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  1. If you have one of these seized and we aren't already in touch, please PM me. If you know someone that has had one seized, please ask them to contact me. I am trying to track down as many more of the owners as possible. Please only contact by PM, and please do NOT use this thread for a general discussion on the subject Thanks
  2. I have also responded to the Consultation, and copied my MP in.
  3. I finally got around to shooting mine for the first time on the turning targets at the STANTA battle area a couple of days ago. Fun to shoot, and performed faultlessly. Cheers Mark .
  4. CSR barrels - the winners' specs

    Or this I'd still be last though
  5. 2014 SR Championships, Mil & Civ

    Great pics Mark
  6. Chook Patrol

    I can vouch for the Pulsar HD38S. Was out with mine tonight, and a vixen in the bag .
  7. No 2 of 6 now has its correct grip and X Form magazine .
  8. Picked mine up this morning - very, very nice, thanks Mark
  9. .22LR military clones

    Unless, of course, the ammo you use was sourced from the USA .
  10. For me, 45 yard smallbore and black powder range, plus using on the closer turning targets on the MoD STANTA battle area in Norfolk that my club uses (I say closer, using enough holdover they will knock the targets over out to around 300 yards or so!).
  11. Ooh......nice, does that mean it is nearly ready for collection? In case anyone thinks Bradders has had a taste bypass, the Olive Drab was my idea :eek: . Still looking good though .
  12. I bet you won't be posting a picture of my jolly green monster when it is finished
  13. Meopta

    I had three Meopta's, and only sold my two Meostar R1's as I replaced them with a Swarovski and Zeiss Victory respectively. If you bought it in the UK then if there is a fault with it it will go back to John at Marchwood, the UK importer/distributor. Meopta and Marchwood are brilliant at fixing warranty issues - I had a problem with one of the Meostar's (I fell off my quad in a ditch and landed on the Meostar, but that's another story), and it appeared to run out of elevation afterwards, and Meopta replaced it under warranty! Not only that, but I had originally bought it secondhand as a US import, and told Marchwood that (Meopta would have known from the serial number anyway), plus told them I had fallen on it, but they still replaced it FOC!
  14. Gav Per my post over on Airgun BBS, I will take the AICS stock sides please .

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