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  1. Mark can I have the bolt handle and Tuner please
  2. Tuck

    Mdt hs3 chassis question

  3. Yeah I am Pete, But unfortunately your 595 won’t fit, T3 drop in I’m afraid.
  4. Anyone else interested in this? Iv since purchased a flush cup fittings for the spigot Mount and the buttstock, at a cost of £66, will come with with everything else that’s in the original advert, £460 posted
  5. Zeiss Diavari 4-16x50 illuminated reticle 60 30mm tube ASV turret to elevation turret (1cm clicks) very slight ring marks hardly noticeable but they are there not original box but will be sent in a scope box for postage probably one of the finest all round scopes ever made £1250 including insured delivery
  6. Tuck

    Mdt side panels

    after some new panels for an HS3, none in stock at blackrifle, can order direct but £60 delivery charge, anyone have any spare manythanks
  7. Havnt looked through a pair myself, but know someone who bought some not long ago, and he really rates them and has good gear so they must be fairly good
  8. Tuck

    Mdt butt stock

    Has anyone got anything they are considering selling. V5 skeleton or magpul prs? Anything considered many thanks
  9. Macmillian A3 ajustible. Inlet for T3/T3X Fully bedded with pillars by Dave wylde, Running AICS bottom metal also fully inletted and bedded by Dave. Fits standard Varmint profile perfectly, flush cup to th rear and sling stud on forend, in excellent if not new condition, no mag included in the sale £565 posted
  10. 34mm optilocks phosphate finish £60 including postage

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