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    Anything bloody, muddy or that goes bang !!
  1. AIM 45" Dragbag.

    Ive just had one off Mark ‘spud1967’ pal ! Spot on
  2. .308 lapua brass

    .308 laupua brass wanted- get in touch !! Has to be new or once fired...
  3. Sorry pal, no swaps as ive got a small early xmas list for myself and would like the cash
  4. Nightforce ATACR 5-25x56

    Afternoon pal ! Ive got one for sale- just put it up now, comes with a third eye unimount ready to rock and roll !!
  5. I have for sale an immaculate Night force 5-25x56mm ATACR with MOART iluminated reticle in zero stop.. The scope comes with a third eye tactical uni mount (selling as a package). - All glass is perfect and tubes are clean as you'd expect !! - Comes with box, paperwork, bikini covers and sun shade. - an impressive 20moa per revolution of the elevation turret ! £1800 all in posted RMSD ??????
  6. An exiting wait and small victory laugh... ?

    Evening geezers ! There will be a few more write ups soon to come ! Once all crop has dissapeared (plus the beans) So i home load and like to use an 87 grain v max in a lapua case with varget giving it the push Its a semi custom rifle in .243 bedded in a robertson stock, I had it made by 'Baldie' a few years ago ! Still shoots as sweet as it did then ?????
  7. An exiting wait and small victory laugh... ?

    (Annotated version) Finally worked out how to get photos on for free- all the best geezers !
  8. So finally after much waiting.. the combining and silaging is done ! Which means one thing for me- more action for the rifle !! So the keeper friend of mine had been given a few tip offs by the estate workers where they had seen a vixen and possibly 3 cubs- so i went in the afternoon to pick a spot to sit up.. i got there to find a cracking little bump in the ground that gave me 360 arcs and plenty of back stops for a possible log shot if needed ! ??? I set off out about 1930hrs to get settled in place.. i was soon shaking with 'fox fever' ? Looking to my far left i saw a fox mooching about 300 yards away ! Had to do the groaining lift and shuffle on belly with the rifle.. i got eyes on trough the scope but he was moving with purpose.. i almost barked at him but decided to leave him be.. he mooched behind cover and i hoped he would come out closer to me. 15 mins goes by of slight heart pumping observing with the binos to then And i see another fox around 250 yards away on the edge of a game cover ! Once again i did the calm but urgent groan and shuffle with the rifle, rotated and got set up ? Quickly lazed where i wanted to take the shot and where he was mooching towards, 'here he comes....' 'Ptsssssshhhoooooooooo............... THWOP !!!' Fox down and a small victory laugh to myself whilst i look 360 again to make sure his mate hadnt come back ??? He dropped on the spot ! Light was going fast to the point where previously recognised clumps of grass were starting to look like reynard ?.. Time to pick him up and move off quietly ! All in all a good sit out and a good spot found potentially for more rifle action ! ???????

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