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  1. silent_varmintor

    Moderator covers

    You are correct, this is me. However, due to now having a new born and studying towards a diploma whilst working a full time job, at this moment and time i just don't have the time to knock these covers out. Craig
  2. silent_varmintor

    Pulsar xq38f

    thanks for replying, i don't have any thermal yet, i used a friends xq38 and a couple of home made thermal spotters made by phoenix, after some use it does get pretty difficult to use that eye when walking about in the dark. i have a chance of buying a second hand xq38f as my friend is not really interested anymore in it but i was contemplating the accolade xq38, but if that is going to make both eyes unusable at night then I'm not sure i will go down that route. pulsar do say that the biocular is not meant to do this and it should a lot easier on the eyes.
  3. silent_varmintor

    Pulsar xq38f

    Does anybody know what sort of cost second hand units are going for just now ? I was was either going to look at getting a second one of these or maybe a set of accolades xq38 version. Question for this unit is how does it effect your eyes when looking through these ? I know with the monocular it really effects my eye when I have looked through it for a while. Find it hard to walk about cos I can’t see jack that which promotes growth and vigour !! Are the binos worse ?
  4. Bump and price drop. £165 and I will include postage on this bag.
  5. I am selling my gunslinger 2 in multicam. I changed from an AIM dragbag to this however I am thinking about switching back again. I can provide pics to email but the bag is in excellent condition with very little use. I would take a swap for an excellent condition AIM 55 dragbag in multicam or £165 including postage. Thanks craig
  6. silent_varmintor

    .284 / 6x47 Switch Barrel Build

    that is one beautiful rifle, i really do like this chassis system a lot.
  7. Hi mate, sent you a PM through the week.

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