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  1. Webley Air Rifle Barrel Help!!!!

    in the breech ~1/4" down about 6" long. barrel is 17"
  2. Webley Air Rifle Barrel Help!!!!

    Darn and double Darn, they are out of stock, I mailed them anyway
  3. Webley Air Rifle Barrel Help!!!!

    Ah the Chamber end, otherwise I would have chopped the barrel. He made a dogs dinner of it to be fair, I near got sic when I saw it
  4. Webley Air Rifle Barrel Help!!!!

    Not at the minute, I'm off to bed soon, I only have the barrel and not the rifle
  5. Webley Air Rifle Barrel Help!!!!

    I left WD40 in it for 24 hours, No joy. knackered me thinks The guy has no money so I would like to help him solve this problem. I joined that airgun forum but it I am still waiting for my question to be posted. In Ireland we need a licence for Air Rifles so they are not common,I'd like to try salvage this rifle as it would make my mate very happy. I could hear the disappointment in his voice when I told him last night that I could not get it out.
  6. Webley Air Rifle Barrel Help!!!!

    It is welded in it. (pardon the pun) Trying to source a barrel now is the problem I tried tapping it with a Steel punch with barrel in a vice and not a budge today. I have used an old Hoppes Aluminium rod as a rod as punch today and yesterday. Rod destroyed and steel still not moved a mm in the barrel. It's a new barrel/rifle time now.
  7. Webley Air Rifle Barrel Help!!!!

    It's not my Rifle. I would NEVER put a steel (I think WELDING) rod down a barrel. It's for an guy I know who got his first airrifle the wrong side of 40 years old. He tried to clean it like his shotty with a improvised pull through, then when string broke got a rod stuck in it. I e-mailed repairagun@gmail.com and will see what they say Freezing did not work, boiling water did not work. I think she is kaput
  8. My friend came to me in a bind, He has stuck a steel rod down a Webley and Scott .22 Air Rifle. (dn't ask) He brought it to me, I tried tapping the barrel from both ends with cleaning rod to try and dislodge and there is not a budge. I currently have the barrel in the freezer in the vain hope freezing might dislodge the rod. However, If this does not work he will need a new barrel. It has a timber stock and Vulcan is the Model. My question is? Can a secondhand barrel be sourced? And if so how much?? If not how much for a new one?? Budget is an issue for my friend as Rifle and scope were €350 together but he is not in the position to buy another rifle
  9. .22-250 re-barrel

    I have a 24" I have not Chrono'd Ammo out of it yet. I'd expect maybe 3150 or 3200 max as 24" is Fine for hunting;but would drop some fps. I'd personally find 27" Too long when using a mod. But the guys did recommend 28" to me to get the best out of it. I've not had it long so I'm still experimenting. I'd be keen to hear what Brass works best and what Primers in .22-250.
  10. .22-250 re-barrel

    I have a similar set up, but a 24" 1/8 Barrel, What Barrel length have you to get 3300fps with 75 grain? 41 seems to be he best powder
  11. .22-250 re-barrel

    I reckon 1/8 is the way to go. There is such a wide range of Ammo from 55-80 grain in .224 .224 Hornady 80gr A-Max Drop Chart from Ballistics Calc out to 1000 yards with 100 yard Zero Range (yards) Drop(in)Drop(moa)Wind.(in)Wind.(moa)Veloc. (fps)Energy (ft-lbs) Time(sec) 0 ↓ -2.00 0.00 0.00 0.00 3208 1827 0.00 100 -0.00 -0.00 0.60 0.58 2985 1583 0.10 200 -1.91 -0.91 2.49 1.19 2774 1367 0.20 250 -4.51 -1.72 3.96 1.51 2672 1268 0.26 300 -8.34 -2.65 5.80 1.85 2572 1175 0.31 350 -13.48 -3.68 8.03 2.19 2475 1088 0.37 400 -20.04 -4.78 10.68 2.55 2380 1006 0.43 450 -28.13 -5.97 13.77 2.92 2286 929 0.50 500 -37.88 -7.24 17.32 3.31 2195 856 0.57 550 -49.44 -8.58 21.37 3.71 2106 788 0.64 600 -62.96 -10.02 25.94 4.13 2019 724 0.71 650 -78.61 -11.55 31.07 4.56 1934 664 0.78 700 -96.59 -13.18 36.79 5.02 1852 609 0.86 750 -117.10 -14.91 43.14 5.49 1771 557 0.95 800 -140.38 -16.76 50.15 5.99 1694 510 1.03 850 -166.70 -18.73 57.87 6.50 1619 465 1.12 900 -196.33 -20.83 66.32 7.04 1547 425 1.22 950 -229.60 -23.08 75.56 7.59 1478 388 1.32 1000 -266.84 -25.48 85.60 8.17 1413 355 1.42 Range Drop Drop Wind. Wind. Veloc. Energy Time So on a sunny afternoon, find a nice play to lie up and plink all afternoon long. Or switch to 55 grain for foxes by night.
  12. Kit weight

    Remington Action She is shooting Good. I'm still experimenting with ammo, shoots 165 grain stuff well. I want to test her on 150 grain, 155 grain, and 175 grain stuff next. I also want to take some nice pics before the end of the season. I have no decent up close pics of it on my PC. I'll try and post some later tonight or tomorrow.
  13. Just saying Hi as a New member

    That appeals to me. I am fond of facts, and not disagreeing for the sake of it. I love my Firearms, I love Hunting and The odd bit of Range practice. I love honing my craft and every year I see slowly confidence growing and ranges stretching. Since going Custom I think I'd never buy a Factory Rig again, as I equate going Custom to opening the flood gates. Always in search of the perfect shot, the perfect rig, the perfect hunt. I licensed my first firearm 14 years ago, and I have never looked back. Here's to 14 more years, if not more!
  14. Just saying Hi as a New member

    I was on a Range, and I will be on a range tomorrow in the howling wind and driving rain. I shoot on more than one range Every Jan I have to do annual range practice, just another sting to my Bow Edi. I hear you took all the Silverware anyway! I don't enjoy shooting without a mod on my .308 or .223. I am too used to them. Perhaps I should have joined this site years ago. Seems like lots of cool stuff on here. I'm still getting to grips with how the forum operates and how to find posts that especially interest me.
  15. Knife Sharpening

    I have a stone for rough spots, a Dick steel to roll the edge, and a square of 4mm leather to Polish the edge. I can't shave with mine, but I can zip through a deer with ease and have not cut myself (touchwood) in years from forcing a Dull knife or being to close to a sharp one

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