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  1. David TS

    A different shooter

    I was teasing. When someone asks for a riflesmith recommendation, you are ALWAYS top of my suggestion list.
  2. David TS

    A different shooter

  3. David TS

    FCSA Update

    That did make me giggle ?
  4. David TS

    Gunny's Gone

    Shame, he was good fun. RIP Gunny
  5. I wrote to my MP at the time I responded to the consultation last December, and I did get a lengthy reply. Sadly, it was the inevitable political response, and he will be getting my response to that in the near future.
  6. Irrespective of the fact that MARS rifles may be a camel - a horse designed by a committee - there has been a rather devious sleight of hand operation regarding them, and this consultation: Extract from the FELWG meeting minutes of 05 February 2015: 8. NABIS Update c. Recent attacks in France Martin Parker provided an update on questions that had come out of the recent incidents in France: Action: Martin Parker to review classification with regards to the MARS rifleACPO tasked Martin Parker of NABIS to go after MARS rifles way back in Feb 2015. I believe the CCA VZ 58 rifle was run past the Home Office at the time it was introduced in 2014 and confirmed as S.1, yet in the 2017 firearms consultation there was a suggestion it should be reclassified as Section 5 - and that went back directly to that ACPO/NABIS initiative two years earlier.The significance of this is that ACPO/NPCC can try and get NABIS (who are owned by the police) to get the classification of a rifle changed from S.1 to S.5, years after the Home Office had ruled the VZ 58 S.1 compliant.The Home Office, on behalf of the government and parliament, is the arbiter of firearms law in Great Britain, not NPCC and NABIS.Once the NPCC/NABIS tail starts wagging the dog, nothing is safe any longer, irrespective of the fact that it is a gross abuse of process.Add a flawed and plainly misleading consultation process to this, and you have a complete breakdown in how the law creation, enforcement and judgement process relating to firearms in this country is carried out.
  7. Thanks. Yes, 9mm's crossed my mind, as they have been around a lot longer.
  8. Lol, nothing the matter with a MARS rifle.....as long as you are an octopus! I just was curious regarding how many CSR shooters it might affect, and their thoughts on the proposed ban
  9. Mark Curiosity question, because I do not know the answer, are MARS type rifles allowed in CSR?
  10. I don't want to sound critical, but response to what? The Consultation for everyone to raise their views ended on 9th December 2017.
  11. The original consultation document is linked below. Page 17. There isn't a proposed ban on ANY semi auto rifles, just .50 cal, anything over 10,000 ft/lbs muzzle energy, MARS type and 'rapid fire' rifles. https://assets.publishing.service.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/651830/Offensive_and_Dangerous_Weapons-Consultation-.pdf
  12. If you have one of these seized and we aren't already in touch, please PM me. If you know someone that has had one seized, please ask them to contact me. I am trying to track down as many more of the owners as possible. Please only contact by PM, and please do NOT use this thread for a general discussion on the subject Thanks
  13. I have also responded to the Consultation, and copied my MP in.
  14. I finally got around to shooting mine for the first time on the turning targets at the STANTA battle area a couple of days ago. Fun to shoot, and performed faultlessly. Cheers Mark .

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