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  1. Hi mate, sent you a PM through the week.
  2. silent_varmintor

    Remote fox caller - Any Recommendations

    I bought a U Caller Remote, think it was about £100. You can upload your own mp3 sounds to it. It comes with id say an 80 yard distance for the remote to work however, i opened it up and soldered in a BNC connector to the antenna wire and bought a £5 antenna from Ebay and i can now reach 565 yards for the remote distance. I only had to stop because i was there by myself and simply couldn't hear it anymore. Its loud as well and i have had great success with it.
  3. Hey guys, I have for sale 4 mod covers as per the following ASE Utra SL5 in Coyote Tan and OD Green both priced at £45 including postage. Stalon W110 in Black and Multicam, Black priced at £45 and Multicam priced at £55 both including postage. These are all made and ready to be posted out. Photos added for colour reference. Thanks Craig
  4. silent_varmintor

    Mod covers

  5. silent_varmintor

    Sierra “Gamechanger” (Tipped Gameking)

    6.5 have 130's which would be of interest but how do these compare to the TMK's ?
  6. silent_varmintor

    Sierra “Gamechanger” (Tipped Gameking)

  7. silent_varmintor

    Sierra “Gamechanger” (Tipped Gameking)

    also very interested in this, when my Noslers 120's run out i may try some of these. Again same as OP weight is of interest.
  8. silent_varmintor

    Mod covers

  9. silent_varmintor

    2 Round Bullet Holders

    I have a couple of rimfire cases at home, .22lr and HMR, ill see if it can be done and see how well the cases fit in. This will be a true test of my sewing skills hahaha
  10. silent_varmintor

    2 Round Bullet Holders

    I can try mate, Think my fingers may be to fat for it but i will try, i might manage to get 3 or 4 cases on this if i can rather than just the 2
  11. Hi guys,I received the materials yesterday for starting to also make these 2 round bullet holders that velcro to the side of the rifle stock. I have made up 3 of them so far to see how they are. These will come in 2 colours, black and the colour in the photo. The flash kind of shows the very light olive colour that it truly is.So far this first batch will be 12 black and 12 light olive and will be on a first come first serve basis and i would like to add that this is also advertised on another forum and my Instagram. Price for these are £12 posted which can be paid through bank transfer or PayPal, whatever is easiest for you.Email me on craig.ross@hotmail.co.uk or private message to order. Holders left - Black - 10 - Olive - 6Thanks
  12. silent_varmintor

    Mod covers

    Materials came in the post today for making the 2 round bullet holders for the side of the stock. I will get one made up in black and one made up in tan. The shades of tan are not all the same so this breaks up the colour a bit. Wasn't what i was expecting but to be honest i think i like it more and i will more than likely replace my coyote tan one i already have on my stock.
  13. silent_varmintor

    Mod covers

    Just to let you all know that i have now ordered materials for making 2 round bullet holders. These will come in a light tan / coyote colour and black. Each will be supplied with self adhesive velcro for the stock and price for these will be £13 which includes postage 1st class. When i get the first few made i will post pics.

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