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  1. Hatzi


    Lots of straight edges
  2. Hatzi

    Pulsar F155

    Scott Country had one at the Midland Game fair mounted to an airsoft rifle with loose scope and picatinny rail so it was hard to even hold steady. It is alledgedly the first in the UK but like has been said, its a stand in assistant and you need readly long arms to reach the controls, mounted like a huge lever on the end of your scope. I shall wait to be amazed
  3. Hatzi

    New Schmidt?

    Spot on
  4. Hatzi

    6.5mm bullet options.

    I have shot the 139 scenars with plenty of succes for the life of my 260 barrel of about 7/8 years. They might not have the highest BC but they don't get twitchy over seating depth or take ages to set up. I'm refusing to use the ELDM's because Hornady are bloody iseless at suppying demand and the only reason to use them is when expansion is required for long range varminting where scenars pencil through soft tisse. Who onows when the 500 ai have will be replaceable and i dont want to have to change bullets as well as powder anytime soon.
  5. Hatzi

    6.5mm bullet options.

    I have been playing with RDF's and they are seating depth intolerant
  6. Hatzi

    A lot of S&B PMIIs for sale?

    They are nothing special, lots of scopes will spot splash under the conditions that day. S&B just have the 'name' and the prices. It WAS all about who was first going to combine Euro glassware with long range mechanics
  7. Hatzi

    A lot of S&B PMIIs for sale?

    They used to be special, they aren't any more. Once the 'snipers use these' fetish has worn off, people soon look towards value for money, customer service and stock availability. I have received 1 of the scopes promised to me over the last 4 years and dont really bother asking anymore as they never seem to have any stock. There are big advertisers though so it makes little sense. The PMII WAS a good step forward but nowadays they offer odd solutions to non existent problems as stated elsewhere. Funnily enough I was using a 3-27 PMII yesterday for some 1000 metre stuff and they are good but windage turret markers are counterintuitive on that one (of the seemingly endless) options they offer. Still, great glass and no problem self spotting 338 splash at 1000 metres on 12-14 power and nice adjustments that honestly match the ffp reticle subtensions. They just want too much money though and I sold all mine a couple of years ago and switched to Minox without any regrets
  8. Funnily enough the worst premium scope i have had in this respect was an FFP S&B PMII surprisingly....because it was plain knackered and for other reasons lol. You get it marginally on a lot of cheap chinese scopes in 2fp and I have a Picatinny rail bolted to my bench to review this in seconds. I haul rlfles around carrying them by their scopes, bump them around and deliberately try to temp wander, if mounts cant handle using the scope as a carry handle they are useless under recoil. I tend to find a lot of cheaper scopes arc back and forth from zero position as the helix inside tracks back and forth so they are on at low and higg mag but kind of banana away through the range if they do drift then come back in. The biggest issue I have on scopes is when reticles wont focus sharply and I can think of two 'mid tange' brands I just wont bother using because of this. Occular lenses also have some major flaws that ruin otherwise mechanically sound scopes and this is becoming especially apparebt in digital Night vision and Thermal kit.
  9. Hatzi

    Zeiss V8

    They have lauched a V6 which is reported to have similar mechanics to the V8, so the staff at IWA told me??
  10. Hatzi

    New Tactical Tikka

    The stock takes spacers but it needs them I agree
  11. Hatzi

    New Tactical Tikka

  12. Hatzi

    New Tactical Tikka

    I have been told to list RRP at £1880 but 1650 ish is probably realistic. I have been shooting one for a few days and Baldie had a peep at it yesterday too. I have a 20" in 308 as I wasn't messing about with no supplied Ammo in Creedmoor but that will of course be the go-to option for most. It's nicer than I was expecting and knocks the RPR for dead quite frankly
  13. Hatzi

    IWA walk around

    The Swarovski is a technical marvel at a price to reflect its exclusivity. Its first production year is already sold out to dealers so if you want one, order now from your dealer. 'Long range' and 'Hunting'........well if you have £4k to spend. I was most impressed by the Tikka T3x TAC A1 which impressed me more than I was expecting at first sight and I got home on Sunday night to find GMK had sent me one over the weekend and I will be shooting it tomorrow at Diggle hopefully. Mqueens on Sunday too.
  14. Hatzi

    123g A Max

    Yeah, Viht 160 is excellent

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