tin Star and Unique, all with 158gn soft cast bullets. I've tried these at 20 yds, 50yds. Best groups are with 4.7gn Unique consistently about .6" at 20 yards and just under 2" at 50 yards at around 1050fps. Top group is 12 shots at 50 yards off sandbags, bottom group, same load at 20 yards.
  2. Not bad at all. Someone with less integrity could crop the top of the target and claim two 5 shot x 1moa groups with open sights and off elbows, just nice to see the whole target.
  3. There's a whole list of .22lr BC's here - not sure how accurate they are. I've found that to get accurate results with Strelok and .22lr ammunition you really need to run a few of the same batch through the chrony, the results often don't relate to published velocity and there is often quite a wide ES. Ok up to about 70 yards then the guesswork creeps in. https://www.24hourcampfire.com/ubbthreads/ubbthreads.php/topics/3817230/Ballistic_Coefficients_of_22_R
  4. Smartreloader do a heavy solid steel one - available on a well know auction site.
  5. I bought my Sav-2 trigger direct from RifleBasix - It came with A dvd of how to fit it if you wanted to do it yourself (fairly easy). According to RB website they will still ship direct to UK.
  6. 1066

    6mm BR build

    Looks like the 6mmbr (nearly) can still do the business: 5 shots into an inch at 1,000 yds https://www.gunsamerica.com/digest/benchrest-shooter-1000-yard-group/
  7. The trigger on the Savage PTA action is not the same as on the usual Savage action. yes, it takes a little getting used to. Setting the trigger too light can cause the safety to trip. I found that much below 10 oz my trigger gets a little temperamental, above that weight it's fine. It also helps if you close the bolt gently. I also have one fitted with a Rifle Basix Sav-2 trigger which works very well.
  8. 1066

    3D Prints

    I use a CAD program called 123d design by Autodesk. It was a free program but unfortunately no longer available. Autodesk had three CAD software packages. Tinkercad, which is very basic, 123d, about half way house and Fusion 360. Tinkercad and Fusion 360 are still available and free I think.
  9. 1066

    3D Prints

    I design and print loads of stuff on my cheap little printer, here's just a few: Shooting specs: Fore sight elements: Magnetic rack for cabinet or side of vehicle: Inserts for cap & ball box: .45-70 Loading tray: FWB 124 air rifle trigger: Primer catcher for Rock chucker press: Adapter to fit webcam to my spotting scope:
  10. 1066

    License change for range practice and comps

    You may need to think about upping your ammunition holding on your FAC if getting into regular range shooting too.
  11. 1066

    New Tikka rimfire

    I guess the same as any other .22lr Roy - I don't think the Tikka has any special powers in that department.
  12. 1066

    New Tikka rimfire

    I think we are all quite keen to see some actual results from these rifles after the excruciatingly long wait - There has been very little feedback about how they actually shoot, a few journalists have a had a go and we know what they look like but not the actual bit that matters. So, if you could, when convenient, shoot three groups of 5 shots on the same bit of paper at a measured 100 yards and take a photo. No sighting/cold barrel shots etc, just 15 holes. Tell us what ammunition and approximate temperature/wind conditions. Off a bench, bi-pod, bags, lead-sled what ever just let us know. (better still a pic) This would be really useful information and add to the collective forum knowledge.
  13. 1066

    New Tikka rimfire

    Think I'll be selling my Bleiker with System Gemini stock -
  14. 1066

    New Tikka rimfire

    Are we talking 5-8cm's here?

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