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  1. Sold to the man from Dagenham👍
  2. Nightforce NF 8-32 X56 Benchrest. Front focus, 1/8 moa target turrets, NP 2DD illuminated reticule. In very good condition in original box. £750
  3. All prices include postage to mainland UK ( in my book that means England, Wales and Scotland except Highlands) Lapua .243 Win brass sealed blue box x100 SOLD Lapua .243 Win brass opened cardboard box x93 £60 Laupa .220 Russian brass x 200 £65/100 in either opened cardboard boxes or bagged Berger .20cal 55g Varmint BT x 700 £190 all same lot number Berger .20cal 55g Varmint BT Match Grade x533 £145 Berger 6mm 68g Match Grade P/No 24011 x 559 all same lot number SOLD Watson 6mm 65g Trophy Match x 961 £200 Watson 6mm 68g Trophy Match x 301 £70 Sierra 6mm 70g HPBT Match 1505 x 37 £10 Hornady 6mm 65g V Max 22415 x 231 SOLD Sierra 6.5mm 120g Spitzer 1720 x 160 SOLD Sierra 7mm 140g Spitzer 1905 x 196 SOLD Redding .17 Remington 2 die set 80217 £25 Wilson 7mm RSAUM neck size die new £35 Wilson 7mm RSAUM bullet seating die new £35 RWS .308 Win once fired brass x 84 £15 Hodgdon H322 2 x 1lb tubs both approx 1/2 full free to collector Hodgdon H100 1lb tub approx 1/2 full free to collector Reloader 15 1lb tub approx 1/3 full GONE
  4. dasherman

    aics mag

    Got a couple of 10 rd ones for sale
  5. Sold subject to usual.
  6. Had a few tyre kickers, need to move it on so £1250 collected.
  7. Substantial steel barrel vice and three split bushings. Vice is made from 2” square so heavy. £50 collected.
  8. dasherman

    1 or 2 springs wanted please.

    So you don’t want the new exractor kit I ordered for you from GMK this morning. FFS
  9. dasherman

    For sale

    A FTR rifle has to be chambered in .308 or .223. This would be an f open rifle in 6.5mm Creedmoor.
  10. Scope sold so now rifle and rings for £1350
  11. Having a move around of rifles I have built for myself and this is now surplus. Built on a stainless Tikka 595 action with a Border 26” stainless 8 T straight taper barrel chambered in .243 AI with a .270” neck. Screwcut M14 x1mm with 11 deg crown. Pillar bedded into a re oil finished Tikka delux stock that has the buttplate changed for an orange Silvers pad. Built this for shooting gongs but have only used it once on steel and a couple of times at 600/1000 at Bisley. Round count is 300 including fire forming and load development. Comes with 5 shot steel mag, 100 fireformed + 2 firings cleaned and prepped brass, load data and 30mm blued Optilock rings and bases. Front ring has been machined to provide a 20moa angle. All stainless parts bead blasted even down to the sling studs being replaced with stainless ones. Currently wearing a Swarovski 6-24 x50 Habicht scope with covered target turrets and fine duplex ret. For more pics send me your email address. £2150including scope etc or £1350 without.
  12. It’s a Subaru metallic blue
  13. Sold to Andy subject to the usual.
  14. Torqueleader Quickset 10-50 lb in driver with 1/4” square drive both ends. £30 posted in UK

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