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  1. I started fullbore shooting at Bisley, at the age of 13, in 1963. All target rifle shooting was carried out with service rifles of some type, various Mk's of Enfield or P14's and only in .303. On a Bisley day for, say, an inter-county shoot, you would turn up and walk into the NRA pavilion where there would be rows of tables. Find the table marked Sussex, and there would be your named match score cards and a box of ammunition. A brown cardboard 50 round box with two missing - four shoots, 300, 600, 900, 1000. 2 sighters and 10 to count. - At that time the ammunition was subsidised by the government, I believe we were paying something like a penny a round. The fore sight was a post and the targets at 300-600 were half round "tin hat" but full rounds at 900-1000. In about 1966 there was a lot of concern about the switch to 7.62mm - various meeting going on and talk about how it would end target shooting. The most common rifle converted at that time was the No. 4, fitted with a heavier barrel and a strengthening bar brazed along the side of the action. The wood fore stock was often cut back and a pistol grip stock fitted along with a re-calibrated Parker-hale sight and aperture fore sight as, at about that time all the targets became full round. The re-barrelled P14 was considered the best option for the longer ranges while the No.4 was considered better at up to 600. Fultons must have done a roaring trade fitting these kits to thousands of rifles, Bisley was really busy then with hundreds turning up at the weekends and dozens of local home guard ranges in every county. I believe it was around 1968 that ammunition was no longer routinely supplied along with your entry fee and the rules were changed to allow any rifle, not just service rifles. This is just from memory and I was a young lad at the time so this may not be accurate - however, it certainly bought back a few memories and how much things have changed on the shooting scene since I started.
  2. 1066

    .22 tracer rounds

    I've still got some of these, great fun and used to trace very well out to two or three hundred yards - unfortunately a tried a few recently and only one out of ten actually traced, and then only poorly. I contacted Eley a couple of years ago to see if they were available but was told that they would never make another run as the machine was damaged in a fire and would not be replaced.
  3. 1066

    Using dry lube for inside the necks

    I've tried dry lubing the base of the bullet with HBN before seating, unfortunately with no conclusive results. When working on a new load and tuning seating depth I load a batch, all at maximum length, take my Lee hand press with micro seating die to the range and shoot a group, then seat the bullets a little deeper and shoot another etc. What I have noticed is that with freshly loaded ammunition the bullet will seat deeper with little resistance - with ammunition that's been loaded a week or so there's a definite resistance before the bullet will move. I believe this initial sticking is because I SS tumble so now I lube the base of the bullet with HBN powder before seating, I no longer get the sticky feeling when seating bullets deeper but haven't really seen any conclusive results either through the chrono or on the target. The way I lube the bullets is, I have an old airgun pellet tin containing lead shot and HBN powder, I just dip the tail of the bullet in before seating.
  4. 1066

    Neck tension

    It's homemade - knocked it up in my garage.
  5. 1066

    Neck tension

    Here's something I've been working on lately - might give you some ideas. Unfortunately would only work with an arbour press. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c9DBuQrGZg8
  6. 1066

    bix'n andy trigger For savage Rifle

    Personally I've been very pleased with the Rifle Basix Sav- 2 trigger on my F-12.
  7. My garden gets invaded by badgers almost every night, around 3-4 years ago I found the remains of a whole family of hedgehogs, they were completely turned inside out. I've not seen a hedgehog in the garden since then.
  8. A 10 shot group at well below 1moa at longer ranges is good going, doing it with a factory rifle and ammunition is even better. What did you use to measure the group, Ontarget?
  9. If you are shooting anywhere with Wi-Fi and want just a "spotting scope" without any fancy shot plotting software, you could set up an unlimited range system quite easily with two phones or cheap tablets. This is a setup I use for short range stuff with no Wi-Fi - just a phone with a clip on lens (£6) tethered to the tablet. If you have Wi-Fi then the same system has unlimited range if you use skype or similar video service.
  10. 1066

    Home Office FOI Request

    Interesting to see, in Table 2, how few offences by re-activated handguns there are; less than 30 in the last 12 years or so. Also can't find any mention of offences with antique or obsolete calibres.
  11. 1066

    Primercatcher for rockchucker

    Sorry Kev - these only fit the RC IV Supreme. I could design and print others but I would need the press for a while to get it right.
  12. 1066

    Primercatcher for rockchucker

    No problem Webby - I can't make stuff fast enough so I never advertise. 3D printing is slow, the catchers take about 5 hours to print (I'd hate to think about the design time and prototypes that went in the bin). Designs that didn't make the grade.
  13. 1066

    Primercatcher for rockchucker

    If anyone wants one for the RC IV (Supreme), I can do the full kit for £24 posted.
  14. 1066

    CZ 452 opinions

    I think if you found an old BRNO 2E for around £100 it would shoot just as well - might not be quite so cool but it's hard to find one that's not accurate.
  15. 1066

    CZ 452 opinions

    Personally I believe the 452 is a better rifle. My view is that it was introduced as a cost cutting exercise but sold to the customers as an improvement. The 452 had a proper bolt locking lug, the bolt on the 455 is only locked by the bolt handle. I've certainly seen nothing to suggest the 455 is more accurate.

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