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    Shooting,eating delicious animals,fishing, Hungarian Viszlas, Harveys bitter.
  1. Bitethebullet

    New Tikka rimfire

    Despite what I was told and thus wrote looks like they are available and people are picking them up. Post on another site indicates that one was picked up an hour ago.
  2. Bitethebullet

    New Tikka rimfire

    I spoke to GMK on Monday and was told that the .22 was now 'expected' in November and that back-orders would be filled first. It was mentioned that there were approximately 350 on back order. Was told there had been 'issues' ( accounting for the delay) Won't be holding my breath as obvioulsy there have been a number or other 'expected' delivery dates. Kev
  3. Bitethebullet

    Sound moderator for a fat barrel

    Had a similar issue with a benchmark barrel I have on my .308. went with a forward mounted one from OLC. Very good moderator in deed, excellent service. Kev
  4. Never clean mine, A light spary of oil after use and stored on a radiator. kev
  5. Bitethebullet

    Alternative filler for buttbag ears

    Look for Polypropylene beads on Ebay, Cheap, reasonably heavy, just the job. Kev
  6. Bitethebullet

    An exiting wait and small victory laugh... ?

    Good write up. What stock is that? Kev
  7. Bitethebullet

    Home Made Suppressor Cover

    Looks really good. have sent you a pm Kev
  8. A great Mod, heavy, but never a problem on my stalking rifle. Kev
  9. Bitethebullet

    6.5x47 Bargain ?

    They are listed as trade sales.
  10. Bitethebullet

    Pod loc

    Cant really comment on the best fitting one. Can only say the ones I got from March worked very well and tigthened up to the degree i required.
  11. Bitethebullet

    Pod loc

    Contact March ( they of the scopes) excellent service. last one I bought cost about £15.00. Kev
  12. Bitethebullet

    4X4 Estate as a shooting/dog vehicle

    I have been looking at the Forester, but am a bit put of my the alleged service cost. How much does a full service cost? Kev
  13. Bitethebullet

    Seat or cushion

    I use the Nash H-gun seat. folds up and has adjustable legs. Kev
  14. Bitethebullet

    Roe in rain

    Good stuff, thanks for another excellent video. Kev
  15. Bitethebullet

    Help please, stock identification

    I concur Manners MCS-T6A

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