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  1. Totally agree. Adhere to marksmanship fundamentals first, then use tools to enhance your shooting after identifying a need. However, back on the subject of the original post, agree with Baldie's observation re the sporter stock as being likely cause of Spencer's problem.
  2. I've a Hardy IV on my Sako; a light and very effective mod. Have a bump on me.
  3. Lucror

    Optilock bases for sako

    I know of someone selling his Sako stainless bases soon if you're interested and can wait a while?
  4. Lucror

    Tikka mounts

    Looking for Tikka mounts and or bases/rings for a 30m tube, 50mm objective, so low or extra low?
  5. Lucror

    Tikka mounts

    Sorted for bases now (thanks Justin) still needing 30mm low/extra low stainless rings.
  6. Lucror

    Tikka mounts

    Sounds promising, PM sent.
  7. Sorry Andy, still no joy. Keep getting out of stock. T38 with XML or just the XML insert.
  8. The XML is showing out of stock, are you getting anymore in?
  9. Lucror

    Kestrel weather meter accuracy???

    I had to return mine to LGA for a replacement. You had a problem as well?
  10. "Quarry Patch" winners only? ;-)
  11. Lucror

    quickload guru

    I found the same with over predicted MV using QL. Try slightly adjusting the Burn Rate Factor, it worked for me. http://www.the-long-family.com/Tuning%20QL%20to%20achieve%20best%20results.pdf
  12. Lucror

    Mouse trap bait

    Another plus one for Nuttela.
  13. Lucror

    paypal bstds

    Out of interest, which banks are known to be anti-firearm (other than Co-Op)?
  14. Lucror

    Anschutz 1416 D-HB Ge

    Good advice.......but you'll end up buying it straight away.
  15. Lucror

    RCBS Chargemaster

    Mark What's the difference between the Gen 5 and Gen 6 apart from smaller footprint on the 5 and memory on the 6?
  16. Noooooooo! Looking on the bright side, I might get time to work up a load so I won't have to SWAG it and the drops now......
  17. Lucror

    Rail screws for Remington sa

    I got mine from Roger at South Yorkshire Shooting Supplies.
  18. Lucror

    Rifles Only - great vid

    Great vid.
  19. Another link to A4 Tgt. http://www.full-bore.co.uk/viewtopic.php?f=36&t=14312
  20. Another link to A4 Tgt. http://www.full-bore.co.uk/viewtopic.php?f=36&t=14312
  21. Strelok, Strelok+ and Strelok Pro are all available on Droid. You should be able to find it on Google Play?

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