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  1. James19306

    Watch around £500

    Here you go .300wm, like I said the movement is nothing exotic but then it wasn't 3 grand lol. Fancy enough to make me happy when I turn it over.
  2. James19306

    Watch around £500

    Thanks brown dog,
  3. James19306

    Watch around £500

    Just thought I should update this as a lot of people have gone to the trouble of making suggestions for me which i greatly appreciated. Basically I went to have a look in some jewellers a couple of days before my 30th birthday in the mindset of buying a Seiko or similar for a couple of hundred pounds but thinking if I really liked the longines hydroconquest I might just stretch to it. I tried on a couple of up to date model seikos but I'm not sure what model and really liked them, then I tried on the hydroconquest with the blue sunburst style dial and to be honest I felt the build quality was in another league as is expected with the price difference between them. For some reason I didn't really feel comfortable wearing the longines, I'm a farmer and the watch is really only for good wear and mostly casual clothes and I just felt it was a bit too shiny and blingy for my taste. I wasn't really buying a watch Because I wanted people to notice how shiny and expensive it looks because that is just not me. So on I went to the next shop and this time I felt a little deflated as j really liked the hydroconquest when I looked at pictures of it on the Internet but I just felt it was a little too shiny and fancy looking for my taste. It is a gorgeous watch but just not for me. in the next shop however I noticed a selection of Oris watches which my eye was immediately drawn to. After looking at the price I was a bit unsure if I should try one on or not but I did and really liked the Aquis date with blue dial and blue ceramic bezel. I really liked the fact that it is a nice blue colour but not as shiny as the longines then when I turned it over and saw the transparent case back I was sold, I know it doesent have a particularly exotic movement but it made me smile every time I turned it over. I purposefully made the decision to go home and think about it as £1200 for a watch is a huge amount of money for me to be honest. I thought about it for a couple of days then went back and bought it. That was a couple of weeks ago and I've had it on my arm at every excuse ever since almost every day actually. I don't care that it's not an omega or a Rolex because I didn't buy it to impress others . In fact to me that is part of the reason I bought it, I know it is an extremely well made watch that I will hopefully have forever and I really wanted something a bit special that I can say I got for my 30th birthday. Ps I'm not saying People buy a Rolex or omega to show off but I think there is a bit of a stigma attached to buying a Rolex as they are obviously well known as a luxury watch brand, i would say however now that I have bought my first expensive watch I will probably look to buy a classic omega as I think they are gorgeous and have an aspect of history to them that is special. Part of the reason I wanted an expensive watch was as a reasonably young man I feel in a modern digital there are very few items or belongings that will be worth handing on to the next generation when I'm in my later years, everything is just made to use until it breaks and throw away these times which makes me a bit sad. Anyway I'm really happy with my new watch and hopefully it will perform well for years to come and be around to some day to give to someone else down the line Here are a couple of pics of the watch and many thanks to anyone who took the time to offer advice.
  4. I would think so mate. I have a sightron 8-32x56 mounted on a Sako 85 varmint with another set and there's probably 7-8mm space under the objective
  5. I'm selling a set of tier one 30mm medium height mounts. Are as new condition newer style with the titanium screws. Only ever toghtened with a torque screwdriver onto tier one picatinny rail. Only selling as I looking the newer ones with intergrated bubble. Looking for £80 posted for them as they are totally as new. Cheers James.
  6. James19306

    Watch around £500

    Thanks guys, some great suggestions here. I do really like the longines hydroconquest with the blue dial but only the Quartz is close to my budget. Any feedback on longines? Thy seem to get good reviews from what I have read. I would ideally like an automatic but I'm worried that only wearing it on weekends that it may not be practical?
  7. James19306

    Watch around £500

    Thanks for the help guys. I think I will continue saving for for something a bit more expensive in the future but in the meantime I think one of the seiko007 would fit the bill nicely. Any idea where they can be bought these days or are they discontinued? Brother is trying to talk me out of the omega anyway as in his opinion if you can't afford a new one than you shouldn't own one but that's another can of worms I think.
  8. I will start off by saying I'm not a watch collector but I really do like precisely made things. I really fancy getting a watch for my 30th but the choice is endless. I've not had any watch before that I would say was particularly good mainly cheap under £100 stuff that has all broken down and I'm thinking of getting something a bit nicer. I really like the look and style of the omega sea master and gmt master types but just don't have the money for something like that at the minute and don't want to buy something secondhand that is a cheaper model and a let down in the future. Any recommendations would be great. Cheers James.
  9. Hand priming tools RCBS & Hornady. I'm selling 2hand priming tools. Number one is a Hornady hand priming tool it's in mint condition but the small primer ram needs squared off as its too rounded from the factory. Large primer ram is fine. Looking for £25 posted for it. The second is an RCBS universal hand priming tool. This tool has a universal she'll holder and works with everything from .32 acp to 45/70. It's in as new condition as it was a factory replacement. Looking for £50 posted for it.
  10. Hornady priming tool sadly it only has the large primer seater but is as new apart from this. Looking for £30 posted for this Frankford arsenal kinetic hammer £15 posted. Good condition with all 3 collets L.E Wilson spare decapping pins. These were for my .222 dies but I think they will fit .223 also. These cost me £14 each but I will accept £20 posted for them.
  11. James19306

    Brexit? A quick poll

    With the Republic of Ireland doing so much import and export business with he uk I really can't see them rocking the boat by accepting Northern Ireland even if there was a border poll. Surely it would be financial suicide for ROI. What does Brexit actually mean for ROI? Will we be continuing to trade with Ireland under Eu trade rules or will will we need a new deal? Are Ireland allowed to make a new deal while they are in the Eu? It would not surprise me if In a generation or two Ireland also left the failing en and worked more closely with the U.K. Maybe not go as far a rejoining the commonwealth but English Irish Welsh and Scottish are all the same kind of people with the same economic mindset "work hard = make money" we are different to the European countries like France and Greece for example and just don't fit in with the Europeans. My opinion is the uk and Ireland both free from Europe would do quite well working together.
  12. James19306

    Extreme Spead???

    i see your point mate but I'm talking about something to replace the hmr. I would like to have something reliable for shooting crows and rabbits between 100-200yardaand the hmr is not it. I really like the theoght of something .17 cal as its a bit quieter than the .222. If the hmr was consistent it would be the perfect rifle but as he ammo sadly is inconsistent rubbish I think a .17hornet would be a much more reliable option and would fill the gap really nicely between .22 and .222. It would also be more fox capable at under 150 yards which is important to me as a poultry farmer.
  13. James19306

    Extreme Spead???

    That could be an interesting experiment bewsh. I'm not expecting perfection, the .222 rifle is nothing special either a Sako 85 varmint which going by they target shoots 5 shots at .3 Moa at that range. Surely the little Cz 455 barking can manage better than the 1.5 Moa I got shooting at the same time which leads me to believe the ammo is to blame. The horizontal spread was about 1.25" the vertical was about 3" so the Es is surely not helping.
  14. James19306

    Extreme Spead???

    Which 17hornet do you have treetop? Do you find it easy to reload for as I've seen a few remarks online with people getting mediocre accuracy from the round?

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