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  1. david harvey

    6br rail & bushing die

    Wanted 20moa picatinny rail to fit sako 75 and redding 6mmbr neck bushing die
  2. re 6br and 22br .subject to twist and barrel lengths confirmation I will take this
  3. david harvey

    long range 223

    Thanks bradders max range will be 800
  4. david harvey

    long range 223

    thanks baldie will give you call next week
  5. david harvey

    long range 223

    Hi I have a tikka master sporter in 223 which I love, but with its 1 in 12 twist its not very good for long range. I was thinking of re barreling with a 1 in 8 twist 28 inch barrel to shoot 80grain SMK,s, would the action be suitable for this length, if so what profile would be best. Also would it be a good idea to get the bolt bushed with small firing pin,and finally can the metal mags be adjusted to accommodate the longer bullets. all input greatly appreciated.
  6. david harvey

    22br build

    Hi guys i would appreciate your help in putting a 22br together,it will be 50% bench & hunting so not to heavy, most likley a custom action what ever is recommended, either single shot or repeater no preference either way. I would like to be able to shoot out to 600 yrds,bullets I like are 53 Vmax 65 sierra game kings and 69 smk,not sure if any good for 600 yrds, was thinking 1-9 twist with 26in barrel not sure what weight that will stablise,thanks for your help
  7. david harvey

    NF ch3 reticle 8-32x56

    does anyone use this for hunting or do you feel it is to fine
  8. Hi mike is it just the competiton seater die your selling

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