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  1. parkyboy

    UKV among 'best shooting forums to follow'

    What he said ....Hugh.
  2. parkyboy

    Happy Xmas from all the UKV Admin Team

    Thank you and the same to all that are involved with the site....can't believe its another year gone by already....Hugh.
  3. parkyboy

    Brexit? A quick poll

    Im going to start a petition to play the game again....lol....Hugh
  4. parkyboy

    Brexit? A quick poll

    Thought i had a post round here ????
  5. parkyboy

    Brexit? A quick poll

    Absolutely my friend...i voted leave and have received a lot of bad feeling from family and friends and i basically told them that i wanted to be one in seventy million not one in five hundred and seventy million and didnt want to be part of any huge european super state...Hugh.
  6. parkyboy

    Brexit? A quick poll

    thats my mind made up then...i think......Hugh
  7. parkyboy

    50 today

    As the late great Ali once said..."stop counting the days and make the days count "...Happy birthday mate and today would be a good day to start making them count...Hugh..(55)...
  8. parkyboy

    Tips 101

    Its also a good idea to remember the rifle too...big lol...Hugh.
  9. parkyboy

    Laser Genetics ND3

    Yep ive used a 3.5 laser and shot quite a few foxes with it...close range is best say a 100 yds max...sat on top of my first rifle a hmr...i now use a nm 800 in red and use the laser to sweep and spot with before turning on the lamp...makes charlies eyes glow very bright and demonic like.... if you have the laser on wide beam it is very subtle and covert not lighting up the field like a searchlight ...very old school now with the advent of nv and thermal etc....Hugh.
  10. parkyboy

    The right choice

    what he said ......Hugh.
  11. parkyboy

    Do I HMR or not.

    To see if they work ok to be honest..ive have my hmr for 5years and have never checked my ammo till today..i have had split necks after firing and have had no issues at all in the way of hang fires or squibs etc...went out this afternoon and shot some bait for my foxing..i shot all 10 split neck rounds and 7 found their target...5 expanded and 2 penciled but all targets were dead... all 10 rounds fired ok and the cases were split to the same level as before firing...i was ready for any problems carrying a cleaning rod etc...but to be sure i will have fired some split rounds in the past i just didnt know it...i intend to buy some new ammo in the near future and i will make a point of checking them etc...i will say it was my nut behind my but and i was responsible for my own safety being the rifles owner..however it would be PC of me to say that you should bin in a sensible fashion any rounds you find split or damaged...Hugh.
  12. parkyboy

    Do I HMR or not.

    Ive todate not had any issues with my hmr..A cz 452 american, which was my first rifle and ive shot foxes and rabbits and crows aplenty..Ive put hornady ammo through it mostly with some winchester and remington as well in the early days...For foxes i used the hornady tpx 20 grain hollow point round and achieved good results....Today after reading some of this thread i decided to check my remaining ammo and was quite shocked at the results..Out of 20 winchester rounds no splits...the same again from 25 remington rounds...from 210 hornady rounds i found 10 with splits down to the shoulder...Also ive noticed with the winchester and remington rounds the plastic tip was of a uniform colour with the hornady rounds it varied between bright orange to dirty brown and this was from freshly opened boxes...Maybe its inconsistancy in the plastic of the tip thats causing the non expansion issues which could be seen in the colour differances..Im out this evening and im going to try the split necks to see how i get on...Hugh...
  13. parkyboy

    Which hunting programs on You Tube ???

    Sniper 101....enough said...Hugh.
  14. The stock is an original stock as you described mike..A great stock that doubles up as a fence post its that tough and strong..Hugh...
  15. As said in post 31in this thread I own a PSS in .223...I have an open slot for a .243 for deer and range use etc...I intend to get a SPS varmint and change the stock to a hogue precision stock the same as the one on the PSS...the stock on the SPS is known to be suspect in some peoples eyes etc...the action and barrel however are the same as the one in the PSS etc..I hope in the end to have two matching rifles but with different calibres...I intend to match the mod and bipod as well but not the scopes as the rifles will be used in different ways....apart from the danger of taking the wrong ammo out with the rifle I intend to use I will have two rifles that im happy with...I'd love 2 AI AXs but I can't afford it so I'll use my remmies with pride and if people don't like it or think I'm mad you're are entitled to your opinion but its my nut behind the butt...Hugh

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