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  1. Bettinsoli 20 bore Diamond X Grade O/U, excellent condition, very light use. In fitted case with choke set. £475 FTF, RFD transfer at cost approx £35. About 130 cartridges included if FTF. High resolution photos available by email. I am looking for a .223 Tikka Varmint/Super Varmint, anybody interested in a PX?
  2. Wapinschaw

    Jacket reproofing

    I have found the NikWash and NikWax products to be easy to use and effective. https://www.nikwax.com/en-gb/productselector/productselector.php I also use their waterproofing wax for boots, it does as advertised maintain suppleness and repel water.
  3. Wapinschaw

    Sad news: Bradders.

    RIP Mark. I never met him in person, I am a bit far from Bisley to be one of the crowd. I had contact with him off and on over the years buying a few items and in 2017 a new barrel for my Sako stalking rifle. As others have posted, he was very helpful with advice and straight as a die to deal with. My Sako is the work of a craftsman, a pleasure to shoot and will serve me as his memorial for a long time to come. Fly high Mark, may any God you held in your heart be with you. http://www.bradleyarms.co.uk/category/bolt-guns
  4. Wapinschaw

    Outdoor clothing repairs

    I have had a couple of jobs done by Scottish Mountain Gear: https://www.scottishmountaingear.com/repair-service and am very pleased with the results. With an expensive Goretex item like Harkila I would have more confidence with them than with an unverified local.
  5. Wapinschaw

    SMG and Sten

    Very good indeed. The SMG brings back memories.
  6. Further reduction, £425 posted.
  7. Close but not close enough. Meet me halfway at £450 and it's yours, it will be fairly expensive to post and Benfleet is a bit far from Aberdeen to do a FTF.
  8. Bump for reduced price and the first day of Spring.
  9. Price drop, sensible offers considered as this is surplus to my requirements.
  10. Atec 1/2x28 please Mark. I need to have it posted, will PM details of receiving RFD.
  11. I will take this, subject to phone discussion with Steve.
  12. 1 year old, as new in box with 1/10 MRAD, 1/4 MOA and 1/8 MOA turrets, large sidewheel, sunshade & flip-up lens covers. Bought for 25 yard .22 benchrest, scope will focus to 10yds at 10 -15X, highest usable magnification for my eyes at 25 yards is 20X, high magnifications OK at 50 yards & beyond. Replaced with 36X fixed power Leupold.£700 at Optics Warehouse, yours for £425 posted, sensible offers considered. https://uk.hawkeoptics.com/sidewinde...50x60-tmx.html
  13. Wapinschaw

    .22LR Dilemma

    It's not an excuse, it's a valid reason!

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