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  1. Sold, subject to the usual
  2. Feel free to have a go, it will be a bit of work. I’ve done a T3 to Sako85 and basically you have to fibreglass up the bottom of the stock, put pillars in the correct place, inlet the top and bottom for the new action, bed it then have the stock painted/coated.
  3. Brand new Manson 6mm BR reamer, never used since ordered. Ticn coated, removable pilot, 0.272” NK, 0.095”FB with a 0.2365” bushing all in one of Mr Mansons nice little wooden boxes. This cost £254 with coating, shipping, customs & vat £150 posted.
  4. Mcmillan A5 inlet and pillar bedded for Sako 75 IV action. Varmint barrel channel, saddle type cheek piece fitted with one sling stud on forend and a flush cup on rear underside of stock. Adjustable spacer buttplate. In black, dark grey and olive marble. In very good condition with no obvious marks or damage. £550 posted in UK. Send me your email for more pics.
  5. Hi Mate

                        If this price is right I will take them thanks, .270 RP nickel plated cases new x 60 + Hornady .270 FL size die £20 posted



  6. Hi Mate

                        If this price is right I will take them thanks, .270 RP nickel plated cases new x 60 + Hornady .270 FL size die £20 posted



  7. dasherman

    180gn 7mm berger VLD freebore

    0.180” for a 180g Hybrid or 0.240” for a 180g VLD
  8. dasherman

    .22 barrel blank wanted

    What twist/profile?
  9. A bit of benchrest history. Robert W Hart & Son Model 2 action with straight fluted bolt, 6mmppc and .22ppc barrels. Hart 2 ounce trigger, Mcmillan silver painted stock. Leupold BR-36x scope with fine cross hair and 1/8”moa dot, 4”sunshade and Burris rings. Comes with arbor press type dies (custom I think) £950. PM me an email address for pics.
  10. dasherman

    Micro carbide boring bar inserts

    Cutwell Tools sell them, just google “Cutwell”
  11. dasherman

    .224 barrel blank wanted. 1:8.

    What make and profile do you want?
  12. RPA single shot Quadlight in black interceptor stock, adj cheek piece & butt plate. 28" barrel threaded M17x1mm with spigot. Shot count not known but bore/throat looks very good with borescope. Has RPA two stage trigger and 20moa rail. £950 can email pics

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