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  1. Tuck

    Sterk Tikka T3 swept bolt

    HI all I’m after one of the above any help much appreciated,
  2. Magpul 10 shot mag hardly used, 10 shot fits AICS bottom metal same as link https://riflemags.co.uk/magpul-pmag-10-round-7-62-ac-aics-short-action-magazine/ £35 posted
  3. I purchased this scope on another forum around a week ago, I havnt even had a chance to mount it, just a few unfortunate events means I have to sell it, it’s the FFP version with the g2dmr reticle, 34mm tube I’m very good condition, original box and paperwork, can email pics if you message me SOLD.
  4. Thanks for all the interest this is now Sold
  5. Been using a 50mm with no problems but I do have it nearly touching the barrel, I can’t gaurentee it, as we all have different ideas of cheek weld etc.
  6. Macmillian lazzeroni Thumbhole. That’s all I know I’m afraid?
  7. Tuck

    T3 aftermarket stock

  8. Tuck

    T3 aftermarket stock

    I did see them yesterday when I was snooping around on the net. Il have another look
  9. Tuck

    T3 aftermarket stock

    Mdt Hs3?
  10. Tuck

    T3 aftermarket stock

    Hi all after a different type stock for my T3 varmint, not set on anything really macmillian A3, maybe a Robertson, or maybe a MDT. many thanks
  11. Tuck

    34mm Optilock rings

    Any surplus? Before buying new many thanks
  12. Tuck

    New .243 load help

    I use 80g Speer, running at 3186 with CCI Br2 primers and H414 which is a bummer as you know won’t be getting hold of anymore, I may also give the RL19 a try, I couldn’t Viht N140 up to 3000 FPS either out of a 20” tube

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