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    rep of ireland
  1. .243ackley

    Photon and ir problems

    i managed to get the threads machined out but as you predicted it turns itself off when screwed in to go to flood and touches to brass on the led bezel,
  2. .243ackley

    Photon and ir problems

    not trying to derail the thread,but was the yukon a straight screw on to your ir or did you have to mod the threads (mine wont screw on)
  3. Vortex now sorted,will p/x for a good set of binos or cash
  4. Willing to swap for a vortex viper pst 4-16 or 6-24
  5. leica crf 1200 rangfinder comes with a tripod clamp 500 euro
  6. Bump,I'd be interested in some sort of a deal for a drone pro
  7. Schmidt and bender pm2, 3-12-50 P3 Mildot reticle First focal plane Comes with 34mm steel rings for picatinny rail 1250 euro postage extra
  8. Only came across this now, I'm changing calibre soon and was looking into investing in a proof barrel from the states, It'd be great if this venture took off this side of the Atlantic
  9. .243ackley

    Harris bipod 9-13"

    Looking for the above in swivel version with smooth legs
  10. .243ackley

    30mm adjustable rings

    I'm more looking for fixed mounted without having to take them apart if I need to correct them,sports match do adjustable version but I'd have to add adaptor bases and that would make them too high

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