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  1. SORTED - SBRM Harris Bipod 6 - 9

    No worries glad your sorted
  2. SORTED - SBRM Harris Bipod 6 - 9

    Got one spare smooth legs pm me.
  3. As title surplus since having a target master £20 posted
  4. Redding Full length bushing die comes complete with .270 bushing and micrometer seating die good condition £90 posted advertised elsewhere
  5. Borden Alpine .308

    Ah ok I see what you mean, thanks
  6. Borden Alpine .308

    Very nice. And the medallion thing is a great idea. What does the 308 none standard proof stamp mean? Never see it before?
  7. SWARO 8x50

    Hi Don hope your keeping well, thanks for the offer but it’s a bit bigger than I want ideally, especially in around woodland but thanks all the same
  8. SWARO 8x50

    Hi all on the look out for an 8x50 searovski for stalking. Kurtz version would be great if anyone has one then please get in touch
  9. DPT great mods. Light very effective, not overly expensive.
  10. Harris bipod 9-13” swivel

    Sorted now thanks
  11. 270 dies

    Still looking
  12. As title, in great condition, 1/4 Moa target turrets, duplex reticle can send pics by email. Boxed with paperwork £525 posted RMSD
  13. 270 dies

    Hi all after some decent 270 dies if anyone has some?

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