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  1. Due to marriage breakdown I am having to sell off some of my rifles. I have a custom built 17 Remington in an AI AX folding stock. Borden Alpine action, Pacnor Barrel, MAE Custom length and caliber moderator. Jewell Trigger. It will come with a set of dies and around 150 unused brass Round count is less than 100 Paddy can vouch for me. £2000 plus shipping Thanks for looking
  2. Sakotrg

    Mount Height

    Craig, It all depends on the sizes ie diameter of the barrel and the distance from the top of the barrel to the top of the rail that you will be mounting it on. If I was you I would speak to the rifle builder as he/she has all this information and can advise on the mount height required.
  3. Ok I cannot seem to use photobucket as I'm not allowed to use this extension? Please pm me your email and I will send pics direct Thanks
  4. Hi, I have for sale my Atlas Bipod with leg extensions c/w spigot mount for AI stock. £150 posted, Thanks for looking Now sold
  5. Sakotrg

    .338 tracer

    Nobody know? I am wondering how representative tracers are, surely the weight of the bullet will be different and change as it burns during flight. Just my thoughts of course.
  6. Sakotrg

    Help - Torque Screwdriver set

    The Wheeler one is really good and has the lapping bars
  7. Sakotrg

    best reloading tip you've learnt

    Do all of your weighing and charging on a plate glass surface, any spillages are quickly noticed.
  8. Sakotrg

    Best height for a loading bench??

    Clive, Have recently had to renew all my reloading gear and find the following very useful. I sit at a desk all day so prefer to work standing. I have a standard height work bench in the garage but then have an old TV stand/coffee table on top, this takes the height to around chest level. It makes reading the beam scales really easy and I find the height really good when working the press. I do not load the brass in a loading tray but take out individual cases and load them prior to putting them back in the tray and something I would recommend to everyone is to place the beam scales onto a piece of glass. Any spilt kernels of powder are easy to spot and put back in. Cheers Colin
  9. Sakotrg

    Large Peli or similar

    Looking for a large Peli 1750 or larger hard case as I hate shipping rifles in cardboard boxes.
  10. Sakotrg

    Rifle sling to fit flush cups

    Sporting Services have the TAB slings on order
  11. Only slightly off topic but the following is an appeal against conviction for making a flash suppressor http://www.bailii.org/ew/cases/EWCA/Crim/2015/852.html The law is a mine field

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