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  1. 1066

    Home Office FOI Request

    Interesting to see, in Table 2, how few offences by re-activated handguns there are; less than 30 in the last 12 years or so. Also can't find any mention of offences with antique or obsolete calibres.
  2. 1066

    Primercatcher for rockchucker

    Sorry Kev - these only fit the RC IV Supreme. I could design and print others but I would need the press for a while to get it right.
  3. 1066

    Primercatcher for rockchucker

    No problem Webby - I can't make stuff fast enough so I never advertise. 3D printing is slow, the catchers take about 5 hours to print (I'd hate to think about the design time and prototypes that went in the bin). Designs that didn't make the grade.
  4. 1066

    Primercatcher for rockchucker

    If anyone wants one for the RC IV (Supreme), I can do the full kit for £24 posted.
  5. 1066

    CZ 452 opinions

    I think if you found an old BRNO 2E for around £100 it would shoot just as well - might not be quite so cool but it's hard to find one that's not accurate.
  6. 1066

    CZ 452 opinions

    Personally I believe the 452 is a better rifle. My view is that it was introduced as a cost cutting exercise but sold to the customers as an improvement. The 452 had a proper bolt locking lug, the bolt on the 455 is only locked by the bolt handle. I've certainly seen nothing to suggest the 455 is more accurate.
  7. 1066

    6mmbr Norma neck die

    All sorted now thank Joejoe.
  8. 1066

    6mmbr Norma neck die

    Thank you Joejoe - To be honest I'm really interested in the Bushing neck die, I already have a seating die.
  9. 1066

    6mmbr Norma neck die

    I'd like second dibbs on this please.
  10. 1066

    Load for 6mmBR

    I have a 6br, only used on paper, but have very good results with Varget. If starting on this trip at the present time I think you will need to take into consideration the availability of non REACH compliant powders. I found my 6br, Savage F-12 single shot action/ Shilen 1/8 barrel, relatively unfussy about loads and bullets. I settled on 29.6 of Varget/108gn Berger.
  11. 1066

    Woodchuck den annealer

    I reckon if your intention is to just prolong the life of your cases a bit it will do the job - If your intention is to improve the consistency of your neck tension for improved accuracy, then I don't think this is the way to go, certainly no better than spinning a case in a socket with a drill and blow torch. Here you have no precise method of positioning the flame or any precise timing system.
  12. 1066

    George Balfour (gbal on this site)

    That's really sad news...
  13. 1066

    Plot-o-matic scoring strategy

    Now that looks as if it could be the building blocks of a good phone app. Wish I had the skill to develop one along those lines. Plonked on a 10" tablet with a sunshade would be easy to manage.
  14. 1066


    Story of my life with my .357 94AE. I've tried every thing I know to get tight groups. Shots 1-7, I would be extremely pleased with at 56 yards, bettering most of my pitiful efforts with this rifle. It's great little rifle and fun to shoot, and I know they weren't ever designed with accuracy the priority, however I enjoy a challenge. Best groups I ever achieved were by stripping off all the clutter at the fore end, barrel band, magazine tube etc. and single feeding, totally impractical but was trying to see where the problem was. I concluded that it was about as good as it was going to get and just live with it. Not very helpful I know.

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