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  1. Fox Down at 14:22

    I will need to try it all again and see if i can get it working. the reason i like this one so much is because it is nice and compact. The speaker is loud enough and i just don't fancy carrying about a fox pro or similar in my pack as it will take up too much room.
  2. Fox Down at 14:22

    You have to open up the unit and find the wire used as the antenna, its just a small coiled up white wire. I then drilled a hole above that and fitted a standard bnc connector and soldered the antenna wire to that. Close up the unit and i also sealed all the edges for possible moisture ingress. The antenna i bought was from eBay for about £6 with a standard BNC fit and thats it. i also desoldered the old wires connecting the unit to the speaker and used better quality wire but that was me just being picky with it. I would have to test to see how far it goes but i will need to take someone with me and draw straws for who is walking haha
  3. Fox Down at 14:22

    You are absolutely correct regarding that was a result !!!! With the caller I have tried this a few times, if i remember correctly the original ones just came with 0001, 0002, 0003 etc , i have tried this and still seems to duplicate. Is this what you mean ? Craig
  4. Fox Down at 14:22

    Hello folks, Just thought i would share my outing on Sunday. I seen the thread here about the vixen calls and i did indeed receive these calls from a couple of members and i am grateful for that. I have a U caller remote call that i carried out the external antenna modification to give it a better range. I think i maxed out on this range at 576 yards as i could no longer hear the call with the wind. So on Friday night i uploaded the calls to the caller along with a couple others that i like. For some unknown reason my caller is now playing up. The process is once you plug it into the computer you simply take the calls off and the new ones are inputted in order that you drag and drop them in but for some reason my ones seem to be duplicating themselves on a couple of the numbers, so instead of having 8 calls think i have the choice of 5. Once i put the new vixen calls on it i tested to see how loud it was as some of the good vixen ones seem like they have bee recorded from about 5 miles away. All tested good and i had planned to go out on the Sunday to give it a field test. As i gave up shooting a couple of years back i sold all of my shooting kit, including my Archer Gen 3 grade A and Pulsar thermal HD series spotter. But now that i am all back into it again i have not yet managed to gain that equipment as of yet so i have no means of night shooting. I got to the farm at 13:15 and started the 3/4 mile walk to see to the trail cams as normally do and then set up the rifle. Cams seen to i then set up under an old tree that can only be described as it was hit by lightening and it split right down the centre and separated in 2 halves. First off got the priorities correct and got the flask out and then set up the rifle on the sticks. I then walked down about 20 yards and placed the U caller on a dyke wall facing into the forest which is about 150 yards away from the call. I've seen foxes in this area before so i knew they are about but at this time of the day thats different story. Once all settled i then had a go at using the best fox calls, SS and the new blaze call. They take a bit of practice but i now have the hang of them but nothing showed. The time is now 14:15 and i thought sod it i'll just start the vixen call and see what happens. Well bloody hell, not even on for 5 mins and out comes the fox from the forest and just sat his arse on the deck staring to the direction of the call. With being set up under the tree i was near on invisible. I ranged him at 171 yards as he jus sat there. I didn't want to turn off the call to try and get him in closer as the last time i did that with the blaze mouth call the fox came down the gully after calling him out fo the forest and that was the last i seen him. Not this time though, rifle was solid on the sticks, flick off with the safety and 120 grains of hurt seen the fox fold to the deck. Fox down at 14:22. Rifle is a custom 6.5x47, built by Dave at Valkyrie and i love it. Every time i think i could have another for this or that, i end up realising that there is no need as this rifle is fantastic.
  5. Vixen on Heat

    I would also love a few vixen on heat calls if possible ? Thanks
  6. If i hadn't had just bought a house mate i would of snapped up this archer in seconds.
  7. Upper receiver machining

    Thanks for that info regarding bullet speed, Something for me to think about.
  8. Upper receiver machining

    Interesting What would be average speed, and muzzle energy with both 223 and 300 Blackout with a 12" system ? I would love something like this for a dedicated thermal system for fox both walk around and from truck.
  9. Upper receiver machining

    what is the barrel spec, length, calibre ? Looks lovely and short. Would be a beautiful 300 blackout truck AR Craig
  10. hi steve, what is it about this unit that you do not like ? Craig
  11. Home Made Suppressor Cover

    Looks good mate, these are the 1st pics i have seen with my cover on another rifle.
  12. 2 x THLR Bags sold pending funds, Will update accordingly
  13. Hello Lads, I have for sale a Sasta Seita Thermo Jacket. This jacket came with a inner fleece, but i do not have this anymore imafraid so it is only the jacket i have for sale. Looking for £80 plus £7 for postage. Jacket is in mint condition, no tears, rips or damage. Very little worn. 2 x THLR rear bags ***** NOW SOLD ******** Photos on request to email if needed. Thanks Craig
  14. Spectre .308

    This is amazing work Dave !!!!

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