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    Shooting,eating delicious animals,fishing, Hungarian Viszlas, Harveys bitter.
  1. Bitethebullet

    Sound moderator for a fat barrel

    Had a similar issue with a benchmark barrel I have on my .308. went with a forward mounted one from OLC. Very good moderator in deed, excellent service. Kev
  2. Never clean mine, A light spary of oil after use and stored on a radiator. kev
  3. Bitethebullet

    Alternative filler for buttbag ears

    Look for Polypropylene beads on Ebay, Cheap, reasonably heavy, just the job. Kev
  4. Bitethebullet

    An exiting wait and small victory laugh... ?

    Good write up. What stock is that? Kev
  5. Bitethebullet

    Home Made Suppressor Cover

    Looks really good. have sent you a pm Kev
  6. A great Mod, heavy, but never a problem on my stalking rifle. Kev
  7. Bitethebullet

    6.5x47 Bargain ?

    They are listed as trade sales.
  8. Bitethebullet

    Pod loc

    Cant really comment on the best fitting one. Can only say the ones I got from March worked very well and tigthened up to the degree i required.
  9. Bitethebullet

    Pod loc

    Contact March ( they of the scopes) excellent service. last one I bought cost about £15.00. Kev
  10. Bitethebullet

    4X4 Estate as a shooting/dog vehicle

    I have been looking at the Forester, but am a bit put of my the alleged service cost. How much does a full service cost? Kev
  11. Bitethebullet

    Seat or cushion

    I use the Nash H-gun seat. folds up and has adjustable legs. Kev
  12. Bitethebullet

    Roe in rain

    Good stuff, thanks for another excellent video. Kev
  13. Bitethebullet

    Help please, stock identification

    I concur Manners MCS-T6A
  14. Bitethebullet

    Cheap trail camera recommendations?

    I have just bought a Little Acorn the 5210 (basic version). Got it off Amazon for £108. You can get them cheeper, but beware there are a lot of snide ones out there. I had exactly the same needs and did not need SMS/email etc. Bought as a friend has one, have seen the pictures they take and they do the job. You need to buy batteries obviously I bought 8 recharagable NiMh for £20.00 Kev
  15. Bitethebullet

    Hello guys first post

    Welcome James.

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