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  1. Learning to adjust a scope.

    I made this little video a while ago - it might help you visualise what you are trying to do. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qwD5zu7yTeI
  2. I seem to recall that Alan Westlake used liners in some of his muzzle loading target pistols. You might find this interesting.
  3. Powder measures

    Thank you Chaz
  4. Powder measures

    I think the main problem with kernel cutting, and you feel this with some powders on many types of throwers, is that the "crunch" shakes the thrower and you end up with a heavy charge. The Lee thrower, although a bargain basement measure, has a flexible wiper that helps stop this happening.
  5. Biathlon Rifles?

    I was watching the girls shoot this morning and apart from the excellent shooting I was surprised at how little effort appeared to be needed to cycle the action, now I know with good slick mechanics there's very little friction or wasted energy but you still need to extract, eject and cock the spring - it just seems so effortless.
  6. Biathlon Rifles?

    They do them in 17HMR too. http://bulletin.accurateshooter.com/2013/01/new-anschutz-17-hmr-hunter-with-straight-pull-fortner-action/
  7. Lever Action Rifle accuracy

    I would be thrilled to bits to get anywhere near 1 moa at 50 yards, never mind a hundred, with my 94.
  8. Diggle Benchrest Success

    Well that's certainly something to be proud of Al - Excellent results.
  9. New Tikka rimfire

    That looks very promising.
  10. AMP Annealer - Aztec Upgrade

    I agree that the AMP product is two or three jumps ahead of the pack at the moment but as this technology is now becoming mainstream there will soon be other players with similar machines. Here's a new one with an simple auto feed.
  11. 6mmbr which primer

    BR4 and Varget for me too - 1/8 barrel - 108gn Berger.
  12. I found that interesting - certainly doesn't make me feel too bad about the results I get down the field. I would love see exactly the same test/conditions at 100 yards. Also quite surprised to see, even with a good quality match rifle, shot under perfect conditions, with about the best ammunition you can buy, some of the batches and groups were incapable of holding the 10 ring.
  13. What's happened to these subs?

    I did a video review of the Fiocchi subs a while ago. Not very scientific but it might give you and idea of how they go. Of course, may well be different in your rifle but only so-so for me. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FEiE47hkWp8
  14. 45 long colt plastic trays

    No unfortunately not Sam, a 50 tray of 1/2" holes is quite a lump for a 3d printer, around 8 hours each - £25ish

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